Best Augmented Reality Games that are safe
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Best Augmented Reality Games- Check here online Best Augmented Reality Games for android and iPhone that are safe

Best Augmented Reality Games

We all know that playing games are fun but playing augmented reality games add more fun to it. It is the technology which gives you completely different experience to play with. You can play these games by using your smartphones. In this article, we will take a deep look into the Best Augmented Reality Games that are safe.

Best Augmented Reality Games that are safe

Augmented Reality games combine digital content with real things. Before discussing the Best Augmented Reality Games we must understand that all games are safe until or unless we don’t forget it is a game. There are some people who take these types of games very seriously and harm themselves. So the best thing is to remember that games are not reality and one should not get so addicted to them.

Let’s see the list of ten best Best Augmented Reality Games that are safe.

  1. Bee Ready

    Bee Ready is the most simple and easiest augmented reality game. The game uses the camera of your smartphone and then shows you a view of a bunch of bees. Users have to shoot all the bees in order to win. There are random butterflies also come that you can’t shoot. Users will lose the game when their health runs out. It’s a free game you don’t have to pay to play it.

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  2. Ingress

    Ingress is an augmented reality game where users need to travel to collect energy from many portals and claim them. In Ingress, there are two forces available The Enlightened and The Resistance users can join any of this. Users can find the portals near popular real-world places around them, such as monument and more.You can download this game on both Android and iOS platform.

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  3. DinoMess

    DinoMess is an augmented app it is a combination of collectible and fighting game. Users need to move around to search and collect dinosaurs and then use battles. You can download this game on both Android and iOS platform.

    In this game, there are features like evolution, egg hatching, daily tasks, and supplies and more are available all these things make the game very interesting. Users can also chat and invite their friends to go for dinosaur collection hunt.

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  4. Toyota 86 AR

    Toyota 86 AR it is an augmented reality game available for free users can download on GOOGLE PLAY. It is a driving game which is also used as a promotional tool. Users have to go on the site listed in the app and print out a marker. The app then recognizes the marker and puts a car down for users to drive. It gives users a very different experience.

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  5. Zombies, Run!

    Zombies, Run is an augmented reality game, users can download it on GOOGLE PLAY. It is a fitness game it offers an immersive audio adventure game. The way it works is that users go for a walk or a run. As they go on the way they will have to unlock various pieces of the story. This game involves users in a creative way that helps them and motivate them to keep going. Users can also play this game on treadmills. This is a very popular and interesting game and help users to stay fit.

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  6. Garfield GO

    Garfield Go is an augmented reality game very attractive for Garfield fans. Users can download this game on both Android and iOS platform. This game offers users to go on a real-world scavenger hunt with their favorite cat to search for treasure. It is very difficult for users to move the fat cat, users have to feed the cat its favorite dishes to make it move and go on the hunt. Users can also dress up Garfield, earn badges, play mini-games, and more. And the most important part that users can earn real prizes by completing some tasks, like Amazon Gift cards, Dominos Pizza, prepaid cards, and more.

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  7. Mobbles , the mobile monsters

    Mobbles is an augmented reality game where users have to go out in the real world and find Mobbles. Many mobbles are present , users have to catch them, raise them properly by taking care of their food, sleep and playing with them. Users can also use them to battle with other players around the world. Users can download this Best Augmented Reality Games for both Android and iOS platform.

  8. Landlord Real Estate Tycoon

    Landlord Real Estate Tycoon is an augmented reality game.Users can download this game on both Android and iOS platform.This game uses real properties around users. Users can use virtual money to buy properties and earn rent money when other friends visit those places. The price of the property is fixed on depending on the popularity of the property. From small shops to popular monuments can be bought.

  9. Parallel Kingdom

    The Parallel Kingdom app is one of the best-augmented reality games. This game places the users in a parallel universe that converts Google Maps into a map of kingdoms, dungeons, and castles. The game is very simple where users just need to slay monsters their own backyard. Users can also travel to far away lands and conquer them and can make them their own territory.

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  10. Resources

    Resources is an augmented reality game. Users can download this game on both Android and iOS platform.This game is an economic game where users can set up virtual mines in the real-world to collect resources and make money. Users just need to protect and upgrade their mines to raise their rank.Users have to look for different resources near them and to save them from other people.

One other name on the top head that hit the game world is detailed previously .

Pokemon Go 

It was the best AR game that the gaming world witnessed as people run mad around it .

All Possible ways to Make Money by Playing Pokemon Go


Augmented Reality games offer users a very different experience.In this article, we have discussed augmented reality games that are available on both Android and iOS app stores. The most important thing users always have to remember is that they should not get addicted to any game because addiction always harms us. Play game for fun only and don’t take it too seriously.

I Hope this information will help you.

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