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If you haven’t heard about poke bowl yet, we would give you the best information about Poke bowl Calories, benefits, how to prepare poke bowl and poke bowl nutritional fact sheet all in this article.

Hope most of you will be aware that Poke Bowl is rising as a trending search online.

Poke is one of the biggest trends to come on to the cooking scene in this year. Poke is pronounced as poh-kay, this is basically a raw fish salad which is typically served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine. So here we will see a lot about Poke Bowl Calories – Benefits , Preparation & Nutritional Facts and so on.

Poke Bowl Calories – Benefits , Preparation & Nutritional Facts

Poke is the Hawaiian verb for the word “slice” or “cut,” so it frequently includes either the small cuts of tuna fish freshly caught or fresh cuts of octopus. Typically,a poke bowl gets always seasoned with soy sauce,some fresh scallions, and even sesame oil. It may also contain a variety of other seasonings, such as :

  • wasabi
  • seaweed
  • You can make your own marinade with sesame oil
  • Ginger
  • Rice vinegar
  • chili pepper

Benefits of Poke Bowl 

If something becomes trendy it can be because of two reasons – Either it is the best or it is the worst.

Here in case of Poke , it is really best . People go mad searching about Poke bowl calories and nutritional value. There are so many benefits of poke bowl .So, we have got you all the best reasons why should you try this fishy new poke bowl food trend.

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It has got all the nutrition

Poke is one of the fresh, tasty and very healthy new food trends around the world. One can eat 4 ounces of poke with just less than 150 calories, just 5 grams of fat and only 24 grams of protein in it. It is not just naturally low in calories, but it also typically doesn’t come with rice. Unlike sushi, poke is served with a variety of delicious healthy veggies and fresh marinades. It is not necessary to apply glutinous sticky rice and mayonnaise.

Poke bowl calories is very less and it always stand ahead in the competition of poke vs sushi .

Good for your heart

Poke gives all the significant heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids:

Poke is really a good food for heart health . A healthy heart recipe is rich in omega . Omega-3s help to protect your heart

Reduce the risk of death from heart disease like heart attacks etc by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate

Improves other cardiovascular risk factors.

Fish intake has also been linked to not just lower risk of stroke but also depression, and mental decline as we age. Consuming poke regularly is recommended to consume fish at least twice a week.

Pocket friendly

Poke bowl is less expensive than a high-priced sushi dish. You can happily walk away with a bill for less than $15 and be quite satisfied from your delicious poke bowl full of fresh fish and crunchy garden-fresh healthy veggies.

Low cost healthy food is you are looking for that then what is more better than a poke bowl .

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Your craving will be fulfilled quickly

Snickers for quick cravings is not the ideal when you can make a well rich in nutrient poke bowl calories quickly.

Minimal cutting of fresh tuna fish or oyster

Absolutely fresh greens

A quick mix of your favourite spices

Viola and Dinner is served without even having to turn on the oven.

Poke Bowl Calories & Poke Bowl Nutritional facts

If you take one ahi poke bowl of 4 ounces then it adds to 149 calories in total . The higher calorie is from ahi or fresh tuna added . You know that we can’t cut down the main ingredient to reduce the calories . So since your ahi poke bowl of 4 ounce is 149 calories that makes like 7 % of your 2000 calorie a day .

Sesame oil comes with healthy fat which includes lot of calories .You can simply decrease 15 calories by just not adding it in your ahi poke bowl dish. You may experience different taste and flavor on not adding sesame oil in ahi poke bowl dish.

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Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium

In Ahi poke of 4 ounce there is unavoidable fat and cholesterol content which is not at all a high when compared to the daily calorie intake . There is one gram of saturated and 4 grams of unsaturated fat that comes from the ahi which is unavoidable . There is minute level of sodium presence which is minimal because of low sodium soy sauce usage . But note never to use high sodium sauce in poke bowl.

Protein, Carbohydrates and Fiber

The seaweed and peppers are the ingredients which is included in the ahi poke bowl dish that constitutes fiber and carbohydrates.

Daily value of proteins is also included in ahi poke bowl dish.

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Vitamins and Minerals

In 4 ounces of Ahi poke bowl calories comprises of  wide traces of essential vitamins like Vitamin B-12 , C , D and rich in minerals like zinc , iron , folate , potassium , magnesium ,niacin , manganese .

Poke Bowl Calories Nutritional Fact Sheet


Poke Bowl – 1 cup consist 298 Calories


Nutritional sub-recipe for 1 Poke bowl
Serving  Ingredient Calories
2.67 oz raw tuna 82
2.67 oz raw salmon 157
0.667 scallion 3
9.17 grams onion 4
0.333 tbsp sesame seed 15
1 cup rice 267
0.51 gram salt 0
32 grams soy sauce 19
0.667 tbsp sesame oil 80
0.333 tbsp rice vinegar 1
0.333 cup cherry tomatoes 9
45.33 g avocado 76

You can travel the world with this dish from the comfort of your own spices in the kitchen.

You can simply add different spices from around the world to taste your ahi poke bowl dish even tastier and delicious. you can add and simply toss ingredients in your ahi poke bowl like sesame oil , low- sodium soy sauce , seaweed and some dried peppers to get the delicious flavor and taste. Ahi poke is a Hawaiian appetizer which is made from raw , marinated tuna .

Other variations of ahi poke bowl are with:

  • Garlic
  • Tomato
  • Onions

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Poke Bowl Preparation at Home

Even though the idea of making a raw fish-based dish may make you worried, it’s all about freshness. Talk to your local fishmonger, who can help you choose the best and freshest fish to make your poke bowl dish.

While choosing your fish, consider these criteria:

  • Smell
  • Color

The best way to identify a fresh fish is that they are less smelly and are in vibrant scarlet instead of pale pink color. you can feel firm soft texture while touching. it is recommended not to store fish for too long rather you can cook and eat fresh fish as soon as you could so as to the fresh flavor.

The color of your dish and texture can make your dish look presentable enough and tempting delicious to have it quickly. you will get the perfect texture of your ahi poke bowl dish by blending in the soft vegetables like avocado , radishes , healthy carrots and scallions that will simply brighten up your poke bowl .

So hope this Poke Bowl Calories – Benefits , Preparation & Nutritional Facts gave you a great insight on Poke bowl.

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