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Are you planning to gift your kid an Android phone or iPhone? Well, you want to have them a smartphone Well if you want them to have a smartphone so that they can stay in touch with you. Then, it is a good idea to make them in control by how they use the device. Making the calls in the smartphone is just one thing but accessing inappropriate content, inappropriate apps, and running up the bills in app purchases is just another. So there is a strong need to have certain Parental Control Apps.

Trust me the internet is a much scary place and the danger of it can rattle the adult so it can also traumatize the child. On your desktop. you can employ the parental control software to watch the activity of your child, and same is true for the mobiles. Here with this article, I will discuss the apps for the parental control apps for Android and iPhone. Nowadays for the all individuals smartphones are just like toys, they use it for surfing the internet or to download other apps. But these activities can sometimes open up some serious online nastiness.

What does Parental Control Apps do?

Well before starting about what does this app do, it is important that you are aware of such software or you are unable to find that you felt was suitable. On the Android smartphones and tablets, if the parental control apps are installed then you can easily watch the activities performed by your child. Remember that using the parental control app software is basically for your offspring safety. This may not be much popular way, depending on the age of your children. Understanding the parenting control app can help you in making more informed decision.

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Some of the Best Parental Control App for Android:

Here is the list of Parental Control Apps for Android device is listed here.

1. Kids Place:

This is one of the best parental control apps which creates the safe environment in which the younger kids can experience the fun of technology. This app protects data as well restricts your kids have which is been approved by you. The kid’s place app prevents the kid from installing any new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing any other action which costs the money. This app allows your kid to have some fun time and also allows you to have some peace.

        Features of this app:

  • Custom home screen display which is authorized by the parents
  • Restrict to download the apps which cost money
  • It has timer feature which locks the app after some specified time
  • Block the incoming call too when it is running
  • Toddler lock gets restart which accidentally stopped by your kid
  • Has custom wallpaper which can customize child experience

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2. Net Nanny:

This app gives your kid a freedom to surf the web without any fear of the inappropriate content. This app becomes your child default browser as it is a custom mobile browser. From the web based console, you can easily manage settings if your child device and other tasks such as viewing activity reports or adding the users, Also this app enable s you to receive the notification when a site is a block or a block is been overridden.

        Features of this app:

  • Show the apps being installed
  • See when new apps being install and block unwanted apps
  • offers the appropriate filtering through age
  • The filtering categories allow to allow, block or warm the specific content
  • Set the time controls when kid browse the web

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3. Screen Time:

This app helps you to manage the time which your kids spend on their tablets and smartphones. This app gets a level of specificity which allows some useful apps such as reading apps certain time but blocks the games. This app also lets you activate a full shut down of child’s device when needed with a push button from your device.

       Features of this app:

  • This app allows kid to earn extra time to complete tasks
  • Get the reports what your kid is looking
  • Block some apps completely
  • Provide an alert when your kid install any new app
  • Manage easily various no of kid through this app

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4.Toddler Lock App:

This app is just perfect for the parents to download on their device if they occasionally use their device for help distract and engage their toddler. This app provides a colorful screen lock graphics and pleasing sound which keeps your kids entertained without being worry about them to delete any content of your device. This app also helps your kid to learn shapes and colors.

      Features of this app:

  • The airplane mode is optional and ensures no cell radiation
  • Your child can move their finger on the screen to make different shapes and colors
  • The time they touch the screen, they will listen some peaceful sound which varies in the pitch

5. Norton Family:

This app is for the teens and helps for safe online browsing as it allows the parents to supervise the activity of their child. This app blocks inappropriate content and teaches good internet browsing. This app offers a range of monitoring features for the parents to connect with kids.

      Features of this app:

  • Track the online activities done by your child
  • Keep whole track of site they visit or what they search
  • Block inappropriate content
  • Gives the alert if kid breaks any rule and thus you can have conversation to stay safe
  • This app provides the location of your child

These are best apps to monitor kids for any android device.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone/iPad :

In the iPhone, you can use the restrictions which are also known as the parental control which is been used to block or limit the specific apps ass well as features on your iPhone or iPad.

To turn on restrictions use:

Go to settings> General> Restrictions

After tapping on restrictions enable it

Then, create a restriction passcode, which you need to change your settings or to turn off the restrictions.

If you have forgotten your restriction passcode, then you need to erase the device and set up the passcode again. Change your Restrictions passcode and set up the passcode again. Change your Restrictions passcode

To change the restriction passcode, follow these steps after turning on the restriction:

  • Go to the settings> =Click on General> Restriction
  • Enter the current restriction passcode
  • Click on disable restriction and enter the restriction passcode again
  • Again click on the enable restriction and enter new passcode restriction
  • Turning on the restrictions might make you unable to see some apps, features, and services. Also, check that you have not removed any built in apps.

Features and Apps you can Restrict in iPhone:

For seeing the list of the features which you can restrict, click on the settings> General>Restrictions to turn on or off just touch the slider next to app or feature.

To check which app or feature is enabled, just check the checkmark if it enables the app or feature can be used otherwise not.

The businesses and schools most often use the profiles, which can turn on restrictions. To check that your device has profile go to settings> general profile. For more information contact your administration who set up a profile.


Now controlling your child is in your hand if he/she is using the smartphone. Also, remember giving the good habits to your child is your responsibility. Download parental control apps and keep the control in your hand.

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