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Here we will discuss on one of the most trending Cosmetic treatment – Botox Lip Flip .

Lips are an integral part of facial beauty. They can be full or thin or average, in any way, the lips are known to add to the smile of a beautiful face. The lip volume has its own importance in creating that perfect look. Hence, lip augmentation and lip reduction are the procedures commonly performed to enhance the beauty of a face.

One of the factors that affect the appearance of lips is ageing. This can be overcome by lip flip which is a non surgical process that can add volume to the lips and reshape them. It increases the pink portion of the upper or lower lip and even is aimed at reducing the distance between lips and nose (lip to nose ratio). Botox lip flip technique or also called as Botox lip lift brings back the youthful appearance of the lips.

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The latest lip plumping procedure in great news is the Botox Lip Flip. Lip augmentation is commonly done with hyaluronic-acid fillers. Botox can also be used for the purpose of getting poutier look. Botox gives the lip a subtle pout-magnification by giving the lips a fuller appearance. The botox lips before and after images is a very common sight to see these days in cosmetologist clinic.

What is a Botox Lip Flip procedure ?

Lip flip is a procedure that gives you the lips that you wish you were born with. This is a very different approach that adds volume to your lips. It is very commonly done by models, actors and even by lay people to get big thick lips which are the most fashion trend in the fashion industry. This is achieved by using Botox. The lip lift with Botox relaxes the mouth muscles and rolls or flips the upper lip called as Botox upper lip curl. The Botox upper lip before and after is just an illusion that the lips appear fuller because the procedure makes the lips turn up or down.

The effect of Botox treatment is seen immediately and weans off after three to four months.

The main difference between lip fillers and Botox is the fillers add volume, whereas, Botox relaxes the muscles around the mouth, called the orbicularis oris and thus rolls the lip outward (called as flipping). Botox creates an illusion of bigger lips- but without adding volume.

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In Botox Lip Flip, Botox is injected into the sections of the muscle orbicularis oris. This targets the superficial layers of the muscle at the sides of the upper and lower lip. Botox blocks the impulses from the nerves to the muscle, and acts by relaxing the muscle fibres enough to flip the lip outward without affecting the function of the lip.

For Botox lip flip only about 2-4 units of Botox is required. It will be injected into the upper lip, the vermillion border. It does not give the effect of lip filler. Botox creates an impression of full lips but does not increase the volume of the lip.

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Advantages of Botox lip flip

As the quantity of Botox required is very less, it is much cheaper as compared to other lip augmentation procedures. It is a day care procedure with minimal side effects. It is better than any other surgical lip augmentation procedure as the effects lasts only for few months duration. It wears off gradually by 3 to 5 months. So it is easily reversible. But the lips flip before and after effects are very clearly evident and it is proved to be a very effective technique.

The other effects of Botox into the upper lip are that it reduces lines from pursing of lips and lengthens the upper lip, thus reducing the gummy smile. The Botox lip pop has many other advantages other than just correcting the gummy smile. It is known to decrease as well as remove the upper and lower lip area creases. Botox also raises the corners around the mouth and thus gives full appearing lips. By Botox lips flip, the lines that run down from both corners of the mouth can be removed easily.

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Side effects of Botox lip flip

Every treatment has side effects which could be mild to severe. Botox treatment also has its own side of story with side effects. The side effects may not be seen in all patients, and may be very mild to severe which will subside on its own. Most of the patients resume their work immediately post treatment. However, some may experience side effects a few days later and some others may have immediate side effects.

The most common and easily manifested side effects with Botox treatment include local symptoms at the site of injection like bruising, pain, or swelling, nausea, fever and flu like symptoms, botox headache, some sort of respiratory infection, and drooping eyelids. These subside gradually without any treatment as the effect of Botox weans off.

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The least commonly encountered side effects are pain in the entire face, redness of the face, and weakness of the facial muscles. The weakness may rarely spread to the adjacent facial muscles and this may give rise to a form of facial paralysis.

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A Botox lip flip specialist

A plastic surgeon, or a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon is ideal specialist who is specialized in getting fuller lips. Prior to the Botox treatment it is advised to do some research to find the best licensed specialist with great experience to administer those few injections. It is best to have a detailed consultation before undergoing the procedure to know the effects, advantages, post lip flip status, and the cost involved in it. A thorough and full physical check up should be done before going in for Botox lip flip. Any drugs especially aspirin or any other anti inflammatory medications should be stopped at least two or three days before undergoing the procedure. This is to avoid any effects if bruising occurs.

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The reason why Botox is preferred to get full lips is because it is a day care procedure, not requiring any admission to the hospital. The Botox lip flip procedure is done without any sedation or anaesthesia. The pain is very minimal and bearable, just like an ant bite. The entire procedure is very short and may last up to five minutes. It involves few injections around the mouth directly in to the muscle layer. Post procedure, the client can take up any kind of physical activity. No rest is advised.

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Botox lip flip is a common lip procedure done to get thick fuller lips. It is considered a safe procedure without many adverse effects. However, it is wise to consult the experienced, trained, and licensed specialist to get those fuller and thicker lips to flaunt. Botox lip flip is a miracle treatment for many conditions especially in the cosmetology field. With repeated treatments Botox lip flip can help you in the battle against ageing. It is a miracle in the field of cosmetology to make everyone look young.

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