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As we all love to look picture perfect in social medias, all the Groupies, selfies, there is a strong demand for best photo editing software and applications. When it comes to photo editing the popular tool we all remember is Adobe Photoshop but we feel to see alternatives to everything that’s the genetic generation trend so here is some stuff for those who are in search of Free Photoshop Alternatives.

Technology is revamping day by day & amid that electronic devices are upgrading & becoming better more increasingly, likewise, phone cameras are refining increasingly & passionate level DSLRs or professional cameras are furnished with brilliant sensors.

But do you know that the best photos can benefit from a compact accommodation in post production?

Adobe Photoshop is the pro photographer’s tool of choice, but it’s not certainly the only option, there are eminently influential photo editors available completely free of cost if you know where to look for.

Why do you need a Photoshop & who?

Are you a selfie fanatic or looks possessive person or an audacious, who wants to make his best-captured shots more captivating, then you might simply need a perfect photo editor, who can purely make your photo remarkably alluring & eye catchy.

Usually,the best free photo editors offers all the key tools that you need to make your pictures look astonishing ,including curves,contrast & exposure intensification to strain colours,clone stamps & healing brushes to erase flaws,if any ,masks for isolating & editing areas & layers to help you mingle elements to combine effects.

In this digital era, it isn’t anomalous to know that most people have been conditional to think about Adobe Photoshop whenever they hear about Photo editing. This full fledged photo editing suite from Adobe Inc has been an article of an admirable helping tool for many professionals from every possible diversion.

If you’re looking for such analogous tools, you’re at the appropriate place, where we have introduced a checklist of best free photo editing tools, both from online & offline, so that you can resume working, even when you are not in contrast of your own PC or MAC. We have stipulated these told based on diverse factors, such as lucidity of the user interface, productivity as in terms of features & other user’s opinion. 

Here we will have a look at the most popular Free Photoshop Alternatives.

Exciting free Photoshop Alternatives for high-quality photo edits

We hope this article will be helpful for those who need a free at the same time efficacious photo editor. Here is the list of Free Photoshop Alternatives

  • GIMP:

An unprecedented free photo editor, GIMP is a virtuous rival to premier software.

The elder opponent of free photo editing, GIMP, also known as GMP image manipulation program, is the most robust photo editor around. It’s packed with astounding tools that superbly match those that we usually get in premier software & is upgraded with more features timely.

The photo editing toolkit is astonishing & includes layers, masks, curves & levels. You can obliterate flaws with the eminent clone stamp & healing tools, create custom brushes, apply perspective changes & apply changes to solitary areas with intelligent selection tools.

GIMP is an open source project & its section of users & manufacturers has created a huge collection of plugins to amplify its potential even further to Photo Pos Pro:

Well designed & easy to use -a novice photo editor with a few drawbacks.

Photo POS Pro

Photo POS Pro isn’t as popular as GIMP, but it’s another crest caliber free photo editor that’s packed with further image enhancing tools. Its interface is clever & more shrewd than GIMP’s array of menus & toolbars with everything arrayed in a logical & steady way. If it’s still too menace, there’s also an optional ‘novice’ layout that resembles ‘fotor’s’ filter based approach.

This image editor is a Free Photoshop Alternatives which offers best to the beginners as well as professional photo editors. For the beginners, this software has one click filters and automatic adjustments of the photos. Both the options are well-designed and are more intuitive than the GIMP’s endless features.

Just like Photoshop, this software provides layers and layer marks both and also offer superb clone and healing brushes. In this software, you can find all color refining tools. Also, you can get complete support for the batch editing and scripts such that you can save your time to do the routine tasks. This online photo editor allows you to directly images from a scanner or camera.

This software also offers you with some extra frames as well as filters which can help you to create or just save your own filters to use in future.

One of the main disadvantages of this software is that it has a limit on the size of saving the files. The size limit is 1024 x 2014 pixels. But, if you require more size then you can upgrade it to the premium version and will get the world class Photoshop alternative.

It is one the best Free Photoshop Alternatives which can be used for Windows, Mac, and  Linux.

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  • Fotor:

A prodigious anthology of filters for one – click intensification, plus manual controls. Fotor is a photo supplemental first & foremost, more than it is a Free Photoshop Alternatives, if there’s specific area of retouching you need doing with, say the clone brush or healing too,you’re out of luck. But it includes a pyramid of high-end filters that really do shine. There’ s an unerring tilt-shift tool & a raft of vintage & vibrant color tweaks, all easily accessed through Fotor‘s dexterous brighter menu system. You can manually alter your own curves & levels ,too, but without the convolution of high-end tools. 

