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There are various types of lighting technology to get choose from. It is vital to know the difference between the Incandescent Vs LED Vs CFL Vs Halogen can help you to make the best decision which you can choose according to its and budget.

So before we go for a in-depth comparison of Incandescent Vs LED Vs CFL Vs Halogen we will have a look about features of each kind separately.


Today this is one of the most well-known lighting which is least efficient. Much like in a space heater, the electric current is passed through the filament wire, which just heats up the filament until it glows. The heat from this bulb usually radiates outward from the space heater and only small portion of the energy created is converted into the usable light. This bulb can last eight-to-ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Features of Incandescent light:

  • Uses 10% energy so as to make the light visible and the rest 90% heat is wasted.
  • Produces the huge amount of the infrared as well as ultraviolet radiation that can cause damage to fabrics and artwork.
  • Design of this bulb lasts just 1200 hours
  • The bulb has the glass envelope and brittle filament wire
  • The bulb creates warm yellow light

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These bulbs are almost similar from the incandescent bulbs with some of the minor differences. These bulbs have tungsten filament but different from the incandescent bulb, also the small amount of the halogen gas is been mixed up with the tungsten vapor and deposits back, into the filament on the inside of bulb filament.

Features of Halogen:

  • This bulb is 10-20 % energy efficient than the incandescent bulb
  • Start up instantly and do not experience any type of delay in the warm up associated
  • These bulbs are fully dimmable
  • They can easily produce bright and crisp light.
  • Many are 10-20 percent more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • Instant start (halogens do not experience the delayed warm-up associated with CFLs)
  • Fully dimmable
  • Produces a bright, crisp light

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LED Bulbs:

LED bulbs are one of the bulbs that produce long lasting and energy efficient lighting is available today.For creating a Smart LED bulb, a semiconductor rich in electrons as well a semiconductor rich in the holes are used. For passing up the current through the junction electrons with the holes are combined and produced photons.This bulb has endless applications possibilities such as the under-cabinet, landscape, vehicle, home. and commercial lighting.

Key Features of LED Bulbs:

  • This bulb uses the 75% less energy than the incandescent bulb
  • The bulb last last up to 25 times longer than the incandescent as well as halogen
  • The bulb can start up instantly
  • These bulbs are robust  and small chips of LED allows for more compact, design forward fixtures.
  • The bulb emits the light in some specific direction.

So far we have see about the key features and a rough idea about each kind of bulb , now we will move to our main section to know a cross comparison of Incandescent Vs LED Vs CFL Vs Halogen .So that you choose the right kind of bulb that is really efficient , long lasting and energy efficient and good for eyes.

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Incandescent Vs LED Vs CFL Vs Halogen

Well nowadays, incandescent bulbs are used thing of past, nowadays most of the consumers choose LED bulbs also known as Light Emitting Diode, CFL (Compact Fluorescent) and halogen bulbs to light up their homes. But, the best option just depends on your needs. Through this article, you can easily know up to about various kinds of lighting.

Incandescent Vs LED

The tradition incandescent bulbs just measured up the brightness in walls., But, if you wanted up to a higher bulb you need to bring a higher wattage. Moreover, with the advancement of the LEDs and other types of the lighting, the brightness of the bulb is now listed as the lumens which are the more accurate measurement of how bright it is rather than that of the energy it consumes.

Why is LED Bulb Ideal?

Currently, the LEDs are one of the renowned bulbs in the market and have more potential. But the CFL and Halogen bulbs don’t appear overnight hence as results more customers are choosing a LED than any other bulb.

The small LED bulbs and fixtures are enabling up the intelligent environment all over the world. Thus, the lightning forms up the ubiquitous network for just deploying the digital infrastructure, The LED bulbs have built in sensors as well as transmitters which can capture data in the world which helps businesses and cities to run more effectively.

Features of LED, Incandescent and Halogen Bulb:

There are five components which are suggested and taking into the considerations that choose the right bulb. Below are the detailed features which are considered while choosing up the bulb.Here we will see the features of Incandescent Vs LED Vs CFL Vs Halogen.

Energy efficient bulb:

From the less efficient to most efficient, it goes to LED, Halogen and then CFL. From which the CFL used up less than 90% energy less than the incandescent and Halogen used up about the 75% less energy than the incandescent. LED bulbs are the highly recommended to be used up over the incandescent bulbs to reduce up the energy usage.

High Lifespan bulb or long lasting bulb:

On an average span the incandescent bulbs mostly last up 1200 hours, Halogen lasts up to the 8,000 hours but the LED bulbs last up more than 15000 hours mostly. This means for the usage up to the 15,000 hours, you need up 14 incandescent bulbs, 2 Halogen bulbs but only 1 LED bulb is needed for the usage. This not only saves up the cost of spending little more up front into the LED bulb.

Environment-Friendly bulb or Eco friendly light:

It is a fact that in the US, the individuals can eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions equal to the 800,000 cars if each household in the country just replace one incandescent bulb with the Halogen., Moreover, the halogen is not much environmental friendly as the LED bulbs. So just imagine the amount of the greenhouse gas emissions we can eliminate if everyone just switch to the LED bulbs!

Doing the other comparison, LED bulbs are much superior to the LED bulbs used up less energy and produces fewer toxic and are usually made from the non-toxic material that is recyclable. They are easily considered as the Earth Friendly which can give happiness.

The Fluorescent lighting in the houses used up the mercury which is highly dangerous for the environment.

Cost Saving light:

There are three basic elements which individuals considered while determining which light bulb are the most cost effective, price per bulb and the electricity used and lifespan.

Options of LED Light Bulbs:

The traditional bulbs nowadays for the table as well as for highly known for their lighting industry. LED technology is one of the best energy efficient long term alternative used. The LED is equivalent to the 60 watt that only consumes only between 9 and 12 watts. Not only this also the LED bulb has infinite lifespan

Usually, the manufacturers estimate the bulb lifespan on three hours uses per day Basically, the LED bulb are much good for a decade. Under the same conditions, the old fashioned works about a year before burning out. LED bulbs will continue to light up even after their rated lifetimes expire; although its brightness may drop or the color cast of the light may change.

Initially, the cost of LED bulbs is a lot more than old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, but now there is a drop in price.Hope this served the best in knowing about Incandescent Vs LED Vs CFL Vs Halogen.

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