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The trend of the town now is this tech grocery store – Amazon Go store !

During your busy life, shopping seems to be a task that takes a lot of time. Especially when you have to stand in a long queue in the supermarkets to pay your bill is very tiring and time-consuming. Have you ever thought about a grocery store where you do not have to stand in a queue to pay for what you purchased?  It would be easy for you to buy groceries any busy day if there is a store like that.

So, here it is. A grocery store is opened recently where there are no cash counters and no more queues to pay the bills. Amazon.com, one of the famous online shopping sites is the master brain behind this grocery store. They have named it as Amazon Go Store and this grocery store is situated in Seattle, Washington. The store is open from 7 AM to 9 PM, Monday – Friday.

What exactly is Amazon Go ?

Amazon Go Store is a grocery store in Washington, opened up for the public in 2018. This new technology grocery store can be easily accessed and at the same time, shopping becomes simpler. Why does it say that shopping is easy? Because the customers visiting the Amazon Go Store does not have to stand in a queue to pay their bills. The Amazon people call this experience as – “Just walk out” shopping experience.

Doesn’t that sound too good to you too? Yes, it is true, you can pick your groceries and just walk out of the Amazon Go Store and your purchase bill will be debited from your Amazon Account. You will only need to have the Amazon Go App on your android phone or iPhone to shop here.

How to Download Amazon Go on iPhone ?

You can download amazon go for iPhone from Apple’s iOS Store .

How to Download Amazon Go on Android ?

You can Download Amazon Go for Android from Google’s Playstore

Products inside the Amazon Go Store

From ready to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, you can find almost all the necessary grocery items you will need. There are varieties of soft drinks, juices, bread, bakeries and a lot more. Amazon Go Store has its own chefs who prepare the ready to eat meals. Moreover, the chefs here make meal kits that are suitable or two persons. These meal kits are designed by the chefs with all the ingredients to cook a meal. This Amazon Meal Kit is the right pick for couples who are working and does not have much time to spend in their kitchen.

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How Amazon Go Works ?

You should have an Amazon Account to start shopping from the Amazon Go Store.

Follow these simple steps to enter the Amazon Go store.

  • Download the Amazon Go App in your new generation Android phone / iPhone .
  • Register an account with Amazon and enjoy cashless shopping.
  • To enter the Amazon Go Store, you just need to open the app and scan it on the baffle gate at the entrance.
  • Start picking your groceries from staples, non-veg items, meal kits, wines and beers, juices etc.
  • The sensors on the shelves will track what you have picked.

They have set cameras everywhere in the store that will watch all your movements and once you finish shopping, you can just walk out of the store.

In case if you want to put back an item on Amazon Go store on to the shelf, you can do so and the Amazon Go App will deduct that item from your account. You will be only charged for the products that you have selected from the shelves. When you walk out of the store through the turnstile, automatically the sensors will track the products you have with you. You will then receive your bill as a message with the number and name of the products along with prices and sum-total. It will be deducted from your Amazon Account. Moreover, there are many staffs available at Amazon Go Store to guide you if you need any assistance.

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Reviews about Amazon Go Store

This Amazon Go Store of 1800 sq ft is spacious and the shelves are made in a way that customers can see all the products easily.  At first, the store was open only for the employees of Amazon in 2016. This was a test to check how well their technology is working. With utmost care and modern technological inputs, Amazon Go Store was successful and they decided to open it for the public in Jan 2018.The Amazon employees did a trial run for a year with only Amazon employees and customers were eagerly waiting for it grand opening. All the customers who shopped from the Amazon Go Store were extremely happy.

This techy-cool shopping experience is sure to become every individual’s favourite since Amazon Go Store makes shopping effortless in Seattle. People are expecting more outlets in many places. But, surely it will take some time to have outlets of such kind. Let us all hope to see more Amazon Go Store outlets that makes every customer’s to have a hassle free and miraculous shopping experiences.

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