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Google Assistant is the latest iteration of Google which is just considered as an upgrade or extension of Google which is designed to be personal as well as an expression of google’s existing  “OK Google” voice controls. Using Google Assistant on Android Devices will make you learn that the Google Now features smartly pull out relevant information for you. The Google assistant knows where you work, knows your meeting locations. travel plans of yours, a sports team you like, and what interests you. This whole data is being presented to you in the cards and through the reminders on the Android devices.So most of them prefer to use Google Assistant

This article will mainly focus on the different methods to get Google Assistant on Android Devices (Without Root).

Best Things Google Assistant can do:

The Google Assistant is getting smarter than the Google Now. It not only supports more than one language but it also will soon feature more robust third party integration, which can help you to control your digital life thoroughly not just of your Google life! Assistant is just similar to the Google now and in this, you can ask the questions and answers. The Google assistant works on the wide range of Android devices which runs on Android  6.0 Marshmallow and 5.0 Lollipop.

Unlock your Pixel: The Google assistant responds to your voice when the screen of your device is off, but if have put PIN or Fingerprint to unlock, then firstly you need to unlock the device. Use the Google Assistant’s voice command to unlock your device. Just go into the Google Assistant settings, select OK Google Detection followed by trusted voice.

Open apps with your voice: If you want to see your latest Google+ notifications while eating. You can just say, “OK Google, open Google”, and you can see Google+ opened. Now you can use this command only to open other apps or any third party apps.

Image Search on Google:  If you had a hard day at work than what’s better that pictures of the baby animals to boost your courage. You can ask your google assistant to perform Google image search of baby animals and hence you will feel better within some time.

Gives advice where to Eat, Drink, Dance or shop: Suppose, it’s Friday night and you are even out with your friends but clueless where to go for dinner or dancing. For this Google Assistant can help: with the help of its nearby feature, you can easily find out the places. The Google Assistant also offers the list of the restaurant names with its star ratings, and you can tap on listing to get the address and directions.

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Cue your favorite Netflix shows and movies: If you want to enjoy a new movie or just an old TV show with your family, you can just ask Google Assistant to start streaming your show.

Read the news for you: Delivering the favorite news on daily basis is one thing but, the Google Assistant read the news for you each morning. For this only tap up the software button and then, the popup came with the question “How may I help you?” say, “Good morning.” It will reply with personalisation “Good morning” and just give you the weather in your city, as well as latest as reading latest news from customized news sources.

Tell about the daily emails and appointments: The Google Assistant can easily draw the information from another application and services such as Keep, Calendar, and Gmail so as to provide the information at a moment’s notice. If you are being scared that you have missed yesterday emails, you can ask Google Assistant “Did I Miss any emails from yesterday?” and moreover the assistant will pull up the emails unopened.

Jog Your Memory: Sometimes it happens with us that we forget little things such as the place where the car is parked, or where left car keys or wallet. But for the Google Assistant, it is very easy and you can take the benefit of the digital helper’s ability and set reminders. For this just say “OK Google, remind me that my car keys are in the kitchen on the counter,” and thus it will help you to recall when you ask again.

The Google Assistant is the best voice assistant available in today’s time. This has been better than other voice assistants such as Siri and Hound. It has the capability to carry out the long conversational dialogues. Today with this article I am going to share how you can install and use Google Assistant on your Android devices without rooting your device.

That’s about how google assistant is really an assistant for your day to day life . Now moving to the main section of the article and Here will discuss the methods to use Google assistant for lollipop , Marshmallow and Nougat without rooting.

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Google Assistant on Android device without rooting on Lollipop:

For the Lollipop device, I will discuss different methods which you can use to install Google Assistant on your device. The methods which, I am going to discuss will work without rooting the device.

Here we will discuss ways to use Google Assistant on Android Devices (Without Root)

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Get Google Assistant Via APK File:

Here is the way to  use Google Assistant on Android Devices via APK file this is for your Android lollipop device to access google assistant.

  1. Download Google Assistant APK and ensure that you have allowed installation of the apps from unknown sources by going to Settings>Security.
  2. Launch the app and go to “Your Stuff” and click on Add Reminder. (Note: Just make sure that your Google is updated to the latest version)
  3. Make Google Assistant your default voice input method. For this, go to Settings- Language & Input>Voice Input >Enhanced Google Services
  4. Back to the home screen and long press the home button and make Google Assistant default voice method and enjoy the things provided by it.

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Get Google Assistant Via Nova Launcher

If you find that APK file method is not so soothing then you can use Google Assistant on Android Devices via Nova Launcher . This is also the best method to get Google assistant on Android without rooting.

  1. Install Nova launcher on your device and add activity shortcut on the home screen and just set it as your default home screen. Now install the Google Assistant APK  by following the steps given above in APK file previous method.
  2. Long press on home screen and just open widgets panel and add activities in Nova Widgets.
  3. The page of activity afterward will be opened, you can scroll down and find Google Assistant Launcher, just click on it and then you will get two option, select the one with Assist in subtext.
  4. Once the shortcut creates, you can click on it to launch Google Assistant app and add a reminder by making Google Assistant your default voice input.
  5. For making the Google Assistant your default voice assistant long press home button.

Get Google Assistant Via Activity Launcher:

  1. Download and open the Activity launcher app
  2. Click on the recent activities in the Header section and select all activities by opening the app. Wait till all the activities are loaded
  3. Scroll down on all activities and search for Google App. Click on Google app and expand all activities available
  4. Click on it & expand it, and then select com.google.android.apps.gsa.staticplugins.opa.hq.OpaHqActivity.
  5. You will get the Google Assistant explore screen where various actions are available such as Search, Ask me Buddy, Song Explorer, etc.
  6. Now tap on your stuff in the Header
  7. Then, click on Add Reminder to Open Google Assistant
  8. Lastly, complete the hotword setup process. Teach it to recognize your voice, and you’re done! Access the Google Assistant now by saying “OK Google”.

This way you can get Google Assistant on Android Devices on lollipop without rooting .

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Google Assistant on Android device without rooting for Marshmallow and Nougat:

You can get Google Assistant on Android Devices like Marshmallow and Nougat without rooting by simply following these steps.

  1. Download latest Google APK from any website
  2. Download latest Google Play Services
  3. Enable to install the applications from unknown sources by going to Settings
  4. Install both APK’s you have already downloaded
  5. Visit settings>apps>Google App> storage> manage space >clear all data then, go back and clear the cache from device
  6. Restart the device
  7. Launch Google app from app drawer by long pressing home button
  8. Follow on-screen instructions
  9. Swipe left-hand menu in Google app and click on settings
  10. Then, tap on the Google Assistant settings and enable Assistant.

This way Google Assistant on Android Devices like Lollipop , Marshmallow and Nougat without rooting is done easily .


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