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Here we will deal with the Best fitness gadgets that help you to stay fit throughout the year .

New Year is here and New Year fitness resolutions are also made to get that fit look which the fitness bands and smart sports watches makes it easy to track and feel motivated and enjoy the workout for even better results.

Fitness bands is nothing new to the generation . It tracks your health and fitness activity & monitor your fitness activity based on your daily workout . Fitness bands come in different varieties, styles, features, colours and are wearable devices that have inherent applications & technology to track your fitness-related metrics. There are many best fitness gadgets brands in the market that sell these best fitness gadgets which vary in different price depending upon many things such as the technology used, the material of the band, the brand value and functions it provides. These functions can be:

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • Distance covered
  • Calories burnt etc.

Smart Sports Watches are voguish in design and high on the cool quotient, smart sports watches are not just a watch its also an ideal fitness gadget . I should say that this could be a perfect gift material to any fitness freak .Apart from the fitness monitoring feature of a fitness band and the regular functions of a watch, fitness band might also come with some amazing extra features like an inbuilt music player, calling options, your Smartphone notification alerts, and even a camera. Though they can be a bit expensive but are certainly even higher on value-for-money aspect and worth it to buy one.

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Best fitness gadgets to help you stay fit and healthy

There are various fitness activities which include aerobics, zumba, running, crossfit and training routines that can be really helpful in achieving your fitness targets. These fitness plans and routines can be tracked by various best fitness gadgets so, here are top best fitness gadgets to help you stay fit and healthy and get the fit look:

Samsung Gear 2

The Samsung Gear 2 from Samsung is an advance best fitness gadget smart watch.

Its features :

  • Display & size – 1.63 inch SUPER AM OLED display with 320 x 320 pixel resolution.
  • The Samsung Gear 2 is limited to only Samsung Smartphone owners as it pairs with only a few select Samsung Galaxy smart phones.
  • One can use it to answer calls easily and safely while driving.
  • Notifications – Emails and messages appear on the phone.
  • The Gear 2 runs on Tizen, and has a dual core 1GHz processor.

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Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

Amiigo Fitness Bracelet is one of the best fitness gadgets that do all the relevant tracking like

  • heart rate
  • blood oxygen levels
  • Calories, etc.
  • It doesn’t just record the movements you are doing but also identifies the kind of activity you are doing for e.g.: swimming, doing squats or lifting weights etc.
  • Another unique feature is the dual wrist bracelet and shoe clip, which ensures best possible tracking of all your fitness movements.

Note – Formerly Known as Amiigo is now Wavelet Health . Not sure whether product name is changed or may even change while you are reading so just for your information .

Well if you want to buy Amiigo Fitness bracelet for Android/iphone you can getit online easily from AMazon and ebay .

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Adidas Micoach Smart Run & Smart Ball

This best fitness gadget is highly recommended for the ones who Loves to run or play soccer. The product features:

  • GPS and wireless music player on the Smart Run
  • Sensors that track the speed and spin of your dead ball kicks on the, Smart Ball.
  • Both products sync wirelessly with your Smartphone so you can record your performance and improve over time
  • Real-time voice coaching
  • Detailed workout analysis tools
  • In-game performance tracking

Find it online on Amazon at best deal to buy Adidas Micoach Smart Run & Smart Ball .

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FitBit Flex

The Fitbit Flex fitness gadget helps you turn exercise into a game that works around your every day routines. It aims to get you fit even if you never been to gym. The Fitbit Flex is the best fitness gadget that could be just the thing to drag you off the sofa even if you are lazy into healthy fit zone. Fitbit flex has various amazing features:

  • Available in various attractive colours
  • Fitbit flex is wireless wristband to track your sleep and activities
  • Track of your daily steps, calories, distance, stairs climbed and active minutes.
  • Track and maintain time of your sleep.
  • With help of Wi-Fi you can stay connected to your body mass index (BMI) and percentage of your body fat over a period of time. One can also sync it to any of their devices such as laptop or mobile, so that one can always track progress and set goals.

You can buy Fitbit Flex fitness gadget online from Amazon & ebay .

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Gramin Forerunner 735XT

  • The Garmin Forerunner 735XT is as important as significant athletic gadgets can be. Best fitness gadget recommended if you are planning to run a marathon this year.

Gramin forerunner Features:

  • It monitors your heart rate to ensure perfect form on the day of the marathon, tracks step impact, strides and offers recovery advice.
  • Track Workouts like: Running, sprinting, swimming, cycling and triathlon

You can easily buy Gramin forerunner  online on Amazon at best deal price.

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Atlas Wristband 2

While most fitness gadget trackers are used for tracking speed whereas the Atlas Wristband 2 is the best fitness gadget tailored to monitor strength related workouts while automatically identifying your exercises for e.g. :

  • Workout: Crossfit

Buy Atlas Wristband 2 online at low cost from Amazon and eBay .

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The Apple Watch Nike + Series 3

In addition to everything the best fitness tracker gadget can offer, the Apple Watch Nike + Series 3 allows you to keep a track of your emails, messages and important calls. It without a glitch ties your corporate work life with your daily activities to maximize your efforts for a fitter you.

  • Track Workouts: Running, swimming, cardio, cycling

You can buy Apple Watch Nike + Series 3 from Apple store online and also from Amazon online.

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Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

When it comes to tracking your overall fitness activities including, calories, marks laps, intervals and your location, Nike+ Sportwatch GPS is easy to use and another best fitness gadget. This fitness tracker gadget acts like your personal running trainer who keeps all the records of your workout that activates through its unique feature like automatic run reminders.

Nike+ sportwatch GPS device has one amazing feature like backlit LCD display which allows you to observe:

  • Calories burn everyday
  • Battery status
  • Time elapsed and distance covered
  • Average and instant speed
  • Stopwatch, History, and records
  • End of the run message and run reminders etc.
  • These features provide a detailed insight of your overall activities to keep you up and going. In addition, this device is sweat and water resistance.

You can buy Nike+ Sportwatch GPS from eBay at cheap price then from Amazon also .

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Numetrex Fabric Chest Strap

This is a fitness gadget that monitors heart rate monitoring chest band with heart sensing fabric technology and second-skin fit.

  • Numetrex fabric chest strap has a soft band that can sense your heart rate
  • A small transmitter snaps into the pocket in the front of the Numetrex fabric chest strap.
  • It is a quick drying fabric that absorbs moisture away from the body.
  • It can be used with heart rate monitoring sports watch, smart phones and cardio equipment. 

You can buy Numetrex fabric chest strap online from Amazon

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Get Active Slim

This is a a touch operation personalized dash board that tracks your activity and measures sleep quality. It is a sleek designer device that looks trendy. It offers functionalise such as :

  • It measures daily steps
  • Calories burnt
  • Distance traveled
  • Active time
  • Activity break-up in a day
  • Sleep tracking, etc.
  • It has a 3D accelerometer sensor and an LED Display.
  • It can store data for up to 15 days and can be synced online using the USB cable.

You can buy Get Active Slim Online from Amazon , Flipkart and Snapdeal

 So, wait no more and get set go on a New Year gifting binge to yourself and your loved ones. Who knows your one New Year best fitness gadget gift can help motivate someone to keep up with his/her New Year fitness resolution successfully.

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