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Safeguard Facebook Pictures-Prevent profile picture downloading

Lucky for you that Facebook has introduced brand new protections for profile pictures for users especially in India. All this in a bid to stop people from downloading, sharing or illegally misusing their personal profile pictures. There is an option for users to Safeguard Facebook Pictures through the new system. It will ensure that others can not copy, share or download their personal profile images. This will prevent strangers from tagging themselves in the image.

Notifications for Safeguard Facebook Pictures

Those individuals who will opt in will get a special blue shield border around their image. On android phones(which are most popular and widely used in majority of the Indian market) Facebook says it will prevent users from taking screenshots of individual’s profile images wherever and whenever possible.
Facebook Safety on themselves posted on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 saying

They say that it was inspired to offer this special tools after hearing from various different Indian social and safety organizations that some women especially in the country particularly elected not to upload personal pictures including their faces on the internet. These tools were developed with a joint effort with a range of those organizations and different tests indicating the kinds of things that would cut down on the misuse of profile images. For instance Facebook says that something as simple(mind you simple by Facebook standards) as adding a special design overlay to a picture means that others are almost 75% less possible to copy it.

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So exactly how can design of overlays increase security

Users have now power to add those layers quickly using Facebook’s system. The tools are less likely to cut out the copying of profile pictures overnight. While Facebook claims it is doing everything in it’s power to stop people from screenshot the profile pictures via Android. Users could still take screenshots on laptop or desktop and the new blue shielded border is a visual cue of protection rather than any other difficult barrier.

Even though tests have shown that uniquely simple additions can deter opportunists. The tools are a potentially useful option for specific Indian users. As of now Facebook has not yet indicated whether similar measures will come to other countries.

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Keeping your profile pic safe

Soon after Facebook launched the profile picture guard in India. It would give users more control over who can download and share their personal images several women users have started protecting their display photos.

Steps for safeguarding your profile

On the Facebook mobile app you will see a new notification on the top of your News Feed asking to secure your profile picture. Refresh your news feed if it does not show when you log in.

Once you accept the terms a box will pop up saying “The Profile picture guard would help keep your current photo more secure on Facebook in three ways.”

  1. Keep off creeps
  2. Keep off creeps
  3. Keep off creeps

So now unknown stalkers would no longer be able to download or send your profile picture in a message anywhere on Facebook. Facebook also claims that it would virtually stop strangers from taking a screenshot of your profile image on Facebook wherever and whenever possible. Though the feature is currently only available for Android devices.

Conclusion: Shield protection effectiveness

So how trust worthy these tools are?
You have to note that there is no 100% effective way as of now to hide your profile picture currently.It is always public by default(what’s the point of uploading if you don’t want to share). These latest methods by Facebook can surely discourage the misuse of the profile picture but would not weed out the problem from it’s root. So for undoubted safety add options to restrict the viewing of profile pictures just to friends and friends of friends only.

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