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  • Pixlr:

You might have discovered of Pixlr, as an online photo editor, obtainable the online version, Pixlr is now available s an application for desktop & it is indeed a free, reliable photo editor available now. When compared the that of Photoshop, Pixlr is known for its unchallenged installation & simple user interface. Taking some elements from the online version, it permits apply features & does other stuff within a few clicks.

Paint.Net :

Do not get confused about the paint that comes in built with the windows , Because we are talking about something that is really different. This is one of the best Photoshop alternatives which is featured with layering editing and a customizable interface with plenty of tools at your disposal with unlimited undo, tons of effects and filters and community of passionate users.

Paint.NET is a free photo editor tool which can be used by the individuals who are looking to give a touch up a before going to post it on the web, resize or crop an image, or if anybody wants to do basic image editing. But, if you are using any other operating system then you can check out Pinta which is an open source platform modeled after this tool and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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This app offers a lot of usable feature with a minimum user interface so that you do not need to get confused with various toolbars. The PhotoScape can function as a viewer for viewing your photos, for creating the slideshows, and works as an editor with the basic photo with batch editing. Through this tool, you can easily view or edit the images without getting any distracting elements.  Opening up this tool can make you see various interfaces which are responsible for various roles. Also, there is a Mac version of this tool by the name PhotoScape X which has some advanced features such as collage maker.

This Photo editor works for Windows and Mac.

Be Funky :

Do you love making a collage? Then Be Funky which is an online photo editor will work for you surely. This photo editor is a full-fledged editor available with a simple interface. This editor allows you to get photos from the desktop, capturing the photo from webcam, or some other sources such as Facebook or Dropbox. This editor has various features which are arranged in various categories such as editing, touch up, Effect, Graphics, etc.

All the features of this tool have a simple interface through which you can select and apply the filter or effect in a minimum time. The graphic section f this tool is really superb and consisted of several graphical elements which can be easily inserted to upload the image. Editing the pic using this tool is really quick and you can easily learn this tool. Simply, you will love this tool.

The basic drawback of this editor is that it only works for Windows.

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PhotoCat :

The PhotoCat offers three options to deal with the images. This tool can help you to edit the image, retouch it using the pre-set filters, or creating the collage using different borders templates. This tool does not require much time to load so uploading on it is very easy.

This online photo editor is free and has various features available in it such as editing which consists of different kinds of filters and retouch options and other extra elements. This online editor is not much colorful as compared to other editors but this has some standard features which are arranged in an easy access interface. This tool is just superb when you just want to edit the image without any ornamental design or any other kind of features. Thus making it one of the most favoured Free Photoshop Alternatives.

SumoPaint :

This online photo editor is a fully functional Photoshop alternative with the editing interface into web browser skin with every of feature you need such as the color picker, info about image, etc. With this tool, you can have multiple windows as you like as managing these windows is much easy. This online photo editor has set up the things altogether. The common interface of this tool only takes a small amount of time to load. This tool is also available in pro version for which you need to pay 4 USD per month, this can unlock various other exciting features of this tool.

PhotoFiltre :

PhotoFiltre is an online photo editor and acts a superb image editing software through which you can edit your photo easily and add the filters to make them attractive and professional.  This editor comes up with various features that are easy to be used. The user interface of this software provides complete support to the beginners to create their own masterpiece.

This is a free photo editor and the best Free Photoshop Alternatives which is available with the image editing and effects package. Not considering the standard editing elements, the PhotoFiltre editor provides a wide range of image effects, photo masks, image adjustments, and thumbnail browser. This tool is worth to try for all the beginners as well as for the professionals.


This is one of the best Free Photoshop Alternatives software and camera app for the smartphones. This software has a minimalistic interface which does not look intuitive firstly, but they are a small selection of the professional features. In this tool, you will find a side panel that gives instant access to the grid, journal, store, and library with a button which will take you directly to the camera.

Also, this software contains various special presets, although they are not very intuitive named the buttons to do feature thumbnail previews for one.

This Free Photoshop Alternatives works on both Android and OS platform of the mobile.

How to pick the best photo editors for you :

All the photo editors we’ve reviewed above are magnificent, but divergent tasks call for different tools. If you’re already happy with the general look of your pictures & just want to augment them a little before sharing them online, a basic editor that permits you to resize, crop & apply filters will be ideal. Many of these have social media sharing built in, saving you the hassle of saving, then uploading them afterward. You are also required to ensure, that your free photo editor lets you work with large files, as having only some online tools won’t let you upload files over a certain size,& others won’t allow you to export high -resolution photos unless you pay for a subscription.

We just picked the most widely user rated and our personal choice of photo editors as an alternative to Photoshop. But still, there are tons of many other excellent Photoshop alternatives that you can rely upon for high-class photo edits. If anyone got disappointed here due to the reason we failed to include your personal photo editor then we apologize for that with a promise we will give more on this topic some other time.

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