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If the world is growing with 2x speed then our technology is growing up with 10x speed. Whenever we think about mobile OS the first two things that come in our mind is iOS and Android. In just few days , two leading mobile OS developers of world has came up with two great launches . Firstly Google has released its Android Oreo and then Apple came up with its iOS11. Today we will compare both of them so that you all can decide which one is better for you . But for that, first I will explain both the iOS and Android concept to you . Then will see n detail the comparison between iOS 11 Vs Android Oreo .

iOS vs Android

Let’s take a rough look at iOS vs Android before making it precise about iOS 11 Vs Android Oreo.

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and it is based on Linux kernel and is basically designed for touch screen mobile phones whereas iOS ( iPhone OS) is from brand Apple Inc. It has been used in iphone firstly in 2007 and later it has been extended to other apple touch devices like iPad etc.

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iOS vs Android Comparison :

1. When we talk about the storage space in Android Vs iOS ,then android offers expandable storage with several phones by using external storage devices like sdcard etc. Whereas iOS does not support expandable storage .

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2. Higher chances of malware : In Android phones we can install third party apps which can harm our data .Whereas in iOS there is very few chances of malware as Apple optimization decreases the chances of malware.

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3. Apple itself optimize its both hardware and software: Apple itself optimize its every iPhone hardware and software. This leads to its better quality and performance whereas in Android Support and assistance services are not good as compared to iOS due to huge number of customers . It gives patchy support.

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4. There is a tremendous demand for Android mobile as well for android apps . One of the reason behind this is the cost comparison between iOS Vs Android . Increased number of users for android has lead to great number of developers for android applications . But in the case of iOS this is not so high so as iOS apps are also less in number .

From the above comparisons we can find that there are several pros and cons in both Android and iOS. Now we will look about what Android Oreo and what iOS 11 offers and what is the difference between both of them. That is we will study – iOS 11 Vs Android Oreo.

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Android Oreo 

Android new version 8.0 named as ‘OREO’ is a mobile OS currently only available in Google pixels phones. The new version ‘Oreo’ comes up with several improvements in the market. It provides 2x boot speed and can save a huge amount of battery . It also comes up with several catching features like the picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. Oreo also has ‘per app disk space quota’ which automatically delete cached files from apps. One can also snooze notifications with Android Oreo. Oreo also offers some user friendly features like autoFill which can help you to fill form faster. There are so many New Android Oreo features to get acquainted with.

iOS 11 

iOS 11 is said to be the next generation version of iOS. Apple’s CEO , Tim Cook said that this update takes the best and most advanced operating system and turns it up to the 11.

iOS 11 brings several features like ‘Subtle design changes’ which can interface elements throughout the operating system. In iOS 11 the Control center is now customizable and there are options from which we can add a wide range of settings.

In iOS 11 3D touch integration has been expanded , so we can now do more without opening Settings. Siri has also improved with this update. Now Siri has a more natural voice and is more intelligent than ever.

Now we have seen a brief about iOS 11 features and Android latest Version Features before going in depth a

Then the main thing is that how to make the choice which one is better for you because both offers a lot of great features . So now we will compare both iOS 11 and Android Oreo , so that we can make our decision.

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iOS 11 vs Android Oreo Comparison 

Here we will discuss about the latest iOS & Android version by comparing iOS features and Android features by comparison of iOS 11 Vs Android Oreo .

1. Notification : Both iOS 11 and Oreo comes up with several improvements in notification settings. In Oreo , there is a new notification channels which allow to control the same type of notifications together at a time . Whereas iOS has removed it’s old notification center completely.

2. Autofill : Android Oreo feature autoFill which has the ability for apps to autoFill username , passwords and many more things. iOS also has this feature before , but it is restricted to fewer apps like Amazon , Flipkart etc. and all works on Safari only during web surfing.

3. Multitasking : iOS 11 gave iPad the main priority . It has features like app-switching and split view . It also has a new doc similar to the Mac OS while in Android Oreo, there is nothing new for multitasking.

4. Picture-in-Picture : Android Oreo has came up with this feature for YouTube , Hangout etc. While this feature has already been released by iOS in its iOS 9 .

5. Memory Management : iOS 11 provides memory management features like new image and video formats like HEIF (Hight Efficiency File Format) and HEVF (High Efficiency Video Format). But there is no such feature in Android Oreo .

6. Copy and Paste : We know Android was the first one to support Copy and paste . Android Oreo, makes it easier for its user to copy the text while Apple is the first one to implement user interactions but Google’s Smarter AI has taken it to another level .

iOS vs Android which is better : iOS 11 Vs Android Oreo

There are major differences between the two but both of them offer some quality experience to its users. You can choose between them according to your need, if you want more quality and security then according to me you can go for iOS11 but if you want more features and choices then you can opt for Android Oreo .

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