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WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging app ever since it was launched. Now recently WhatsApp announced that it will be sharing its users data with Facebook . WhatsApp Data Sharing news has put all its users in confusion about how much their privacy is protected and how safe it is to use WhatsApp further.Here in this session you will be finding answers for your WhatsApp Data Sharing, Privacy and security concerns and Tips to be safe on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Data Sharing with Facebook – What Account Information is Shared.

Taking into account of the latest news about WhatsApp. One top news on board is WhatsApp use data privacy policy earlier but now its parent Company Facebook have put an end to the data privacy on WhatsApp .

By this Facebook will be getting certain information about You. WhatsApp will share these account information about your account –

  • Phone number which you have registered and verified with your WhatsApp account will be available for Facebook Family of Companies.
  • Your WhatsApp account activity like when was the last time you used WhatsApp and how you use the services of WhatsApp.

Why Facebook wants your WhatsApp Account Information – Pros & Cons of Enabling WhatsApp Data Sharing 

Facebook is a big data mining whale in the internet world . Facebook , the parent company of WhatsApp has changed their WhatsApp Terms & Conditions.

Why Facebook wants your WhatsApp Account Data ?

  • The main reason that the Facebook spokesperson say is that this is for improving the services of both Facebook users and also WhatsApp users.
  • Secondly Facebook by interfering on the WhatsApp Privacy policy will have an eye on the data that they retrieve and it will be for monitoring the unique users and reduce spam and abuse on WhatsApp.
  • Your account info will be used to Improve ads on Facebook .

WhatsApp Users Benefit on Data Sharing 

  • You can get better friend suggestions in facebook according to your WhatsApp contacts also you will get to know better advertisements based on your interest .

This can be pros to someone while it will be cons to someone . So we say it as let this be your subjective aspect in deciding whether you want to enable/disable WhatsApp data sharing. 

Your WhatsApp Account Information That will not be shared with Facebook.

WhatsApp insists that certain account information of WhatsApp are safe and it will not be affecting WhatsApp users privacy . WhatsApp insists that the user account information like their phone number will not be sold to any advertisers or any other third party & your messages, photos and certain account information will not be shared with facebook.

How to Opt out of Data Sharing on WhatsApp

You cannot completely opt out from sharing your account information on WhatsApp with facebook. But still you can partially opt out of Data sharing on WhatsApp.

If you are thinking what is this partial opt out and what is its effect on securing your WhatsApp data then i will explain it . Facebook will be monitoring your account but they will not be using your data for advertisement purposes . This is the only way on which all WhatsApp users have to move on . We cannot say that privacy is assured well as always facebook will be monitoring your account information on WhatsApp in the name of improving your experience on both Facebook & WhatsApp.

Here are the top methods to opt out from Data sharing on WhatsApp- 

Method 1 – If You haven’t Accepted WhatsApp Terms & Conditions

If you haven’t already accepted the terms and conditions of WhatsApp then you have to follow this steps to opt out of Data sharing on WhatsApp.opt-out-of-data-sharing-on-whatsapp


  • Open WhatsApp on your device.
  • You can see the newly updated terms & services of WhatsApp.
  • Click on Readoption.
  • Scroll the terms & condition page until you find an option with check box.
  • If you are sure that you want to opt out from data sharing on WhatsApp then untick the check box .
  • Finally click the “Agree” button.

That’s it , you have opt out of WhatsApp data sharing .This is the only available method to opt out of WhatsApp data sharing after accepting terms & conditions.

Method 2 – If You have already Accepted WhatsApp Terms & Conditions

If you have already accepted the terms and conditions of WhatsApp then you have to follow this steps to opt out of Data sharing on WhatsApp. You don’t have to worry if you have agreed to the latest terms & conditions because WhatsApp gives you a 30 days time to partially opt out of WhatsApp data sharing


  • Open WhatsApp on your device.
  • Go to Settings option in WhatsApp.
  • Click on Account option.
  • There you can see an option with a check box as Share my account info 
  • Uncheck the option

You are done with it .

Method 3- Reinstall WhatsApp to Opt out of Data Sharing with Facebook

If you are not able to solve the issue by following method 1 & 2 then here is the solution. Just uninstall WhatsApp application from your device and reinstall it.

Now you can easily follow the steps of Method 1 . This will help you to opt out of WhatsApp data sharing. 

You can do the necessary steps as we have given you a detailed idea to clear all the queries that was raised regarding the Safe way of using WhatsApp and how to opt out of WhatsApp data sharing with Facebook.

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