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Nowadays, diseases become the leading cause of death of many people. Medical problems whether small or big can happen to anyone at anytime. If the problem is not diagnosed properly on time it can become more critical and serious. It makes the cost of treatment even more expensive. One of the most serious and expensive disease is cancer and cancer’s treatment cost is very expensive so, for a safe and healthy future, one must take an insurance. This article is mainly about the Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance For different Countries .

Before knowing about the Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance for different countries we must understand what does health insurance means, how does it help and what is the meaning of pre existing cancer.

What does health insurance means and how health insurance helps in Life ?

Health insurance is an insurance which helps an insurer to cover his or her medical expenses. When an insurer takes health insurance in an insurance company it means that the insurer accepts the terms and conditions of that company and is ready to pay premiums, and in return, the company will help them to cover their medical expenses. Medical expenses are getting expensive day by day, sometimes a patient or patient’s relatives fail to pay the expensive medical bills. So to avoid this kind of situation everyone should take medical insurance. If a family member suddenly hospitalized it will cause a great cost and also disturbs the budget of the house so it is very important for every person to buy a health insurance to protect themselves from the sudden expenses of medical problems.

In order to meet the unforeseen medical contingencies everyone must have a medical insurance wherever they reside .

Pre-existing cancer and Health Insurance for Pre -existing Cancer Treatment 

In simple words, pre-existing means something that already exists from an earlier time. A pre-existing disease means a disease that is existed before a person has taken the health insurance. Cancer insurance is an insurance that is meant to cover the expenses associated with cancer. As cancer has been one of the leading cause of death, it’s insurance become the new trend of all the insurance companies. Pre-existing cancer is a state where an insurer is already suffering from cancer or from its symptoms, signs and has been treated or still needs treatment.

Let’s see what are the Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance in countries like India, US, UK, Canada, Japan and China. What these countries are doing to help pre-existing cancer patients.

Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance For different Countries

Here is the country wise cancer coverage Health insurance details especially for Best Pre-existing Cancer treatment coverage Insurance.

  • INDIA – Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance

In India, there are many people who are suffering from a very dreadful disease that is cancer it is rising at an increasing rate and there are more than 200 types of cancer, that can happen to anyone. Cancer not only attacks person’s health but also attacks the financial condition of the whole family.

There are many people who are not ready to fight the expenses associated with this dangerous disease cancer. To cure this dangerous disease patient needs to diagnosed regularly, there are chemo-therapies and sometimes a patient needs a surgery also. If a member of the family suffers from cancer it can vacant the entire pocket of the family.

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There are many health insurance companies like Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited, Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited, Religare Health Insurance Company Limited, Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited these are some top insurance companies which give health insurance but none of them has come up with Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance for cancer patient.

Some insurance companies deny giving insurance to an insurer who is a pre-existing cancer patient, some insurance companies have a waiting period from minimum 2 to 4 years only after which your pre-existing ailments would be covered, depending on the plan you buy and some insurance companies considering your pre-existing ailment serious they might offer you cover only if you agree on a permanent exclusion for this disease. If a person in India is looking for an insurance company that can afford his/her pre-existing cancer expenses they fail to find any as there is no insurance company available in India which can help them.

Exactly there is no Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance in India but some do cover cancer insurance based on their own self terms .

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  • CANADA – Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance

A large number of insurance companies that are offering health insurance is present in Canada.The good news for Canadians is that there are some insurance companies that offer life insurance to people with pre-existing health issues.These are some diseases like diabetes, heart attack, blood disorders, history of cancer and other diseases which are covered by Canada Protection Plan, Canada’s leading name in No Medical and Simplified Life Insurance.

Canada Protection plan offers coverage up to $500,000 on No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance plans. This means no medical exams of insurers will be taken and on the other hand, they being able to get protected quickly. They also provide coverage up to $1 million – applying is quick and easy. Their plans are available through over 25,000 independent insurance advisors across Canada.

Canada Protection Plan has a Simplified-issue, non-medical life insurance policy for people who are suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment.The plan is called Acceptance Life and the coverage is available to applicants ages 40 to 80. The coverage face amounts range from $5,000 to $50,000.

So pre-existing health issues coverage on Health Insurance is assured in Canada .

  • UNITED KINGDOM – Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance

In the UK also there are many insurance companies are present some of the popular insurance companies are like April Uk Health Insurance, Aviva Health Insurance, AXA PPP Health Insurance and others. But these topmost companies also don’t provide instant help to pre-cancer patients. A person who is suffering from cancer or its symptoms since, 5 years ago to the day on which he/she has taken health insurance is considered as pre-existing cancer by these insurance companies. Some companies offer a waiting period of two years after that they can help with the pre-existing disease. Most of the companies say that an insurer can take the insurance out with us but cancer may not be covered as its pre-existing. So there is no option for pre-existing cancer patients.

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  • UNITED STATES – Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance

In the US there are many insurance companies.The United Law in 2010 passed a Patient Protection Law which is also known as ACA that is affordable care health. It changed several rules regarding health major in the USA.

According to this law, any insurance company of US cannot exclude any person, who is suffering from pre-existing cancer or any disease from taking insurance. So even if the insurer’s disease is pre-existing insurance companies are bound to cover their expenses until or unless they have written permission of not to pay.There are various pre-existing condition exclusion clauses.

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The top insurance company of USA is UNITED HEALTH CARE. As the ACA law passed in 2010, so all pre-existing condition exclusion removed.But there are still some conditions such as Grandfathered group health plan receives no special protection. It simply means that only individual plan can have this advantage of getting pre-existing medical insurance, not grandfather plan.

  • JAPAN – Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance

In Japan, there are many cancer survivors. Japan’s Universal health care provides medical care for free whether to citizens as well as noncitizens that means if you are living in Japan for more than one year you can get this advantage of free medical care. In Japan, there is a law according to which every citizen must have health insurance. There are two insurances available by the Japan government one is National Health Insurance and the other is Employee’s Health Insurance that helps people for every medical problem.

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Japan government 70% helps a person suffering from any disease, whereas private insurance company like Sompo Japan Nipponkoa this is one of the leading company denies to help an insurer who is suffering from cancer. So, the top insurance companies in Japan also don’t cover pre-existing cancer expenses.

  • CHINA – Best Pre-existing Cancer Health Insurance

China has the highest number of cancer patients. There are many insurance companies which do not cover for pre-existing cancer. Pacific Prime China is the only one insurance company that cover pre-existing cancer expenses. It is Asia’s leading best pre-existing health insurance company. It has served over 120,000 clients in 130 countries. This insurance company does not exclude pre-existing cancer condition as their aim is to give the insurer right care at right time. They cover insurer’s pre-existing cancer expenses.


In this article, we come to know about the best pre-existing cancer health insurance for many countries. Very less number of countries have any insurance plan for an insurer who is looking for pre-existing coverage also. So, there is still a need for countries to improve their insurance policies for cancer patients as cancer is the most serious disease and a patient needs financial help to fight and win the battle with cancer. And for a safe side, before suffering from any critical disease every person must take health insurance for a secured and healthy future.

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