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Have you ever picked up an unidentified number thinking it was an important call but it turned out to be one of those unwanted irritating calls? Well, not to worry, because the telephone technology keeps growing and tries to make us feel safe and protected.One of the telephone services that were introduced, was the Caller Identification, also known as the Caller ID. The caller ID is a facility which identifies the incoming calls and displays the name and address of the caller.The most popular software application we have all heard about is Truecaller. But fortunately there are apps that works really well which can be the Best Truecaller Alternatives.

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is a software application developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, Sweden in 2009 for the purpose of caller identification. It also has inbuilt services such as blocking calls, last seen of contacts, detailed caller information, and much more.It is available on Android, iOS, blackberry OS, windows phone and many other operating systems. It has more than 250 million users, hence making it the most popularly known app.

But with recent developments in the services of caller ID, many more alternatives to Truecaller having similar features to that of Truecaller have emerged. Here are 15 Best Truecaller Alternatives to find caller’s identity.

15 Best Truecaller Alternatives 

Now, it has become much easier to find out the identity of the unknown caller and we don’t even have to worry about picking random calls. Here comes the 15 Best Truecaller Alternatives .


1. Whoscall

Whoscall is a Caller ID and block mobile application which was developed by Gogolook in 2010. The major function of Whoscall is to identify unknown calls and ignore the unwanted calls. It also has various other functions such as management of contacts, blocking spam calls and searching unknown numbers. It has an impressive database of over 700 million numbers globally. It identifies more than 20 million calls every day and blocks another 500 thousand calls.

Whoscall is a best Truecaller alternatives in terms of safety and privacy. It is available on Android, iOS and Windows phone platforms and is completely free.

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2. Sync.ME

Sync.ME is another  Best Truecaller Alternatives which synchronizes your contacts for the purpose of identifying spam calls and blocks them. The app has over 10 million active users who depend on it and  to discover unidentified calls and blocks spam messages too.It also helps in synchronizing your contacts latest pictures and information with the help of your major social networks. Another interesting and useful feature is that the user can get daily birthday reminders and send personalized greetings to its contacts.

It’s one of the most advanced caller ID and a very easy-to-use alternative app. Over 15 million people use Sync.ME and is rated #1 Caller ID app in 107 countries.


Hiya, which was formerly known as Whitepages Caller ID, is a caller ID software application which provides caller’s profile information so as to help the user to identify any unwanted incoming calls and provides spam protection services. It blocks all kinds of spam calls, telemarketers and fraud calls and warns the user through automatic alerts. It also helps the user to block the calls. Another feature is that the app lets the user perform a reverse phone search on the incoming calls to identify if it is a spam call, a virus threat or spyware.

It was rated as the Top 10 App in the TIME Magazine and has a database of hundreds of millions of phone numbers.

4. Mr. Number

Mr. Number, another Truecaller alternative, is a Call Blocking and Spam Protection App which is developed by Hiya. It helps you block unwanted calls and identify them. The user can also create a personal block list. It also provides additional services like reverse phone search, spam detection and reporting spam.

It is rated 4+ out of 5 and has more than 10 million downloads. It is rated as the #1 app for call blocking and spam protection and is the Top 100 best Android apps according to PCMag.

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5. Call Control

Call Control is another call blocker application that automatically blocks millions of spam calls from telemarketers and robocallers. It has other services of personal block list, report spam calls and the user can also schedule when he/she doesn’t want to receive calls.

Call Control has over 12 million users worldwide and protects the user’s privacy. It does not store or share any contacts, hence the user’s contacts are also subject to privacy.

6. Showcaller

Showcaller is a spam identification and block software application that has a database of a billion phone numbers and millions use this app actively. Showcaller is absolutely free and is rated 4+ out of 5. It is also very accurate and easy to use.

