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Day after day we come across sales be it retail or online. The newspapers and online shopping sites are flooded with offers which have us drooling over them. Though payment is a hurdle it can be crossed. We have so many secure apps that help us with this problem. Have you been thinking about going cashless? Then do it soon. Going cashless is burden free. The numerous online wallets make your pocket as well as wallets light. This will focus on comparison between PayPal Vs Google Wallet.

Digital wallet directs to the electronic devices used for making payments. Mobile wallets or e-wallet apps permit you to pay your phone, DTH, electricity bills from your mobile. Make payments to merchants who are listed with the wallet service provider. Money needs to be loaded into these mobile wallets. Linking your credit and debit cards is also possible, though some apps acquire a small fee in some cases.

Here we’ll have look at PayPal Vs Google Wallet. PayPal as you all know is one of the leading online money transfer services around the world. Google wallet too needs no introduction.

Before we begin with PayPal Vs Google Wallet , we will see a rough introduction on PayPal & Google wallet.


An American online payment company started in 2002; PayPal has always been preferred by many around the world. Through PayPal customers can send and receive payments for online auctions, buy or sell goods, and also donate and receive donations. You don’t need to have a PayPal account for doing so. It’s free to download on iTunes and Play Store. The users can start by creating their account on PayPal and then linking their debit /credit cards.

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Google Wallet

Google wallet developed by Google is an easy and fast way to send money to others. It was started in 2011 and has now had many add-ons that benefit the common people. The payment system is fairly simple. You can transfer money with just a phone number or email address of the receiver. When you receive money it will be automatically credited to your default payment option as in your debit card.

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PayPal Vs Google Wallet

Here is the top comparison views on PayPal Vs Google Wallet.

  • While PayPal can be used around the world Google wallet transactions are restricted to the U.S. In 2013 Google merged with Gmail that made sending money through Gmail attachments possible. Even then this facility is available only in the U.S and U.K
  • PayPal need to be connected via website but Google money can be sent through email. You just need to compose an email and attach the amount you wish to send. Both have mobile apps too.
  • Checkout has never been faster with PayPal’s one touch feature. You can finish a transaction fast and secure. You can choose to stay logged in and the security is not compromised.
  • The bank transactions through Google wallet takes place within 3 business working days, whereas with PayPal it will be 5-6 business working days.
  • When you’re buying with PayPal, you don’t have to create an account, whereas with Google wallets you need to have a Google account which may not be a big issue since every person will be having one or wouldn’t mind creating one.
  • Gmail payment charges 2.9% as fee for transaction through credit card while it’s free for debit cards. PayPal also charges a 3% fee for credit/debit card transactions. It’s free to use through bank accounts and wallet balance in both cases.
  • Both have strong fraud protection methods that can’t be hacked so easily. They assure you that your data will be in safe hands.
  • The refund time to claim unauthorized charges differ in both cases. PayPal gives only 60 days and Google up to 180 days.
  • PayPal has a larger audience since it was started way before Google wallet. If it’s only peer to peer money transfer Google wallets is apt but in case of huge businesses people prefer PayPal. That way Google wallet has not made much impact on the minds of the people. Since it has good track record in being the world’s best email service, there are chances that it can catch up.
  • Customer support is a main area people focus on. Being able to reach a help desk and be provided with proper instructions is something every person wishes. In PayPal any problem with the checkout process you can contact them over the phone or email. However, it’s not the case with Google wallets. Here you have only email as the option which at times is a hurdle because clearing doubts over a call is much preferred.
  • Stability is another issue. PayPal’s main motive is in offering various payment modes. Google wallet is considered as a ‘side project’ as it’s only one of the many faces of Google. And the problem with side projects is that they can be called off or taken for granted at times.
  • Businesses on eBay would find PayPal an easier option as its owned by eBay and you don’t need verification. While purchases through Google apps will find Google wallet easier.
  • While there are advantages like the ease of access where you don’t have to search for cash or worry about leaving your wallet at home and easy use by transferring cash with a email id or phone number there are disadvantages as well. The network connectivity will be a concern since all the transactions are done online through the app or website.

Do not worry anymore about clinking sound of the coins or dirty notes to hold. Digital wallets are here to stay. Hopefully this little comparison will help to decide which is a better service to be used, PayPal Vs Google Wallet. Both have their fair share of positives and negatives.

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These little nuggets of wisdom can help a lot in decision making. Whether you like it or not digital wallet is going to be the new pocket. We should be able to adapt to changes. As these kinds of changes are for our betterment. Everything works according to our mind; if we don’t incorporate the change in our heads we will not be able to accept it. So brace yourself, shake your fears and start learning a thing or two about this technology that will help you in your further run.

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    Thank you. Glad to share information though

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