How to Prevent Wrinkle on Skin
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How to Prevent Wrinkle on Skin – Get here best way to prevent wrinkle on skin bynaturally.

How to Prevent Wrinkle on Skin

How to Prevent Wrinkle on Skin – Our skin is the largest organ and indeed the most visible one. Happy skin is a reflection of a healthy mind and body. We all want to look younger and presentable always. So we strive very hard for a healthy, glowing, and a skin that makes you look younger at 30s . Our skin undergoes wrinkling which is most common feature that reduces the glow and makes skin unhealthy. It is an unavoidable demand of everyone to find out ways to Prevent Wrinkle on Skin.

Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in the skin. They are a part of aging. As we grow older, wrinkles appear on our face and skin in all parts of the body. Wrinkles are caused due to varied reasons, though aging tops the list of causes.

Wrinkles are common after the age of 30 years. To look younger at 30s it can start as early as 20s. People tend to spend thousands of rupees globally on treatments to remove wrinkles or delay aging or wrinkles. By delaying wrinkles, even at the age of 30 a look younger feel can be achieved. Skin care is utmost important to get a glowing which will make one look younger

Aging and Wrinkles

As we age , the cells of the skin divide at a very slow rate. The innermost layer of the skin, the dermis begins to thin out. This thinned out layer removes the ability of skin to stretch and changes the skin structure.

As the cells undergo aging they tend to lose their ability to retain moisture, the glands produce less oil thus causing excessive dryness, and results in slow healing. All these factors contribute to wrinkles.

Prevent Wrinkle on Skin with these Magic Rules

You must know what all causes wrinkling of skin inorder to Prevent Wrinkle on Skin . So let’s know what we do contributes adverse effect on our skin.

Facial muscle contractions and Wrinkles

The lines between the eyebrows called as frown lines and lines at the corner of the eyes known as the crow’s feet are due to muscle contractions. Habitual facial expressions like smiling, frowning, squinting will make the wrinkles more prominent. And as skin ages it loses its flexibility and can no longer come back to its original place.

This is one of the reason for wrinkles under eyes and wrinkles at the smile curves as we start to age .

Sun damage and Wrinkles

Too much sun exposure damages the skin. Staying out in the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. is potentially dangerous to the skin. The UVA rays which have long wave length cause tanning and wrinkles of the skin. These rays can penetrate the dermis and are responsible for 90% of the premature skin aging. Photo aging causes premature wrinkling of the skin.

But Sun is also a natural source to add beauty to your skin but not the hot sun rays .

Smoking And Wrinkle 

Smoking hinders the production of collagen. Collagen is an integral part of the skin structure.  This downturn of collagen causes wrinkles.

Prevention of wrinkles in 20’s

Prevention of wrinkles should be started at a very tender age. Health of the skin depends on various external and internal factors. It is a blend of skin care regimen, followed by healthy diet, sun protection, and a good relaxing sleep that shows up with glowing, healthy, wrinkle free skin. The ideal way to Prevent Wrinkle is by following the simple home remedies for wrinkles. Nothing should be done in excess as that can damage the delicate organ, the skin.

Skin care regimen to Prevent Wrinkle

It is very much essential to pay attention to what skin type one has, if it is oily or dry or a mixture of both. It is very much essential to wisely select a cream which suits your skin type to keep it healthy. The cardinal rule of skin care should be followed with utmost reverence. The makeup from the face should be washed before going to bed. It is very much essential to clean, exfoliate, tone, and apply a serum with anti-aging properties under the suitable moisturizer. It is recommended to use moisturiser twice a day. Anti-aging products should be used cautiously. Most of these products have ingredients that increase the metabolism of cells and may be too active for a younger complexion. Instead of these products it is enough to follow the skin care regimen of washing, moisturizing, and protecting skin against the sun. Facials, eye creams are also recommended to delay the onset of wrinkles.

