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In a world of online transactions many people fall short of the payment options they have to their disposal. Online transaction when thought of the first thing that pops out of our pocket is our credit cards, isn’t it ? Well good news people, out there we have got a plenty of options to get debited from and credited by the product or services we ordered.For some making purchase without credit card is “Taboo” involving a lot of risk and complication. As a matter of fact paying through any option other than credit card is as easy as to pay it through credit card, Confused huh? Here are quite a few options and facts to go through and enhance the shopping experience without a credit card yes you heard it right.

Excellent hacks to Purchase without credit card 

Here we are discussing about the 10 excellent ways to make payment without credit card. So this will expand your world of online transactions really. For masters in internet and cash dealings online this is not going to be a great deal but still have a look ,what if you could found something new here . And for newbies to online transaction world just go through it as you can find it quite relaxing and helpful i guess.

So here is the top 10 ways to Purchase without credit card :- 

  1. Debit card

Debit card can be considered as primitive mode of transaction and feels like it is with us since ages easy, involves less risk and identical twin of credit card is widely acceptable. Debit card hold a whopping 45.7% of total online transactions made globally since 2010, technically speaking if 1000 transactions are made 457 will be accounted by debit cards. Huge!

Debit cards are easy to use payment options and almost every online platform supportive, user should know the Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV code and Card Holder Name to initiate a debit card transaction and guess what all the details are very well printed on the card you are using.

  1. Cash On Delivery

“Cash on Delivery” is very hassle free way to get the payment done. Order the product in the stipulated time delivery men swoops in gets the product and demands cash, in no time transaction is complete, provided if you pay the cash. Also referred as COD is a secured mode of payment as it is much of a hand-to-hand cash transfer. COD is also supported by most of the platforms out there.It is a method of not just Purchase without credit card but its like no need to know about card purchases at all. Just like you buy and you pay the paper cash .

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3. Bank transfers (EFT)

EFTs otherwise known as Electronic Fund Transfer is yet another mode of payment which takes place using a internet account provided by the respective banks. For example XYZ bank will provide username and password which can be used for internet banking to login, it is a virtual account through which user can make payment to specific website, seller or individual. As far as security is concerned the transactions are encrypted from bank’s end hence provides trustworthy security.

4.Virtual wallets

A range of wallets are available online to cater the need. Virtual wallet works in a way similar to a physical world wallet, user needs to en-cash the wallet post which it can be used for online transactions. Virtual wallet can be used without the bank account being involved while the transaction which is a bright side, most of this wallets also back you up with mobile application. In terms of security virtual wallets are pretty tight, virtual wallets are a good way to pay because user need not input data and fill up forms which makes it easy to pay option.One of the excellent and risk free way to Purchase without credit card.

Companies like Google, Apple, PNC, Samsung, PayPal are few of the companies which provides virtual wallet, in a need to be the best in the market companies shell out a lot of offers which in a way can help users save a few bucks.

  1. Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual credit card can be used rather than a physical credit card as it involves risk and fraud, virtual credit cards can’t be stolen, lost or cloned as they are issues for a period of two and twelve months. Virtual credit cards have a limit of transactions and the credit card numbers generated are either by a web application or client software making it more secure. It is a best alternative to credit card .

Virtual credit cards are also famous by the names : “Substitute credit Card Number” , “One-Time Use Credit Card” , “Disposable Credit card”.

  1. Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency are a new and innovative way to make online payments. Bitcoin is one of those currency option which is in use. Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto on 31st October 2008, bitcoins; since then many platforms do not provide support for the same however they are constantly developing methods to get the currency in implementation. Bitcoin are a peer-to-peer transfer technology where in there is no regulation of bank in between.Its one of the effective way to choose to Purchase without credit card system.Bitcoin have a equivalent value to the real currency. Bitcoin can be stored in a virtual wallet provided by the bitcoin organisation and can be paid to any particular or organisation. Bitcoin is currency of future.

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  1. Gift Cards

Gift card can serve two purpose at a time one being the method to pay for a product or service and the  later being gift to someone special. The user can use the gift card  in the specific website that has issued the card or they can use it across the platforms. Gift cards have a specific value attached to it, gift cards come with a expiry date so be cautious with the time they will be valid.

Many platforms namely Amazon, E bay and many other companies provide these gift cards.

  1. Redeem Points or Rewards

Who wouldn’t like rewards or points to redeem? This payment mode is personally my favourite because it is the reward that one gets against purchase made. Points or rewards are loyalty programs initiated by companies in a way to retain customers and making an effort to reward customer as a result of continual purchase.

These points can be redeemed as and when they reach specific value fixed by the companies providing the points.

  1. Pay near me

As the name suggests user can order the product or service online and can choose a spot nearby and go and make the payment. Pay near me is beneficial when the user is in a place where pay near me location is near by. User can get the product and then make the payment in fixed time at the location.This is like just safe on hand and one most loved way to Purchase without credit card.

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  1. Cheques or Money Orders

Last but not the least, some might call this methods old school however they are still alive and robust mode of payment. User can buy product online and send a cheque of the amount and once the cheque is cleared and amount is received by the seller the items are shipped. Money orders works in a similar fashion once you get them issued by the banks or post office they should reach seller and post cash is drawn from them items are shipped. These methods are on average of extinction as they involve a lot of time to complete. But still just to remember something which was popular old school trick i thought to add it .

Hope i have discussed about something worth related to methods to Purchase without credit card . If i have missed out any of the important methods i really apologize for the same as well , may be sure i will post on those i miss in this shot.

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