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Modern lifestyle is quite different from the traditional lifestyle people had 30 decades ago.Almost all individuals are dealing with a busy lifestyle which is highly stressful to handle . A stressful life affects one individual’s life in all spheres likely personally , mentally and officially as well .So it is very important for everyone to know how to Reduce Stress in Busy lifestyle to stay happy & healthy .

Why Busy Lifestyle is so Stressful – Reduce Stress in Busy lifestyle

Life became so competitive where its a herculean task to show ourselves better.This fast race of life keeps every individual have boring days which are highly stressful.Stress goes hand in hand with a busy life, if a person is unable to handle the pressure caused by the increasing competitiveness.Stress is our body’s response towards a pressure or a challenge.

stress-managementStress is related to time, work and deadlines.  In modern busy life, meeting deadlines at work and working under pressure create stress. It leads to irritability and impatience. Thus stress management is very essential in this busy life to lead a normal and healthy life.

Usually an individual gets stressed because of thinking about the consequences of the problem rather than focusing on the solution, in the workplace.So all must know to Reduce Stress in Busy lifestyle as its consequences are so high.

Stress & its Consequences 

Stress is very closely related to illness.Whenever we deal with  the deadlines of our busy lifestyle then in order to meet the deadlines we will be on a threat. This feeling of threat will make your body to respond strangely . Your nervous system responds to the feeling of threat by making release of stress hormones such as adrenaline & cortisol .Biologically stress is of two types- acute and chronic, and both these types leads to serious illness.

Physical Consequences of Stress

Stress can lead to major illness such as blood pressure, heart disease, stroke also other illness such as anxiety, insomnia, auto immune disorders, hormonal imbalance, weight problems,ulcers, asthma and many more.Chronic stress cause cancer and heart attack Also stress leads to physiological and behavioural changes.Your stress can also be a reason for stress in others life- your loved ones.

psychological-and-physical-effects-of-stressPsychological Consequences of Stress

Psychologically it can cause major depression issues which may lead to neurological illness. It often leads to anger outbursts, mood swings and eventually may drift you apart from your family and friends. It destroys your inner peace and becomes a reason for self destruction. For many people handling stress becomes a difficult task and so they get on a wrong track such as smoking, alcohol or drug abuse and sometimes a reason for suicide. Hence it becomes very important to deal with stress in this busy life.

Best Ways to relieve Stress in busy lifestyle

Here we are highlighting the all important ways to handle stress in your day to day life . Here are the ways to Reduce Stress in Busy lifestyle – 

  1. Win or lose, be sportive

This is very important to be stress-free, because being sportive will not make you feel bad,sad or upset and so you won’t be taking any kind of stress. This is the right attitude you must have in this competitive life to stay stress free because its a best stress relief tips all must follow

  1. Practice meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and exercise regularly.


Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises  has lots of power, it will create a healthy, happy  peaceful kind of atmosphere within yourselves and you will stay free from any kind of stress.This is the way to how to reduce stress naturally.

  1. Make out time for yourself from your busy schedule.


This is another important criteria to stay away from stress. Give equal importance to yourself. Nothing is more important than your health. Take out time from your busy schedule and go out for shopping, do things which makes you happy. Time management is the key to how to manage stress powerfully. Because time is the real hero in this busy lifestyle.

  1. Spend time with family and friends.

After taking out time for yourself, give time to people who are with you. This is not only help you reduce your stress,solve problems but also make your relations strong.Spending time with your loved ones is the best way to relieve stress and depression 

spend-time-with-family-to-reduce-stressCommon problem everyone face in life is official life makes us more stressed where this stress makes our personal life go weak .When both ends of life are stressed out personal life problems will make our life miserable and we will end up in stress and depression.

  1. Be an optimistic.

Positivity in itself will keep you away from stress. It will make you strong and look out for ways to complete tasks and stay happy.Giving up mentally will never let you to rise high in life or lead you to be successful . So be optimistic in life to stay stress free.

  1. Try to be calm and have patience.

Calmness and patience describes a person’s capability to do a task. These both are very much needed to lead a stress-free life. Anger and anxiety will only make situation worse.

  1. Sleep for minimum 6-8 hours.


Our mind needs enough sleep to keep itself fresh. Being fresh will keep the mind active and it will bring out new ways of doing work and will bring success.It is most important thing you should do to reduce Stress in Busy lifestyle.

  1. Eat healthy food.

This also is important because eating healthy food means staying refreshed and hence you can work peacefully.Ideal diet for a busy lifestyle is very essential to manage or to control stress hormones.

  1. Eat ice-creams and chocolates when stressed.desserts-to-relieve-stress

As we all know DESSERTS is the reverse of STRESSED, eating deserts will activate anti-stress molecules inside the body and make you feel happy and better.I think its a pretty cool idea all of us will love to do it . It is really a fun ways to reduce stress.

  1. Just do one task at a time and give it your fullest.

Focusing on one thing at a time will help you give your 100% and you will achieve success and this will keep you away from stress.

  1. Learn to say a no.


Sometimes saying yes may lead you into trouble and cause more stress. For better understanding, you might already be busy in our own work and agreeing to help them will only pile up more work and hence more stress. So saying no for few things is not wrong.

  1. Listen to soft instrumental music.

This will give you inner peace and help you keep the mind relaxed and stress-free.Music is the art of a peaceful life. So it is the ideal way to reduce stress naturally .Music therapy is the key for stress management .

  1. Develop a ‘I can do it’ attitude.

This attitude and confidence will help you achieve the targets and bring success. Stay away from stress with a attitude of you are capable of doing it .

  1. Stop overthinking.

Overthinking is the root causes of stress. The more you think,the more you will end up making the situation worse for you and this will make you more stressed. So avoid over thinking and just focus on the work.

  1. Go for a walk in a park or along the beach once in a week.


Fresh air will give you inner peace, boost your positivity and activate the molecules responsible for happiness within the body. Seeing kids play in the park, beach will automatically bring back your sweet memories to live and eventually make you happy.This will regulate the stress hormones.

  1. Limit your caffeine intake.

Caffeine as we know is not good for health. Also excess intake will activate stress, depression producing molecules within the body. But if you are used to caffeine intake then i advice you not to stop it immediately. Suddenly staying away from caffeine will give you unwanted headaches .So reduce it slowly this will only help .

  1. Be punctual.

Punctuality is very important in life. Being punctual will help you complete tasks on time or may be sometimes before time. When all your works are complete you won’t have anything to stress about. Also you will have more time for yourself, family and friends.

Hopefully following all these in life will certainly reduce stress level in your busy life. Healthy life is the real asset one should never give up in their busy life . So handle your life by learning how to manage stress efficiently .Because this is utmost important for you to manage stress level to live a happy life by balancing your personal and official life .

So Stay Happy & Stay Healthy 🙂

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  1. Stanley

    No! Don’t eat ice-creams and candy when you’re stressed. There is no such thing as anti-stress molecules, you’ll gain weight!

    • Shamna

      Welcome Stanley! Thanks for your valuable feedback about ice-creams and candy regarding stress.Scientific studies prove that when you eat candy or ice cream they sucrose level increases and they get stored in form of fat .This will sent signals to brain which eventually results in decrease of stress hormone. Any comfort food can reduce the production of stress hormone . It is a good idea to relieve stress as in short run one candy is not gonna make us plum 🙂 But of course in long run it may make you plum 🙂 So don’t afraid to eat ice-creams and candy 🙂

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