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Credit Score is a term popularly used in the western countries especially in USA. If you are living in USA, you must have heard the name and know its importance already. Credit score plays a major role in your personal finance decisions in USA.Not just in US ,everywhere nowadays credit score matters . So everyone is in  search of ways to quickly increase credit score .

Credit score is nothing but a three digit number assigned to an individual to evaluate his/her financial ability for repaying loan / mortgages. It can have a minimum value of 0 and maximum value of 850. The higher the value of credit score, the person’s ability to repay is good. If the credit score is lower, it means the person’s financial ability is not great.

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Given below are the values of the credit scores and their meanings.

Credit score >750  –Excellent
700-749               –Good
650-699               –Fair
550-649               –Poor
<550                    – Bad

It is always advisable to keep your credit score in Good or Excellent i.e your credit score must be greater than or equal to 700.

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Why your credit score should be good?

You may be wondering why your credit score should be good and how it helps. A good credit score is very important in getting personal financing like car loan, housing loan, mortgages etc. For eg. If you want to buy a house or car, you will be applying for a loan. If your credit score poor or bad, your loan application will be rejected and you won’t be eligible for a loan. If your credit score is fair, you may get a loan but with higher interest rates. On the other hand, if your credit score is good or excellent, you will get a loan with reduced interest rates which will save you a lot of money. That’s why it is very important to maintain a good credit score.In short, if you want to get any personal finance from any provider, your credit score needs to be good or excellent.

How credit scores are calculated?

You need to know how credit scores are calculated before you try to improve it. The various criteria used in the calculation and their percentage are given below:

  • Your History of payments – 35%
  • Total amount owed by you – 30%
  • Length of your credit history – 15%
  • No of new credits – 10%
  • Various types of credits used by you – 10%

How to increase your credit score from 550 to 750 in Twelve months?

Now the biggest question is how to increase your credit score from poor to excellent quickly. If some company or person tells you, that they can help you to increase your credit score within a month or 3 months, don’t believe that. It is not true. It will take at least an year to build your credit score from poor to good and it takes lot of steps which has to be followed correctly and on time.

You might have seen lot of advertisements in internet saying “Get your free credit report within 30 minutes”. Check those advertisements and obtain a free copy of your credit report from them. After going through the report, go through it completely with patience and make sure all the information in the report are accurate. For eg. A payment entry might be missing or printed on a wrong date. If there is any error, you can raise a complaint with the credit bureau and get help. If there are no errors, follow these below points to Quickly increase credit score in just 12 months .

  • Pay credit card bills / loan repayment on time:

You should never miss a payment or pay it very late to keep your credit score good as the payment history contributes the maximum in the credit score calculation. Make sure of the auto pay facility from your banks or you can set payment reminders / alarms using any app. Or simply make a note of your payment dates in a calendar or a sticky note.

  • Don’t use too many credit cards:

    Many people get new credit cards to increase their credit score quickly. But in the long run, if the credit cards are not used regularly it will affect your credit score. If you want to Quickly increase credit score then you should be very much careful about the usage of credit cards. To build your credit score, you cannot keep your cards idle for long time. Don’t open new credit card accounts unless there is really a need.

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  • Clear debts and Keep minimum balances:

Clearing your debts regularly and keeping only minimum balances in your credit card will improve your credit score. You only have to pay less interest as the debt amount is low. Check the amount you owe for each credit card every month and make plans to pay it quickly. If you are not repaying the amount and keeping it same will reduce your credit score.

  • Don’t close credit cards:

Closing your credit card will not help you in increasing the credit score as it will still reflect in your credit report. Instead of closing it, use occasionally or for small regular purchases.

  • Organize usage of credit cards:

The best way to manage credit cards is to use it regularly.Organizing credit card is one of the best way to Quickly increase credit score. You will definitely have a regular expenses every month like paying rent, electricity, water, mobile etc. Prepare a table of all your regular expenses and allot your credit cards against them so that all your credit cards are used and nothing is idle.

  • Pay your bills more than once if needed

If you have used your credit card to the near limit, it is good to repay two times in that month so that you won’t get much interest for the remaining amount and will also help to improve your credit score as you have made the repayment quickly.

  • Increase your credit limit

If you have some financial problem and have used the maximum limit for your card, but could not repay it, then request your credit card company to increase your credit limit and keep the increased amount idle till you repay the debt. In that way, you can avoid a decrease in your credit card score.

It is not a giant task to maintain a good credit score. Anyone can do it provided you spend some time regularly for organizing your credit cards, planning and making payments on time.

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