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Today, I am going to talk about Best streaming devices as they have become very popular these days . Also evidently the users are rising for streaming devices. At the time of buying a streaming device, all users must have faced one problem that is which is the best streaming device for them as there are so many streaming devices that are available in the market to choose from.

Best streaming devices

Before knowing about Best streaming devices we must know what is streaming and how does a streaming device work?

Streaming – In simple words it means that a video or audio data is constantly transferring while the data which has successfully transferred is being played. In other words streaming means, you can access audio and video listening without downloading them.

Streaming Device – A streaming device is a device that helps to stream videos and audio from the internet to your television. Most of the people love online programs and wish to see it on a big screen. So by using a streaming device, they can easily watch their favorite online show on television.

Best streaming devices – All Top Media Streaming Box on Market

When we talk about streaming devices there are many options available such as Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon fire TV and Android TV these are some best streaming devices. To use a streaming device you need an HDTV, internet connection whether wired or wireless. Once a streaming device is set then you just have to subscribe to service like Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Netflix and other to use them. But before this, you have to buy a compatible streaming device for your TV and also on which your favorite shows easily available.

So for a better understanding of streaming devices, here are some important details about the best streaming devices and comparison between them, which will definitely help you to choose the best streaming device for yourself.

  • ROKU 

    Roku is the first company to do streaming for television. The company manufactured a series of streaming devices as well as Roku TV that has a built-in streaming feature.Roku devices are the most flexible and convenient streaming devices that are very easy to set up and use.

    Roku streaming device , stream shows and movies from services including HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and much more. It comes with a remote on which Roku search feature is available through which user can easily search what they want to watch. It just needs a cable internet connection to stream the best quality like HDR. You can access a large number of movies and shows both from free and paid channels. There is also a support website available that provide help to a user through articles and videos.

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    Latest Roku streaming models

    1.Roku Express
    2.Roku Express+
    3.Roku Premiere
    4.Roku Ultra

    Roku Express offers 1080 HD streaming you can use it on any TV which has HDMI connection, whereas you can use Roku Express plus if you have an old TV without HDMI. Its price is pocket-friendly. Roku Premiere is not so expensive and its performance is quite good. It supports HDR for a better quality of a picture. And the best one is Roku Ultra it is the best streaming device if you use it you will have a completely different experience. Voice search option is also available on Roku Ultra.

    Roku is one of the Best Streaming Devices .

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    The main purpose of making Apple TV was to make a device that can easily shift connection from iTunes running on a computer to the TV in HDR quality so, people can easily sync data. It also streams content from Netflix, Hotstar, Eros Now and many others. It can also stream video and audio from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod with the help of airplay. Airplay can stream data directly from the iPad or iPhone to your television. It just needs an HDMI cable to connect to your television. Other ports include an Ethernet port for direct connection to the router and an optical port for audio. It interacts with devices via Bluetooth and WiFi.

     Apple TV models

    1.Apple TV
    2.Apple TV 4k

    Apple TV is the old model and its processor is A8 chip with 64 bit,  whereas Apple TV 4k is the latest model and its processor is A10x chip with 64 bit. Apple TV 4k offers 4k quality that is much better than Apple TV, as well as its speed, is twice more than Apple TV.

    Apple Tv is the brand name trusted Best Streaming Devices .

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    Chromecast is a media streaming device it is very tiny in size that makes it portable. It is very easy to connect it to your tv. It is add-on platform it depends on other devices to work.

    Chromecast streaming models

    1.Chromecast 2
    2.Chromecast Ultra

    Chromecast Ultra is the new model it cost less than Chromecast which is the old model. The ultra update is very cool as it supports HD as well as HDR video. It is much faster than Chromecast 2.

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    Amazon Fire TV is also a streaming device which is also used to stream video and audio from your computer to your tv. It has a huge collection of movies and shows. It just needs a high-speed internet connection with wifi and HDTV with HDMI input. A voice remote comes with it in which you can say the name of show or movie and it will start playing instantly.

