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Have you ever imagined a life without gadgets?Forget about gadgets, one cannot even breathe if they do not find their phones around.World around us has evolved latest technologies. Smartphones, tablets and what not! In these few years we have seen the young generation having a new technological invention- Smart-watches. One popular name in smart watch is definitely that of Apple watch but the range of apple watch differs so here is the exclusive list of Best Apple Watch Alternatives .

Did you know? These smartwatches are used as alternatives for the bigger gadgets like Smartphones,tablets,PDAs etc. Apple has these watches available in different price range .

Best Apple Watch Alternatives-The Compatibles: 

Here is the various Best Apple Watch Alternatives that anyone can afford to stay upto the trend .

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung has wide range of gadgets which stands on top among all the best brand around the world. Even in smart watch trend samsung is never behind the competition. One of the Best Apple Watch Alternatives is Samsung Gear S3 . The dial looks bit bigger than the previous Samsung gear s2 watch model. Samsung Gear S3 looks more manly in its appearance but the bigger dial will hardly suit the skinny wrist hands . Added with many features like GPS support , 4G LTE Connectivity , water resistant , WIFI and bluetooth supportive , inbuilt speaker etc are the attractive features of this smart watch. Samsung Gear S3 has come with two brand models and the screen is absolutely scratch free . 

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Thus Samsung Gear S3 is best alternative smart watch for android and iPhone .

These Best Apple Watch Alternatives have attractive features like the rounded rectangular looks,multi-faceted interface and iOS exclusivity, which makes them a unique wearable.

This Apple watch alternative is a strong contender, worth considering if one is tightly gripped with Samsung phones. In comparison with the visuals of Apple watch, these are designed to work together offering specific benefits like the SamsungPay.

The Greatest add-on about this smartwatch when comparing Apple watches is that it is compatible on both Android and iOS devices and this shows that people not happy with Apple watches could switch to Samsung Gear S3 anytime.

The Gear3 having a 3-day battery life and an attractive AMOLED screen, suits most users for daily needs by being flexible and totally a smart choice for both the experienced and the newcomers to the Smartwatch market.

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Huawei Watch:

Another alternative, phonetically called ‘Wah way’, is a Chinese manufacturing giant trying to make its space in the US market. Though it hasn’t made an impressive lead in US Smartphone, yet … it has surprised with its classic advent. While its extraordinary features are not in use, it takes the look of the classy analog kin.

Running on the Android OS, this Apple watch alternative has the prominent smart watch functions one would expect, without  manufacturing showoffs. Now,  that does make this a unique piece of wonder.

While the original Huawei watch being a total winner in its design challenging the premium quality of designer watches, yet there were things missing in terms of the functionality. And so, Huawei chose to have two other models developing second repetition- Huawei Watch2 comprises great specifications and features while its corresponding model Huawei Watch2 Classic holding onto the brilliant design of its ancestor.

Both models work on Android Wear 2.0 which proves to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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Garmin Fenix 5:

 These Best Apple Watch Alternatives  are the outdoor types coming in three models with a great set of features made specifically for the adventurous gang. These have features like Long Battery Life, Activity tracking, Heart rate tracking and other censors. Moreover, this feature of being water resistance upto 100 meters  would attract the swimmers and won’t make them take it off their wrists.

Fenix 5 is the base model- ‘Jack-of-all-trades’, while Fenix 5S is a smaller model, designed for the feminine types having distinct version featuring the sapphire lens which makes it scratch resistant and with Bluetooth connectivity.

Fenix 5X is the ‘Star of the show’ making it the most complex model. Being bigger in size it features protection by the stainless steel ring and strengthened make, also featuring LED backlight ensuring greater visibility all day long.

All the models of Fenix watch have interchangeable straps, Gyroscope, Barometric Altimeter, Thermometer and a Compass. These can be connected to iOS, Android as well as Windows through a special application.

These smart watches are easily paired with both iOS and Android devices, proving that the companies keep their customers on top priority thus offering them a Long lasting choice, which could be switchable from one platform to another as and when they wish thereby making them more attractive compared to Apple watches.

Their Ratings based on the features: 

  • Functionality – 8/10
  • Design – 8/10
  • Connectivity – 8/10
  • Tracking – 9/10
  • Notifications – 9/10

 Overall rating: 8.4/10

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 Rival Comparison: Apple Watch V/s Android Wear:

The Apple watch alternativesApple with Android, have been on tight war on its specifications, may it be looks, usability and more importantly the compatibility. However,the war between these Top Brands are not just on looks or the price, but beyond all- the Ideology. The single capability of Apple Versus the versatility of Android Wear; Apple’s set of fans, army of dedicated developers and accessory makers Versus Google’s strong partners powerful platforms.

  • DesignOne needs to decide if they need a rectangular or a circular face for the device, a choice Not available in an Apple watch. However, most Android Wear watches are in circular model and with Google’s software running perfectly on both the screen types  giving a tiny cut off texts. Though both Apple watch and Android Wear give an option to choose the best wearable design, it is the Google powered watches that provide the best customization and overall appearance options. With the Polar M600, Fossil Q Marshal and Nixon The Mission, there is certainly a wide choice of Android Wear for all.
  • Interface: If one is familiar with iOS and Android on smartphones or tablets, they would feel good for aesthetics of both Apple Watch and Android Wear, though the wearable versions are quite different in layouts. Apple Watch has a clean, unscrambled approach, accompanied by circular apps grid, that most people are not showing interest in. And so, Apple has included instant-loading apps in watch OS3. Two physical buttons on the side help in navigation. Android Wear on the other hand, is open to third-party  faces; however the options for the combination is quite awful! Android Wear2.0 is fixing this issue: one still has the access to list of existing faces, yet designers can include complexity in the designs making it more useful.  The working is similar to Apple Watch, though there is more on the screen at once in Android Wear. 

[Conclusion: Android Wear has an important lesson learnt from Apple Watch]

  •  Apps:  Apple explored the Mobile App Store  concept with the Iphone and certainly, there a lot of companies and developers claiming to be on the faces of Apple watch. On both watchOS & Andorid Wear(post 2.0 update), developers are able to create stand-alone apps, which shows that lesser time is consumed with the smartphone and carefully tied up. One of the features of Android Wear that makes it stand out in the crowd is the support with notifications from any app in an innovative way, even if the app has not been updated for a long timeThere is still the need of more innovative apps for both platforms; however with the updates in Android Wear, more and better apps are developed so as to make the Google’s smartwatches stronger.
  • Price: As Apple was placed more towards high-end market; the release of more advanced versions of Android Wear devices, and the competition from Apple on its Sports models has seen the blend in the price level. For instance, Apple’s Ceramic Edition comes in an unbelievable and ridiculous price $1299 for 42mm. Series 2 starts at $269  upto $549 if one prefers the Stainless steel model. Advantage of having partnership with more manufacturers, shows that Android Wear has more fascinating options being more cost conscious; while a few bargains can be seen in older models and a few newer ones in a lesser price compared to the Apple devices. Price is definitely a feature where Android Wear has more to offer; yet, Apple has a better

These Best Apple Watch Alternatives have greatly proved to be Better than The Best! The Next Gen is absolutely gonna be free from loading their bags with bulky devices to access important documents or schedule meetings and not to forget entertainment and leisure. They can also listen to favorite music;  as these latest gadgets are always gonna come in handy for them!

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