Show caller has many useful features which makes it the Best Truecaller Alternatives . It’s key features include:

  • Caller Identification
  • Block Call
  • Smart Search which stores all your search
  • Block list
  • Offline Database
  • Report numbers

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7. True Contact

True Contact is a Caller ID and reverse phone lookup app that uses the caller ID information from major social networks. While receiving any call, the user will get a popup on the top of the screen which will display the caller’s information. It will automatically block the call if it is an unwanted call or a fraudulent call.This is one of the Best Truecaller Alternatives.

True Contact is the fastest growing application on the market and is easy to use. It takes care of the battery usage of your phone and is absolutely free. Other common features include spam blocking, caller location finder and providing full protection of the user’s data.

8.Real Caller

Real Caller is another caller ID and reverse phone lookup application that helps you look up the identity of unknown callers. The user can also search by name and can look up telephone numbers for free. It also has caller ID and call blocking features.

It is very simple and easy to use. The user can also text those contacts who use Real Caller app and share pictures, videos and audios for free.

9. CIA

CIA is a Caller ID and Call Blocker application that will help you identify unknown numbers, keep your contacts updated and even mark unwanted numbers as spam. The new and improved user interface and layout makes it easier for the user to navigate in. The new graphics provides a more professional layout. The app also backs up your contacts and hence the user doesn’t have to worry about losing contacts while switching to a new phone. It has a database of more than 1 million spam numbers and will give a warning when the user gets a call from any of the spam numbers.

The app has more than 45 million active users across all platforms and is loved by all its users worldwide. It also respects the user’s right to privacy and will make your phone book public.

10. CallerSmart

CallerSmart is a caller ID and reverse phone lookup application that is very useful in searching unknown numbers and finding out if they are spam or not. It is very easy to use and absolutely free. It also saves your search results automatically, so that the next time you have to search for the same number, you wouldn’t have to type it all again

It is a good Truecaller alternative and quite useful. It is available only on iOS.

11. WhoWho

WhoWho is a Caller ID and Block application and helps you in blocking spam calls all the time. It’s major services include Real-time caller identification, easy schedule management with friends, group management, making community reports and blocking useless numbers.

It is available on Android as well as iOS and is absolutely free of charge.

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12. Number Guru

Number Guru is a website and a reverse phone and caller lookup smartphone application which helps user to track down the identity of unidentified numbers. It is developed by BeenVerified and can be accessed through it’s website or through various other operating systems such as iOS, Windows phone and Android. It covers up 99% of landline phones and approximately about 50% of domestic cell phones.

Shortly after its launch in May 2011, the app recorded an average of approximately 864,000 look-ups per day. It works by entering the number in the apps phone book and very soon, it will display the owner’s name, location, type of phone and phone carrier. It also allows the user to find information on listed spam reports. The app is absolutely free and so are the searches.

It is truly a best alternative and is also listed as a Top 10 Utility App and Top 150 Free Apps Overall according to App Annie.

13. Caller ID and Number Locator

Caller ID and Number Locator is a Caller ID, call blocker and number tracking application that allows the user to search any number and track the identity across the world in 246 countries and 12,982 cities. This app will locate the exact geographical location of the phone number and show it on the map. It also allows the user to block unwanted or spam numbers and the user can also create a block list.This is one of the Best Truecaller Alternatives.

The app is powered by a database of millions of numbers across the world and has more than 5 million downloads with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on the Google Play store. It is available for Android operating system .

14. Calls Blacklist 

Calls Blacklist is a call blocking application that allows the user to block unwanted calls and messages from selected contacts. The app has an added feature of blocking calls from a particular country as well. It also has a “Whitelist” section that helps to prevent the blocking of certain contacts.

It is available for all Android smartphones. It is a good alternative to Truecaller and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the Google Play store.

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15. Caller-ID

This app is a reverse phone look up application developed by Greenflight Venture Corporation which will help the user to look up phone numbers that tried to call them. It also pinpoints the geological location of the caller.

It is available for all iOS operating devices and is rated 4+ on the App store

These were some of the Best Truecaller Alternatives in case you felt like exploring more applications on the internet.

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