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There are hundreds of programming languages and it is important to know which one to learn. Now there are lots of languages like C, C++, but some of them are new and mostly all of them have gone old. So you must know the Best Programming Languages that are best fit for you to learn.

Especially Most In demand Programming languages which can give you job .

Since the last decade there have been a lot of changes in the programming field. For example, C++ came after 2000, so a lot of products in the market are based on this technology.

Let’s now look at the Best Programming Languages to learn this year . This depends on what the market projects want and what the users want?

Best Programming Languages to learn This Year

So here is a list of Best Programming Languages to learn to grab demanding job opportunities in IT field ranked on different criteria :


Top companies using JavaScript-Almost every company since it is a client side language . According to the surveys future of JavaScript learning is more high than any of the languages

JavaScript is used for first class functions and it is best known as a scripting language which is used in web browsers. But it is, like other Best Programming Languages used in non web-based browsers as well. It is a prototype based scripting language that is dynamic, support object oriented imperative and functional programming styles.

It is on the client side of an object which decides the occurrence of an event on a user’s click, thus widely used for controlling webpage behavior.

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Top companies using Java-Google,Facebook,YouTube,Twitter,eBay,LinkedIn

Java came into existence in 1995. It is the most used language out of all the Best Programming Languages all over the world. All of the server side applications, games and reliable sensitive applications are coded in java. Projects written in java brings dis-owner because of many reasons one of which is that it is slower,consumes more memory than other Best Programming Languages.


Top companies websites using python – Google , Facebook ,YouTube

To serve the purpose of testing microchips, python language is used. It appeared in 1980s and now it is used by thousands of people because it is one of the Best Programming Languages to easy to understand and due to its interpreted nature.

It is easier than Java or JavaScript. It is also advised to start a programming career with python since OOPS concepts are easy to understand through this, on which every other Best Programming Languages are based.

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Top companies websites using C# as coding language – Google ,YouTube , Amazon ,Twitter

C# is an evolution of C/C++. Several web based applications or web related projects are developed in C#. For example, all the desktop applications that are used are coded in C#. It is one of the languages that would run in dot net CLR. C# has been created by Microsoft to work with the dot net platform.

It is one of the Best Programming Languages to develop applications depending on web.




Swift is a universally constructed programming language used globally. Furthermore, it is a way to deal with different security system, execution. The objective of the swift task is to make the best accessible language. But it is expected as a trait of C based language. Thus it is the Best Programming Language to make the code simpler to pursue and compose.


Top companies using C++-Google,YouTube,Amazon,Twitter

Though C++ is a downgrade of the C# language developed by Microsoft, still it is known as generalized language in the list of Best Programming Languages. It has two important component parts- First, immediate mapping of equipment highlights and secondly, zero overhead reflections based on those mappings. The advantage of C++ over C is it has more libraries.


Top companies using PHP-Facebook, Yahoo,Wikipedia

PHP is a language for web development and server side applications. It has been widely used in 2017 and would be one of the Best Programming Languages in 2018 because almost all the work on the web development is based on HTML and PHP. The reason PHP is preferred is because the database of this language is stronger than any of the Best Programming Languages that claim to have good databases in the market. Its development actually started in 1995.


Ruby is the object oriented programming in which everything is an object and every object can be operated and used to read and learn. Coming from 1995, it is still a booming language in 2018.

So now when you have so many languages to choose from, it might really get confusing which one to go for to learn. Pay attention to this summary here-

Which Programming language You should Learn ?

Python: easiest coding is your priority . It is an ideal programming language to begin with .

C,C++: being a master coder is a priority

Java: If back end development is what you would like to do

JavaScript: If front end development is what  you would like to do

HTML & PHP: Website Developer is what you aim . One good programming language for job .

To sum up as a whole, for one to be coder in IT field, he needs to understand the languages as a whole than just cramming them up. For one to be a coder, requires hard work. Keep coding.

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