     Amazon TV streaming models

    1.Amazon Fire TV
    2.Amazon Fire TV Stick
    Amazon Fire TV is the latest model and it is dual core, whereas Amazon Fire TV is the old model and it is quad core. UI update is the attractive feature of the new fire stick. You can also control your smart devices with its new voice search feature. New Amazon Fire Stick is more versatile than the old one.


    Android TV is a streaming device that also streams programs, shows, and movies to big screen. Its best feature is that it beautifully arrange all your videos and audios and photos with bios and details. It can easily cast everything on your tv without installing any app.

    Android TV latest streaming models

    1.Nvidia Shield TV
    2.Xiaomi Mi Box

    Nvidia Shield Box is the best android streaming device, whereas Xiaomi Mi Box is the newest to the streaming device market. It has built-in Google vast ad well as 4k streaming. Nvidia Shield is quite expensive but its features are awesome to use Nvidia shield you don’t need a Chromecast, it supports 4k streaming as well and is best for the people who love gaming, whereas Xiaomi Mi box is not so good for gaming.

    Comparison between the best streaming devices

    Here is the Comparison between the top streaming media devices .

    Comparison between Roku and Apple TV

    Roku and Apple TV both are the most popular streaming devices. Let’s see how they are different from each other.

    Here is comparison points between Roku Vs Apple TV

    ♦Apple tv is the best streaming device to watch content from iTunes and other popular apps. Its airplay feature makes it more attractive as airplay stream data directly from iOS device to your tv.
    ♦Roku is much faster and versatile as well as offer a large number of channels as compared to Apple tv streaming device.
    ♦Apple tv streaming device support Bluetooth whereas, Roku streaming device doesn’t support Bluetooth.
    ♦Apple tv media streaming device is best for people who are using other Apple products also otherwise, you can choose Roku as it is the best streaming device to replace the cable and also the best media player for tv.

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    Comparison between Apple tv and Chromecast

    Here we have compared Apple Tv Vs ChromeCast .

    ♦Chromecast is not stand alone platform, whereas Apple Tv is standalone that means Chromecast needs other devices and Apple Tv is independent it doesn’t need any device.
    ♦Chromecast doesn’t have any pre-installed apps, whereas apps are pre-installed on Apple Tv.
    ♦Chromecast is not compatible with every device, whereas Apple Tv is compatible with all iOS device and can be controlled by them.
    ♦Apple Tv just needs airplay to stream videos, whereas if you use Chromecast to stream videos to your tv you have to install software.
    ♦Apple Tv media streaming is best for you if you are apple fan and if you have an android device you can go with Chromecast.

    Comparison between Chromecast and Amazon Fire Play

    This is the comparison between ChromeCast Vs Amazon Fire Play .                                                            ♦Amazon Fire Play streaming devices come with remote, whereas Chromecast doesn’t come with any remote

♦Amazon Fire Tv does not depend upon any other devices, whereas Chromecast depends on other devices.

♦Amazon Fire Tv has a large space and it can easily stream videos and audios from amazon prime and other compatible apps without depending upon any other devices, whereas Chromecast depends upon other devices it works more as a casting system as it cast content from your computer on your Tv.

         Comparison between Amazon Fire Tv and Android Tv

♦Amazon Fire Tv is expensive than Android Tv .Both Amazon Fire Tv and Amazon Tv are compatible with Kodi but Amazon Fire Tv is best if you are ready to spend money.

♦Amazon Fire Tv is more stable and flexible than Android Tv.


Through the details that are given above we come to understand that Roku devices especially the Roku ultra is the best streaming device. It is the best choice to replace your cable with. Amazon Fire Tv is the best streaming device for Kodi. As Kodi doesn’t have its own media player. There are many devices available in the market on which Kodi is pre-installed but before using this kind of device you have to be very careful, as they can give access to pirated movies which is illegal. This makes people think that Kodi is illegal but it is not illegal. The illegality is based on the way you are using it the better and safe option is to buy a compatible device. If you want to live tv stream the best device for you is Dish Air Player as it streams channels direct from HD antenna.

I hope all these information will help you to buy the best streaming device for you.

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