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When you are back home from a few days trip and you find nothing in your kitchen to prepare your dinner, then you would be really frustrated. You are tired and you just want to eat some home cooked meal and just slosh off. What are your options? Why not buy some food from outside? No, you do not feel like eating from outside too. Since you were on a trip you had to have your food from restaurants. You are also too tired to go and shop groceries. So, here are your life savers – The meal kits. To be Honest Meal Kit Delivery is a boon for the generation and future .

Meal Kit Delivery

Amazon, Walmart, Blue Apron , Hellofresh , Plated are some of the online sites through which you can book a home delivery of groceries for a meal.  These online sites work in the morning as well as in the evening. You can easily choose Meal Kit Delivery option from their menu and buy it online. Your meal box will arrive at your door step quickly.

All the meal boxes are made by their chefs. He chooses the right ingredients for a meal for two or four and then it will be delivered at your home. These meal kits include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You can prepare your meal with fresh veggies and meat.

Amazon Meal Vs Walmart Meal Vs Blue Apron Vs Hellofresh

Now let’s have a look at what these Meal Kit Delivery stores have. Here is the comparison on best Meal Kit Delivery services online like Amazon Meal Vs Walmart Meal Vs Blue Apron Vs Hellofresh .

Blue Apron Meal Kits

Blue Apron brings in all farm fresh produce according to seasons. The meat and poultry have no added hormones. They bring in fresh produce to the store from the farmers to enhance the quality of their products. Fresh ingredients can always make your food yummy and healthy. Blue Apron only delivers sustainable seafood recommended by the higher authority. They bring the fresh produce and delivers to you. There are no other middlemen involved. So you imagine that Blue Apron only gives you farm fresh ingredient to cook a tasty meal.

Moreover, by delivery the right amount of ingredients for meal, they are reducing the food waste. The customers will have to just add all the ingredients completely for a meal. Wastage does not occur.

Blue Apron Meal Kits Menu

The menu normally includes items like glazed chicken, French Bread Style Pizzas, Korean Rice Cakes, Roasted Veggies, seared chicken and pan sauce, pork chops etc. The names sound so mouth-watering. Try out the Blue Apron Meal Kit and enjoy a day.

Amazon Meal Kits

Amazon.com brought in variety of meal kits for their customers to enjoy. When they first launched, their menu included 17 meal kits, like Steak Au Poivre, Roasted Cod and Cannellini Bean, Ragout and Pesto etc. Their price range was much more favourable, when compared to other online sites.

Amazon also launched the Amazon Go Store in Seattle for their customers to enjoy the hassle-free shopping. They have also brought ready to eat in snacks,lunch,dinner and meal kits in their store. Their menu also attracts the customers because of their cuisines and fresh products.

Walmart Meal Kits

Walmart launched in after Blue Apron and Amazon Meal Kits and they brought in meals like chicken tikka masala, thai crab curry with jasmine rice Spanish paella etc. The Walmart works with several brands to offer their customers different cuisines. Walmart Meal Kit Delivery was a challenge to other sites. Amazon and Walmart are trying to be better than the other. They also made the customer’s life easier with their amazing meal kits.

There is a tight competition between Meal Kit Delivery services of Amazon Meal Kit Vs Walmart Meal Kit

Hello fresh Meal Kits

Our next site is Hello fresh and they offer diverse meal kits for their customer with easy recipes. The customers can pick and plan show on their website and their expert chefs will select the ingredients and send for delivery. You can make weekly booking, and hello fresh will deliver your meal kits at your door.

Hellofresh Meal kits are available in various cuisines like Balsamic Fig Chicken, South Western Stuffed Peppers, Moo Shu Pork Tacos, Sizzling Shrimp etc. The ingredients for the meal kits are picked by directly from the producers and their chefs arrange the meal kits.

With these magical meal kits, you can cook your meal for a family with ease and comfort. All the ingredients are right in front of you and you do have to search for any other ingredient. The recipes are also there for you in the meal boxes and you can cook any dish that they offer. All these sites change their menu every week and you can book a week’s meal kits at a time by selecting their plans.

The package comes in high quality boxes with ice bag if required to keep the ingredients fresh till the delivery. Customers are really happy these companies who made their life easier.  They do not have to waster a lot of time in kitchen. Cooking becomes super fun and quick with these meal kits and all can spend the rest of the day with their family.

Blue Apron was launched earlier and they had built a good market. When the Walmart started, these two sites where on the same ground with varieties in meal kits and with a little price range. Then pops in the Amazon with very reasonable rates for their meal kits. This surely made the other two to struggle. Hellofresh the next competitor arose with attractive meal kits with their own varieties and styles. If these sites come to a reasonable rate for their fresh products, the customers will surely increase and we can have healthy new generation consuming farm fresh produce for the cuisines.

So we have seen the comparison between the best online meal delivery services such as -Amazon Meal Vs Walmart Meal Vs Blue Apron Vs Hellofresh

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