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Android boot fix steps to try when your android won’t boot

This article we will focus on the steps to fix android when it is not able to boot , so you can read step by step to do Android boot Fix

If your favorite android device decided to take a vacation and  android not boot properly then this condition is not acceptable and the idea of troubleshooting it is in itself haunting. The solution to this puzzle could be related to either an errant app or a corrupted Android OS or in worst case bad hardware.

Android boot Fix steps

Here are the steps you can take if your Android won’t boot.

1) Soft Reset Android boot Fix

  • Your android phone might need a soft reset to boot. On majority of the devices you can press and hold the Power button for about 15 seconds to soft reset/boot. This way you can do Android boot Fix.

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2. Pull out the battery

  • For nearly every problematic issue where an android device would not start I always suggest to pull out the battery (only if it is removable so never go to extreme lengths at start) first and leave it sunlight for time nearly about 20 seconds and then reinstall the battery and see if the issue of boot persists.  

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This particular step could seem like it would not work but I know for sure that it has helped numerous android users.

3. Verify for Stuck Buttons

  •  In certain case it can cause the Volume,power,home buttons to stick which prevents the start up/boot. So try to remove this case of not being able to boot.

4. Try a Soft Reset

  • On majority android phones you can simultaneously press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons. Keep pressing them for a time of nearly 20 seconds to soft reset/boot the phone.

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5. Remove Connected Hardware

  • By any chance if you have an SD card, otg-cable or any other items plugged into the device then unplug them. A bad/corrupted SD card or headset could cause issues. Though this are on rare occasions it could stop your boot.

6. Ensure Device Has Enough Power

  • In this case your device would not turn on at all or maybe is stuck in an infinite startup loop/boot. It may not have enough power so attach the power adapter to the your phone and then plug it into a wall outlet. Remember not to use a connection to a computer or any other device because the power you would get is not suffice to power majority of android devices in the right away and could affect the boot.Another issue could be the actual battery(about which we talked earlier). To see if you can borrow a battery from a friend with a similar specification and give that a try for a boot. Though you may want to purchase a new one or maybe try a used battery out. You can also return the battery to the store if it does not help(if it is in the warranty period).

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7. Start Android in Safe Mode

  • If you have installed a particular app that either is not compatible with your device or malfunctions then it could cause the system to hang at a blank screen or continually force to close items stopping the boot process. In any case you will want to find out how to start your device or boot in Safe Mode. Safe Mode will start the device with only the basic OS required to start the device. This will usually allow you to access the android OS so that you can remove whichever app that may be causing the issue for boot.Since most devices start in safe mode by simultaneously pressing and holding the Menu or Volume Down button while you power to the device is on. If you are not confident on how to start your particular phone in Safe Mode then search the google. You can also check the documentation provided with your Android phone especially for boot.

8. Factory Hard Reset Android

  • Alas! if you have tried every of the above steps and no option seems to work then you might want to do a factory reset operation on your phone for a boot and mind you doing so will wipe all data from the memory of the phone(usually not SD card data like music or photos).There are many different ways to perform a factory reset with a hardware button combination just before your phone’s android system loads. Look in your manual or search for what the button combination is for your particular device. They are different for almost every different phone. Only if you are not confident on how to factory reset your device. Check the documentation provided with your phone(the manual you probably never read).

9. Repair

  • After trying everything if none of the above steps work then there may be a hardware issue that you are most likely unable to solve for yourself which is stopping your boot process. At this point I would seek help from the manufacturer or the retail store that sold you the phone. It is

These are the steps to try when android doesn’t boot and thus will help your android to work well smoothly .

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