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In today’s fast moving world, almost everybody is facing stress and anxiety at some point in their life and only the level of stress varies between person to person. Because of stress, people are facing many problems both in their personal and work life as stress in once place automatically affects them in other place also. Many health disorders arise because of stress and people are getting old soon. For example, experts say that the main reason of infertility in men and women is due to stress. So it is very important to manage , control and Reduce stress & anxiety .

Excellent ways to Reduce stress & anxiety

We cannot analyze why people get stressed as there are various reasons and it differs from person to person. In personal life, stress and anxiety reduces happiness whereas in work life it will affect the performance. So it is very important to reduce stress and anxiety to lead a healthy and happy life.

Before going on to the exact title of excellent essential oils to Reduce stress & anxiety, lets get acquainted about some facts related to stress and anxiety.

What is the difference between stress and anxiety?

Are stress and anxiety the same? No they are not. Stress comes first before anxiety and it is nothing but a reaction to something which is not good or cannot be handled by us. For eg, we can say people working in night time jobs have more stress because their sleep cycle is changed from the normal one and it will take time for the body to adjust. Anxiety is the after effect or reaction of stress.

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How to reduce stress and anxiety?

Although there are many techniques like yoga to reduce stress anxiety is very popular, meditation, music therapy, laughing therapy for reducing stress and anxiety, using essential oils in herbs reduce stress anxiety tension is becoming very popular to reduce stress as it is simple and very effective. Aromatherapy is nothing but using the aroma or smell of the oil to cure problems.

5 ESSENTIAL OILS for reducing stress and anxiety

Below are the five essential oils commonly used for reducing stress and anxiety. It is known as aromatherapy to reduce stress.

  1. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is the top selling and widely used oil for reducing stress and anxiety. Lavender is basically a medicinal herb that has not only a good fragrance but also has got a mild sedative in it which helps to relax our muscles thus reducing pain and gives a good sleep. It is mainly used for reducing anxiety as well as depression and improves the overall nervous system in our body. It is also used for calming our heart thereby improving the heart beat rate.It is really ideal to Reduce stress & anxiety .

How to use lavender oil?

         You can use the lavender oil in many ways.

  • Mix few drops of lavender oil in the water before taking bath. This helps to glow your skin and keeps you fresh throughout the day.
  • Spray few drops of lavender oil in to the air either in your office or at home to rejuvenate your body and mind
  • Pour few drops of lavender oil in to your right or left palm. Gently rub it with the other hand smell it. You will feel energetic.
  • Apply few drops of lavender oil in your feet before sleeping. You will feel fresh when you wake up in the morning.
  1. Rose Oil

Who will not love roses? Rose is the most beautiful and popular flower in the world. So it is not surprising to know that essential rose oil is the most widely used oil next to lavender oil. Similar to lavender oil, it also helps in relieving stress and anxiety to a great extent. It is used by women for reducing the health problems due to menstruation like cramps, pain etc. It is also used by pregnant women as a good relaxation for their muscles. Rose oil is very good antidepressant as it is very effective for reducing depression. It is also used for treating wounds and infections.

How to use rose oil?

  • Pour few drops of rose oil in to your right or left palm. Gently rub it with the other hand smell it. You will feel fresh. Instead of pouring it in your palm, you can also pour few drops in a cloth and inhale it.
  • Rose oil can be applied in any part of the skin like hands, legs, stomach etc. It can also be applied on the hair.
  • Mix few drops of rose oil in the water before taking bath.
  1. Jasmine Oil

         Jasmine oil is a very good reliever of anxiety and stress. It is the best oil for all ‘first time’ events like going out with you partner, attending an interview, hosting a party etc. It is not only helpful to Reduce stress & anxiety ,it  helps to gain more confidence and relieves your anxiety. It is also used for healing depression, insomnia, hormonal imbalance etc. We can say jasmine oil is the best booster to quickly change a dull mood. Jasmine oil is very popular in Asian countries as the flower is more grown there.

 How to use Jasmine oil?

  • Jasmine oil can be inhaled easily by applying few drops on your palm or a tissue.
  • It can also be applied on any part of the skin as well as hair.
  • You can also mix jasmine oil with other oils like coconut oil.
  1. CedarWood Oil

Though the name is not attractive like other essential oils, Cedarwood essential oil is also a very good reliever of anxiety and stress. It helps in healing headaches and other migraine problems that arises because of stress and anxiety. It also helps in strengthening the muscles and improves the overall health of our body. It can also be used to prevent bugs and other insects entering our home.

How to use CedarWood oil?

  • Apply few drops cedarwood oil on your pillow to get a peaceful and calm sleep without any insect bites.
  • You can apply cedwarwood oil along with your body or skin lotion. 
  1. Sandalwood Oil

In India, Sandalwood is considered very precious and divine. In some temples, they offer sandal powder to the devotees and they keep it on their forehead. It helps them to relieve their stress and remain calm.  It is a very good booster for our memory and improves our thinking and concentration.
Sandalwood oil is a very good antiseptic and can be treated for wounds and bites. It also helps to cool our body temperature and is very handy to face the hot summer.

How to use Sandalwood oil?

  • Apply sandalwood oil on any part of the skin as it has a pleasant aroma and don’t have any side effects.
  • You can pour few drops of sandalwood oil in your fragrance bulb so that you will get a pleasant aroma throughout your house.
  • Apply few drops to the water before your bath. Your body will smell great and fresh.

Stress , anxiety , depression one of the worst things to deal with in life . So here we detailed a natural way to Reduce stress & anxiety with some of the most essential oils.


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