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Scalp Micro pigmentation (SMP) is a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. If you are suffering from hair loss then it would be very nice treatment for you. Although SMP is not total solution for hair loss but it may be good option for those who have scars on scalp, disease, or hair fall problem etc .Its also good for those who want to have a look of a closely shaved head. Most of the people wear wigs to cover up hair loss but it required continual  maintenance which not everybody does. Scalp Micro pigmentation is unique in a variety of ways, SMP involves the use of highly specialized equipment and techniques to introduce pigment into the scalp. Scalp Micro pigmentation is an extremely winding/complex procedure with a guaranteed result. So there should be a sensitive care taken after this procedure which needs a very healthy Scalp Micropigmentation aftercare tips  .

Process of Scalp Micropigmentation:-

Though this article will focus on Scalp Micropigmentation aftercare tips we are giving you a clear understanding about scalp micropigmentation by starting with its procedure.

Scalp micro pigmentation is the process of pigmenting the scalp to make it look like real head of shaved hair. It is a very highly process that required specialists as the technique and equipment used in a specific way. This process requires a minimum of two session to complete taking at least two to three hour per session. But time can exceed according to your style requirement. There is the step by step process of Scalp Micropigmentation that can help you to understand.

  1. First you need to be appoint yourself, in order to understand the process that help you decide which style is best for you. It also helps you to grasp of what results you want to achieve from your treatment.
  2. After consultant, A technician begins with the equipment to pierce/perforate the skin with specialized needles to insert ink at the right depth on layers pigment. First day is perhaps the most sensitive part for the scalp, but this creates small wound that will heal in 3/4 days.
  3. Gradually pigment dots increases its density and darkness until the correct blend is achieved in several session. And the quality of ink will retain the colour and how it will hold against the sun, it also determines the length.
  4. The patient is required to keep their head dry and refrain from washing or shaving it for a period of around five days after each session.
  5. After the first treatment, your scalp will be a little red, but within a single day this typically returns to normal.
  6. This treatment only requires a week or 10 days of recovery, but it will take a month to decide how successful the treatment was.
  7. A client is required to protect their head may be through hat that provide additional protection from accident, if any irritation can use prescribed creams.
  8. After each session, the pigment from the last session settle and skin heals, so the dots become softer, lighter and distinct any redness.
  9. Minor bleeding can be occur during the pigmentation process but it can be heal by drying crusts of blood over the skin.
  10. The patient needs to take care of their pigments that have been able to penetrate at the right depth to complete the treatment.

That is all about the Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure.

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Scalp Micropigmentation aftercare tips -Sensitive Care Tips

Make sure you get the right treatment at good center. Scalp Micropigmentation aftercare tips or guidelines is the necessary part of the any treatment that needs to be considered from the beginning. You need to follow the instruction. Here are some guidelines or after care tips  given below:-

  • Try to avoid excessive sunlight on the micro pigments
  • DO NOT touch or wash the  healing pigments, they may have bacteria that can create an infection
  • Avoid sweating
  • Always use a clean cotton swab/pad or with CLEAN fingers
  • DO NOT use any makeup, sun exposure, soap etc
  • Before bathing genteelly apply a light Vaseline on the procedure area using a clean cotton swab/pad.
  • DO NOT rub the procedure area
  • USE a good quality product to heal your scalp
  • DO NOT use product that contain chemical otherwise it can badly effect you.
  • If you feel any itching, swelling, etc stop using product and visit or call your doctor IMMEDIATELY.

This is the most important Scalp Micropigmentation aftercare tips that you must follow soon after your first session of micropigmentation.

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As with the cosmetic treatment scalp micropigmentation has its pros and cons. Here is the list of Scalp Micropigmentation  Pros that includes :-

  • Affordability of the Treatment, perfect way to enhance your Appearance.
  • Durability( can last many years with proper care)
  • Helps to cover scars
  • Simple and easy treatment
  • Restore your hair
  • Requires less maintenance
  • No use of permanent ink
  • Pigments are not applied deeply
  • Immediate result
  • Boost the visual effect of hairlines

List of  Scalp Micropigmentation  Cons includes :-

If you don’t focus much on the Scalp Micropigmentation aftercare tips then the cons of micropigmentation increases.

  • It gives you limited look
  • Does not give the look of real hair
  • Scalp micro pigmentation Side effects can occur during the procedure that includes Local pain, swelling and bruising
  • Allergic reaction
  • Offers no grantee
  • Have to bear the scars if treatment is not done properly
  • Maintenance is required for pigments
  • Its not 3D (just illusion of hair)

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As the treatment is highly methodical procedure. It requires top quality inks, dedicated facilities and experienced specialists to create the intended hair design. But at sometimes it goes wrong because of inexperienced doctors, use of wrong needles, use of poor quality products etc. Recovery of this treatment is possible with the right use of products and experienced doctor. Hairline Ink truly consider the practice to be an art form to recover the bad scalp treatment. Doctors use Scalp Aesthetics ink to rectify/correct bad scalp micropigmentation treatments. You also need to stop your provider from adding any more pigments, You can also gain information from google to know how to recover bad scalp.

There are some other recovery options that can help you to get your scalp back. Before getting treatment you need to enquiring about the technician’s training, experience and specialization can reveal to a certain extent, capability to perform. Always consult a suitably qualified/experienced laser technician.

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