Food and drink plan to Prevent Wrinkle

Foods rich in antioxidants prevent wrinkling of the skin. They act by minimizing cell damage; they fight aging from inside out. The added benefit is these foods are fiber and vitamins rich and low in saturated fat.

Water is a naturally available skin rejuvenating drink. There is no magic number, but at least 8 glasses of water should be had in a day.  Habit of a glass of water immediately on waking up and before going to bed; also before, during, and after exercise should be followed.

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Wrinkle

A better lifestyle has lot more to do with many things in your life same with your skin also .

Sun protection

Sun protection is the best way to protect aging for young skin and prevent wrinkle. Sun screen cream should be used daily before stepping out of the house daily irrespective of the weather outside. A sun screen cream with zinc oxide combination is the ideal one.


This is the time when the body works on repairing the damage done by your body to the skin. By cutting down beauty sleep of at least 8 hours duration the process of skin repair is slowed down and interferes with the blood flow to the skin. Lack of sleep increases wrinkles and gives a dull looking skin. Sleep well to prevent wrinkles on the skin.

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Avoid smoking forever if you want a young looking skin . Smokers can easily get wrinkles and dark skin and increased dark circles on eyes.

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Natural wrinkle treatment to Prevent Wrinkle

Natural wrinkle treatment is the mildest and ideal way to do so. There are several products available for the same purpose. Instead of battling wrinkles with expensive wrinkle removing and wrinkle reducing creams, going natural and following home remedies for wrinkles is the best option. There are many natural wrinkle treatment options available in our surroundings which are proven to be effective.

Egg whites

Whipping several egg whites and applying them on the skin and washing it off after 15 minutes with warm water will let the natural B vitamin and rich vitamin E work their rejuvenating magic.

Olive oil

Olive oil helps skin stay soft and supple. It is a very good moisturiser, it has to be applied overnight and washed off next morning to give a healthy looking wrinkle free skin.


Gentle massage on face or a spa treatment with an ideal moisturising lotion is refreshing as well as hydrating to the skin.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Vitamin D rich fruits and vegetables plump the skin and make it glow from within. Bananas are used to treat wrinkles naturally.

Lemon juice

Acidity of the lemon helps skin look brighter and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


Ginger works as an excellent anti-wrinkle remedy due to its high antioxidant effect.

Wrinkle Reduction for Each Region Specified Tips

Everything needs different care , no matter what it is related . Th very same case applies to skin also . Every inch of the skin needs different care .

a )Reducing wrinkles under eyes

Preventing wrinkles under the eyes is important to look young. Wrinkles under eyes make one look older than what they actually are. Eyes are the windows to our soul. It is an eye-opener to see wrinkles under eyes in a busy daily life. Under eyes are the most sensitive area and naturally the thinnest area in the face. The elastin and collagen content in this area is very less compared to other areas of the face and it does not hydrate itself.

Getting under eye wrinkles is inevitable. It can be reduced by a various methods. There are many over the counter wrinkle removing treatment options available.The best way to do it is start young. Creams with SPF either 15 or 30 should be applied daily to avoid wrinkling due to sun exposure. Also the harsh sunlight will make you squint. Repetitive squinting will add to the risk of under eye skin wrinkles. Sunglasses should be used to protect eyes from bright light. Moisturize the under eye area daily with a good moisturizing cream suiting your skin type. And by choosing what we eat, we get good healthy skin. Vitamin C, avocados, carrots, pumpkin seeds, papaya, orange, guava, broccoli, almonds and fish rich in oils and omega 3 fats helps in reducing wrinkles considerably. Cucumber and water is to be incorporated on a daily basis.

