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Today tea has become an unavoidable habitual beverage in our lifestyle . Not only for its taste but now it is becoming a special purpose drink . In fancy box with many reputed brand names we get teabags which we dip to hot water or milk and consume . If you are also one such habitual teabag addict then here is a shocking piece of info you must be aware that recently some famous tea brand and previously many other has failed to keep their promise of making their teabags healthy and safe . Now we can label those promises as Dangerous Teabags.

Recently a famous tea brand’s healthy tea bags which is used for special purpose like weight loss in healthy way is criticized for finding Maggots in teabags.

Can you think about it or believe it ?

This can be even the brand you are relying upon or sometime this can happen with your tea brand as well.

How disgusting to think that our favourite tea is made by boiling the tea leaves with maggots or any other creatures.

And ladies have a crazy habit that’s to use the teabag for dark circles under-eye and puffiness . Now again imagine the thought of what’s the stuff that is sitting on your beautiful eye is boiled maggots.

Bagged Tea on one side we cannot be sure about its safety secondly it has got environmental issues as well as harmful health effects . This makes us to call Dangerous Teabags must not be recommended . The trend started for tea leaves especially green tea bags which promoted the tea in bags to market.

Product differentiation is of course a market strategy that attracts the consumers but food product safety is must .

Why you should avoid using these Dangerous Teabags

  • Teabags or bagged tea for different purpose is not like normal tea . They are available in market with special promises like tea for weight loss , tea for immunity , tea for healthy skin. Seriously i got no idea to mention about all the brand’s promises . To some extend you can see that initial result is assured it is because of the Chemicals that is present in that . In the long term the process ends up without giving you any positive result. Instead of that you get some chronic health affects.

It is just like medicine use . For a diabetic patient tablets work at initial and slowly after long usage the result goes diminishing so it needs us to switch to higher level of it. The same way to get result from drinking tea with added chemicals you need extra chemicals that are comparatively more powerful to give you further results.

  • These Tea bags are made of high melting plastics which are safe plastics but still when you boil it , your healthy cup of tea is having harmful chemical presence also.
  • Paper teabags this is not anything less harmful as it is made of paper . Your paper tea bag is chlorinated before it come to you . Chlorine on regular consumption increases very high health risk and when the most advised beauty tip of using tea bags for under eye dark circles this creates irritation to your eyes . As chlorine is harmful to eyes.
  • The real health benefit of green tea is utilized only when the green tea leaves are naturally brewed which makes the leaves to expand while boiling but inside a tea bag this process is not happening .
  • Artificial flavour on the teabags are really not safe for health .Your tea bags comes with different varieties like lemon , honey , cardamom flavour and so on.
  • Tea inside the tea bag is really not safe it has the pesticides aerially sprayed on it . Because the tea inside teabags are normally not washed well sometimes to say hardly washed before its put on the fancy tea bag.
  • Like now witnessed sometimes the content inside tea bag may have germs or insects like maggots . As we use it like dip and sip process we hardly realize the inner content of the tea bag.

Ways to Get Benefits of Tea without actually drinking Tea ( Avoiding Dangerous Teabags )

So if you don’t love tea and drinking tea aiming certain benefits then here is the ways to get benefits of tea without drinking tea.

How to Lose weight without Drinking Green Tea or Lemon Tea 

If you want to lose weight without drinking green tea or lemon tea or any other bagged tea that promises you to burn your calories and detox your body . Then you can follow healthy diets , good workouts and even yoga can help you with this.

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Some natural remedies also works out well for burning unhealthy fat and to get slim with home-made remedies –

  • Early morning yoga to reduce weight . Some of the most popular yoga posture for  weight loss includes – Warrior posture , bridge posture , boat posture etc.
  • Drinking Lemon and honey can help to reduce weight.
  • Apple cider vinegar boost weight loss easily.

How to get rid of Stress and headaches without Drinking Tea

There are people who gets headache when missed tea . Actually its like a belief to drink tea for headache and stress anger . But you have to switch to other safe things to deal with headache .

  • Meditation for headache cure
  • Listen to your favourite tracks , its actually a music therapy to cure headache .
  • Have a favourite food that can brighten up your mood .
  • Go for a walk when you feel stressed out.
  • Cold compress
  • Smell some good fragrance .
  • Massage neck and head

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How to detox body and skin without Drinking Tea

You can get glowing skin without drinking tea or detox body without tea . Its been heard that heral teas detox body and skin thus herbal tea gives  glowing skin .

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But this can actually be risky when you are drinking bagged tea with flavours. You can do it naturally by –

  • Brush skin regularly to improve the blood circulation to detox skin
  • To detox body have plenty of organic fruits that are alkaline rich in content.
  • Avoid soft drinks and carbonated soda.

These are the ways you can stay away from the Dangerous Teabags and switch to healthy ways that can replace tea from your life but still you can get same benefits of using tea.

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