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The Internet has practically replaced the set of encyclopedias parents used to keep in the house or the multiple trips to the library for their kids’ school projects. Besides the fact that it’s an evergreen source of information, kids can use the Internet to submit homework, contact a teacher or communicate with friends. The Internet can also be a dangerous place for a naive child, as sexual predators often use this means to initiate contact with their victims. Although the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act was created to protect children’s personal information while online but kids must be educated about Internet Safety Rules .

Internet Safety Rules for Kids – Must Follow

Here we are listing some important must follow Internet Safety Rules for kids to be safe in the web world.

Don’t Download Stuff

Teach your kids never to download files without parental consent. Kids can cause a lot of trouble for their parents by downloading music, games or any other files. They can unknowingly end up downloading viruses or other malware, infecting your computer in the process. Kids also don’t realize the seriousness of copy infringement laws, and if your Internet Protocol address is indicated in illegal downloading activities, you may face a law suit from the copyright holder. Peer-to-peer sharing software could also be very dangerous, as some programs share all the content on your computer with everyone else, by default.

Don’t Be Nasty

Kids should be taught not to be nasty to others online, harmless as they think it might be. Cyber-bullying is viewed very seriously since several kids have committed suicide after being bullied online. So its a must Internet Safety Rules to be followed by our children . Kids do not always realize the consequences being nasty to another child can have. Besides the emotional and psychological harm done to the other person, a bully could end up having to face the law in juvenile court. It’s important to teach children that bullying is unacceptable.

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Don’t Reveal Anything Personal

There’s simply nothing important enough on the Internet for children to reveal personal information about themselves on any website without a parent’s prior consent. Some online games, competitions, social networks or chat services require personal information to sign up. Kids should always consult with a parent before signing up for any of these. Teach them about their rights under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and always look at the website’s privacy policies. Report any websites that don’t comply to the FTC. Children shouldn’t reveal their location or any other information such as email address, name, photo, school or phone number to strangers they have met online.

Visit Age-Appropriate Websites

Although there are many websites designed for children, the Internet is first and foremost an adult place. Teach your kids never to lie about their age when trying to enter a website or playing a game. Age restrictions are there for a reason. The moment a website asks for a birth date, kids should know that it’s not age appropriate for them. Consider using a safe search browser to ensure that kids don’t accidentally stumble upon inappropriate content.

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Don’t Exchange Photos

Kids should never exchange photos with others online without the permission of their parents, as it makes them vulnerable to people with ill intent. Predators may use a photo to identify their next victim, or your kids could fall prey to identity theft, where a fake profile gets opened with their photos. Cyberbullies can also use photos against your kids to humiliate them publicly.

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Don’t Meet Up

A golden rule for children to keep is not to meet up with someone they have met over the Internet. It’s just too easy to create fake profiles, and your child may be thinking that he’s chatting to a peer, while it could in fact be a much older sexual offender. Even if you give consent to the meeting, be present at the meeting to ensure the safety of your child.

Stay safe online because its easy to be webbed in web world.




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