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b )Reducing wrinkles on face naturally

Reducing and preventing wrinkles on skin has become easier these days with natural methods. Skin care by washing adequately, moisturising, and using sun screen can help reduce wrinkles. The natural wrinkle treatments are cost effective. There are several wrinkle reducing creams and wrinkle removing creams available in the market. Sleeping on sides or stomach should be avoided so that impression wrinkles are not caused on face. Sleeping on the back should be encouraged. Oil massage and leaving the oil overnight completely moisturizes the face and is good for the skin. Yogurts, lemon juice, avocado, Aloe Vera, egg white, vitamin E mask on the face are ideal moisturisers. Smoking has to be stopped. Plenty of water should be consumed.

c )Reducing wrinkles on face by exercise

Smiling for just 3 minutes a day can firm the facial muscles. There are some exercises to relax and treat the facial skin to reduce wrinkles. Smile to prevent wrinkles from appearing earlier!

  • Posh pronunciation

This includes articulating the vowels while smiling and laughing. This helps in lifting up the neck and firms the corners of the mouth. This process should be repeated three times in two minutes.

  • Pout face

By pouting the face like a fish and creating a figure-of-eight with the lips, the cheeks and lips get toned. This is very useful for the lower half facial muscles.

  • Say nothing at all By tensing up the lips it prevents sagging of the skin around the lips and gives a beautiful smile.
  • The kiss This exercise helps firm the lips and smooth out the fine wrinkles around the mouth.

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d )Removing wrinkles from face quickly

Wrinkle creams are very effective in removing wrinkles from face by a week. There are plenty available in the market. The key ingredients for home made wrinkle creams are Vaseline, olive oil, honey, egg yolk, and avocado. Anti wrinkle creams are available which contain snake venom. These creams cause tightening effect on the skin which causes immediate effect after massaging the face with it.

e )Reducing wrinkles on forehead

Natural home remedies help in removing wrinkles on forehead. Coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil helps in repairing the skin and is rich in antioxidants, thus helps in reducing wrinkles. The flavonoids in citrus fruits maintain the collagen and elastin giving youthful appearance. Gentle massage on the forehead wrinkles improves circulation. Flaxseed oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids lubricates the skin and honey containing benzoic acid reduces wrinkles.

Treatment for wrinkles

The main types of wrinkles are surface lines and deep furrows. The treatment modalities only help in reducing the fine lines. For deeper creases, aggressive techniques such as plastic surgery or injections of fillers are used. These wrinkle removing treatments are expensive and have their own side effects.

Medications: Topical retinoids are widely used to reduce fine wrinkles. It has to be used along with sun screen as these creams can burn sunlight. There are over-the-counter medication creams available with active ingredients and are effective. Moderate results are obtained from retinol, alpha hydroxyl acids, kinetin, coenzyme Q10, copper peptides, and antioxidants.

The results obtained with these wrinkle removing treatments do not last long.

Cosmetic surgery for Wrinkles

A number of surgical options are available.

  • Dermabrasion

Is a surgical procedure that involves abrasion of the upper layers of the skin by mechanical means. The desired results are not immediate and may take several months. The procedure removes the outermost layers of the skin cells, and stimulates cell growth in the underlying layers of skin.

  • Laser therapy

Laser treatments destroy the outermost layer of the skin with a laser beam, while the dermis is heated up. This in turn stimulates the genesis of new collagen fibres. Requires several treatments and results are more subtle.

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  • Botox

Botulinum toxin A blocks the chemical signals that causes muscles to contract. It is useful to treat wrinkles on the forehead. Treatment lasts for 3 months and repeated injections are needed.

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  • Chemical peels

This involves applying chemical solution to wrinkly areas and peeling it off.

  • Facelift

It is a cosmetic surgery which makes people look younger. It aims at removing excess facial skin and fat with or without tightening underlying tissues.

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  • Fillers

Soft tissue fillers include collagen, hyaluronic acid, and fat are injected into deeper face wrinkles, making the skin smoother and giving the skin volume.

Aging is a natural process and wrinkling of skin becomes prominent over a period of time. It is best to use sun screen and moisturizer, quit smoking and alcohol, and sleep for 8 hours and thus reduce wrinkles and increase the beauty and glow of the skin.

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