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The most trending diet today is the ketogenic diet. It is beneficial in weight loss as well as a complementary approach to the prevention of cancer. Despite advances in the treatment modalities of cancer, the mortality rate is very high because of the disease itself, and the adverse effects of chemo-radiation. The Cancer Preventing Ketogenic Diet is a potential dietary manipulation that aims at increasing the therapeutic outcome of cancer. In spite of the advancement in medicine, pharmacology, surgery, and nuclear medicine this deadly disease is ravaging our world today.

The Big “C”

Cancer is a group of diseases which are characterized by uncontrolled abnormal division of cells. For this abnormal division of cells, it requires energy. The main source of energy for this abnormal division is the sugar. Carbohydrates, the sugar bomb, are considered as a rich source of sugar. Sugar acts as an essential nutrient in cell growth and maturation. Cancer cells grow and multiply by feeding on carbohydrates or blood sugar. Cancer is also considered as a mitochondrial metabolic disease. Some people inherit the genes that predispose them to cancer.

Cancer Preventing meal plan is must for healthy lifestyle .

What is Ketogenic Diet ?

Our body requires energy which is supplied by adequate amounts of macro nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to carry out the physiological processes. The ketogenic diet is likely a type of diet plan with low carb high-fat diet. This diet leads to the utilization of fat instead of sugars or glucose for survival.  When our body has got reduced amount of carbohydrates, then it uses up the fat for producing energy. Well the fat in body get metabolized in the liver, ketones are produced. This is the state of being in ketosis. The essential requirement for the state of ketosis is low blood insulin level. Gradually our body will start depending upon the ketones as the energy source.

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Link Between Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

The exact mechanism between ketogenic diet and cancer treatment is not well understood.  Cancer cells thrive in a sugar rich environment as cancer has a sweet tooth. With ketogenic diet, the sugar levels drop down considerably. This causes a very low blood insulin level. Due to the decrease in the supply of fuel to the cancer cells, they are staved. Subsequently this leads to a decrease in the rate of their multiplication in an uncontrolled and abnormal fashion. So ketogenic diet is known to “starve’ the cancer cells. Thus by reducing the calorie intake, the cells are depleted of their energy.

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The other mechanism responsible for introducing ketogenic diet as an adjunctive preventive modality in cancer is the effect of low insulin in our body. The low carb diet, causes a state of low insulin in our blood. Normally insulin is used up for the cell growth and multiplication.  In a state of ketosis as in ketogenic diet, insulin level falls down and this affects the cancer cells. The cancer cells do not grow nor multiply. Therefore by lowering the insulin level, ketogenic diet arrests the rate of multiplication of cancer cells.

In ketogenic diet ketones are produced. Cancer cells flourish in a calorie rich environment. As the ketones increases, in ketogenic diet the cancer cells cannot multiply as it is calorie deficient. These ketones arrest the growth of cells as well as their division. Thus ketogenic diet is found to be effective in killing those cancerous cells.

A state of increased ketones is also established by long periods of intermittent fasting. Intermittent long fasting allows the body to produce ketones which can be used as a source of fuel for the body.  Ketogenic diet combined with intermittent fasting is a novel way in preventing cancer.

Ideal Cancer Preventing Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet required to establish ketosis and arrest abnormal cell division is obtained by abundant intake of fat about 75%, only 20% protein, and no more than 5% protein. Proteins are also capable of being source of energy, but not as much as carbohydrates. A moderate amount of protein diet is generally advised and followed to prevent cancer while on ketogenic diet.

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It is ideal to know a few points  of ketogenic diet which can prevent any chronic disease like cancer , the ketogenic diet cancer menu .

  • Soft drinks and naturally processing foods should be avoided as they are loaded with carbs which can be used as fuel by the cancerous cells. These foods also contain omega-6 fats which are excellent growth promoters of cancer cells.
  • Increased insulin which in turn means increased sugar is an ideal background for cancer cell growth and proliferation because of the sweeth tooth of cancer.
  • Proteins too provide energy to the cancer cells. Hence their quantity is to be weighed in order to not consume more than the desired quantity of 20%. It is advised to consume 50 grams of protein a day.
  • Healthiest option to prevent cancer is to replace the carbs with beneficial fats.

As the ketogenic diet includes low carbs it is necessary to substitute this energy by proteins and fats. In case of cancer, it is ideal to substitute maximum energy by healthy fats rather than proteins which are a fuel packed stores for cell growth. Trans fats and omega- 6 fats have to be avoided, instead food rich in omega-3 should be increased. By doing this, the cancer cells are starved which in turn prevents the multiplication of these cells, thereby preventing cancer.

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Cancer Preventing Ketogenic Diet

To weaken the cancer cells and arrest their growth and division, the ideal blood sugar concentration should be maintained between 60-70 mg/dL and ketones between 4-7 mM. To achieve this following food items can be consumed in adequate quantities.

FATS: The diet should include healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil, butter, raw seeds and nuts, coconut oil, olive oil and eggs.

CARBOHYDRATES: Some vegetables also have high carbohydrates. As per the ketogenic diet only vegetable with low carbohydrate content like cauliflower, celery, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus can be included. Those vegetables grown above the ground are to be included in the diet. Corn, rice, grains and gluten are to be avoided as they are rich sources of sugar in a Cancer Preventing Ketogenic Diet.

PROTEINS: In Cancer Preventing Ketogenic Diet protein should come from organic poultry, fish and sea food, fermented dairy, butter, full fat diary.

It is very much essential to include antioxidants, organic acids, and enzymes, along with the ketogenic diet to create an alkaline environment. When these acids are metabolized, food items such as low sugar containing drinks, lime and lime juice, helps to increase the cell metabolism and thus renders these cancerous cells weak.

To increase the efficacy of this diet in preventing cancer is essential to take supplements containing multivitamins, probiotics, and omega-3 fatty acids.Anti cancer properties of this diet are studied by researchers worldwide.They have proved this diet is very much effective in preventing the cancer even in genetically susceptible individuals. Ketogenic diet is a key to cancer prevention and is a therapeutic option combined with other treatment modalities. Cancer Preventing Ketogenic Diet is found to be of high advantage as it is very economical, done in their own houses, has no side effects of the toxic chemicals as in drugs, and can be easily adapted to.


Cancer Preventing Ketogenic Diet is the adjudicative modality in preventing the big C in this world of ravaging diseases. The low carb, high fat diet, ketogenic diet can replace chemo-radiation in the prevention and treatment of cancers. Thus you easily fight cancer with a ketogenic diet .

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