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Nowadays, smartphones have become the most important part of everyone’s life. Apps are one of the factors that make a smartphone smarter. There are millions of apps available such as cooking apps, makeup apps, shopping apps, education apps, news apps, travel apps, weather apps, medical apps, finance apps and more. In this article, I am going to talk about Best Lifestyle Apps for android and iPhone.

Best Lifestyle Apps are apps which help users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Installing a lifestyle app can make your cell a personal health adviser for you. A lifestyle app can do everything it can give you suggestions, track your improvement, show all the progress and also motivates you to do better.

Best Lifestyle Apps for Android and iPhone

Here we will take a look at best lifestyle apps for android and iOS lifestyle apps that are trending on the market .

  1. Runkeeper

    Runkeeper is the Best Lifestyle Apps to track how much you have run.It is available for both Android and iPhone users. It also offers a digital diary in which all the measurable and other factors that impacted each run, will give you an idea over time of what is helping and where to improve more.

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  2. MyFitnessPal

    MyFitnessPal is most popular lifestyle app . It helps users to track calories. In also offers recipes, water tracking, weight loss goals, and a lot more. The app also records all your exercises data you just have to tell the app which exercises you’ve done and the app will remember it. It is available for one-month free trial and after that, you have to take the subscription

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  3. C25K Couch to 5K

    C25K Couch to 5K is one of the best lifestyle apps.This app can make you fit from fat. It has integration of MyFitnessPal that allows users to create music playlists to workout, it also tracks your runnings.The app also offers programs like 0 to 10K, 5K to 10K. The free version is a trial and to access the full version you have to pay $1.60.

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  4. Lifesum: Healthy lifestyle app

    Lifesum is one of the best lifestyle apps . It can become your health instructor. Lifesum first understands your lifestyle goals and health and then creates a perfect plan for you. It can help you to lose weight, gain weight, build muscles. It offers a healthy lifestyle that suits users and their needs, tells you what to eat and what to avoid, exercise tips show your progress. For access more features such as special diets and nutrition information, and to connect with other fitness apps such as M Withings, Fitbit, Jawbone, Runkeeper, you have to take the Lifesum Premium membership.

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  5. Healthy Lifestyle App

    Healthy Lifestyle app is one of the lifestyle apps available for users . In this app, you can find everything you need for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This app offers yoga column, acupressure points section, exercise section which help you to burn more calories, workout music section is also there which can make your workout section more enjoyable, then there is grandma’s prescription column and last section is calorie list section which tells you about the calories each food contains so you can maintain a healthy diet as well.

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  6. HealthTap

    HealthTap app is available for free on both platforms. Its iPhone rating is 4.5 stars and Android rating is 4.5 stars. This app is very useful as a health database when users are in need of a two-way conversation. Users can also send their health problems and receive personalized solution from doctors. If users want more help there are video chat option available features there you can directly talk to doctors.

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  7. 8fit Pro App

    8fit Pro app is available for Android users. It is one of the best apps. There are three options that are offered in this app first is lose fat,second is get fitter and last is gain muscle mass. So you can choose according to your need .the app offers you the time period in which you want to achieve your goal. the free trials available for one month and after that, you have to take the subscription. 8fit Pro offers workout programs, diet plans, and the recipes are simple to cook. This app has really helped a lot of it can be helpful to you also you just have to keep yourself motivated.

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  8. Argus Calorie Counter Diet, Activity, Step Tracker App

    Argus Calorie Counter Diet, Activity, Step Tracker is the best health tracker app it is free fitness app that will definitely help you to achieve your health goals. It can track your sleep, calories, heart rate, and more. This app also offers challenges to overcome and allow users to build their own workout plan. This app will help you to burn calories with workout videos. And also share your achievement socially to motivate you.

  9. Drugs.com Medication Guide App

    The iPhone rating of Drugs.com Medication Guide app is 5 stars and Android rating is 4 stars. Overdoses of some medicines can be very harmful. It is very important to be sure of what you’re taking is safe or not and how to use it that it gives you maximum benefit. This app will help you to identify medications, learn about their side effects and also track how much you have taken that dosage to avoid overdosing. You can also ask questions about any medicines you are taking.

  10. First Aid by American Red Cross App

    This app is free for Android as well as iPhone users. Its rating is 4.5 stars and Android rating is also 4.5 stars. Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime and First Aid by American Red Cross is the app who will definitely help you in that situation.
    This app helps users to prevent accidents as well. This app offers virtual first aid scenarios to test how much you are prepared, and there are videos available that will guide you how to be safe and secure. If in some situations you feel that you need help you can call directly to the contact number that is available on the app.

  11. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

    Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock iPhone rating is 4.5 stars and android rating is 4.4 stars. Night’s sleep is very important between to make a day good and bad. If you have poor sleeping habits it can affect your health. This app analyzes your sleep and finds a perfect time to wake you up this makes you feel more relaxed.

  12. KidsDoc App

    KidsDoc app’s iPhone rating is 4 stars and Android rating is 3 stars. If your child is sick, this is a useful app for parents, this app offers guidance and decision chart to help you decide what to do next. Users also get useful medication guides.

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  13. My Diet Coach App

    My Diet Coach app’s iPhone rating is 4.5 stars and Android rating is 4.5 stars. This makes the most difficult thing that is dieting easier for you. This app offers a visual weight tracker, their users find an animated version of themselves and watch your animated appearance change as you update your weight. This app also tracks user’s exercise and diet.

  14. Zipongo App

    Zipongo app offers tasty recipes which are healthy as well, nothing can be good like healthy eating. Users can use this app to create a list of grocery and store your favorite recipes all in one place and you can also get deals and discounts from grocery stores around you.

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  15. Moves App

    Moves app help you to maintain good physical and mental health. This app tracks your steps tagging your locations and even displaying how you are traveling that means walking or traveling through vehicles.You can check how much you have walked, run, or cycled in the last 24 hours.


In this article, i have mentioned some top best lifestyle apps for Android and some top best lifestyle apps for iPhone. Lifestyle app does not only mean that the app should help you to lose weight or help you to do dieting. The best lifestyle app is an app which helps users to change their bad small habits which are affecting their health into good habits which will make them more healthier. Because health is the most precious wealth.

Hopefully use of these kind of

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