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One of the great bridge we all want to cross before doing anything in life is to know whether something we decides to do is really safe or so much risky. When it comes to anything related to skin & health we need to know the risk and cons in the process. Botox is one dermatological treatment trend that is hiking in its demand these days. So many people want to know Botox Safe or Risk .

This curiosity is because Botox is a toxin so the confusion arises about the Pros and Cons of Botox Usage and the buzzing question Is it Botox really safe and What are the risks involved in Botox injection.

If there is anyone who reading this wondering about what exactly is this Botox , in simple words i would like to explain it as the Magic Wrinkle Eraser .It is an dermatological injection to remove wrinkles in skin. Beyond this Botox also has many other medical uses .

Botox Safe or Risk – Cross the Bridge by Knowing Things before Botox

As everyone would have heard that Botox is a toxin but still how it is used for treatment . Before we answer Botox Safe or Risk , let’s know a bit more about Botox , exactly different types of Botox .

Different Types of Botulinum Toxin 

Not to wonder at all , because everything including human is of different types . So its nothing to astonish about different types of Botox.

Seven different types of the Botulinum Toxin do exist namely from Type A, Type B , Type C to Type G Botulinum Toxin. But all these 7 types are not ideal for treating human diseases. Only the Botox is regarded as the commercial type of Botulinum toxin which is made by Allergan . Botox is from Type A of Botulinum Toxin .

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Can Botox cause Botulism 

Botulism is mainly caused from neurotoxin but Botulism is a disease that can also be spread through food even . Everyone has a fear Can Botox leads to Botulism disease in people.

This doubt arises with a fact that Botox is from Type A of Botulinum toxin which is actually a neurotoxin that is responsible for causing Botulism . If one gets affected by Botulism it leads to symptoms like weakness in muscles and breathing problems but it is normal to have this symptoms soon after a Botox injection but if it exist that may be a symptom of Botulism in You.

Botulism eventually leads to Paralyses as the muscle weakness increases to paralyses the muscles completely.

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Will Botox Injection Leads to Paralysis 

The neurotoxin Botox has the chance of causing paralyses due to Botulism disease .Generally Botox working or how Botox works is when you inject Botox to an area it flattens the area by weakening the muscles in the region . This way only Botox removes wrinkles . So in order to weaken the muscle Botox injection will spread to that region but if its travelling to other region in the body then the use of getting paralyzed is something everyone should think.But the researches conducted to check this found the experiment in mouse nerve where the flow of the Botox was there but to how much extend it will travel is not found yet . And also the case is not completely comparable to human being as the experiment is not tested medically on human being.

Botox is safe to many extends as there are no much cases of Botox Paralyses reported in the history . Only very few cases with some other medical condition existence got affected by Botox side effect.

So saying about a one line statement whether Botox Safe or Risk is not scientifically possible.

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Best Effective Alternative to Botox Injection

There are no such best effective alternative to Botox but there do exist wrinkle removal creams , other cosmetic surgeries and face fillers that can be used instead of Botox .

Botox was used initially for treating excessive underarm sweat controlling , muscle spasm , eyelid tics problems then only it got FDA authority to be used as cosmetic drug .

Botox Safe or Risk – Concluded 

Botox Safe or Risk can be concluded only this way . The dosage limit matters about the safety and risk in using Botox. It is really safe to use Botox when it is used in accurate quantity on the correct place injected by a licensed medical professional who is expert in the process.

So Guys if you would love to get wrinkle free skin you can try Botox as it is safe to most extend but still there is less percentage of cases reported with Botox risks suggesting its risky to go under Botox needle .

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