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Is it frightening you to know that some food items ranging from your favorite veggie to your favorite snack item to the crunchy fruits we love can be poisonous food.


Some Poisonous food we love to eat and are actually part of our daily routine. If we don’t take patience to know these top Poisonous Foods then we may not be alive to regret it even. By this list we didn’t mean it’s a food you should completely avoid because they have their own plenty of goodness. But if you consume it in wrong way then you can get poisoned.

 Poisonous Foods Commonly Used 

Here we have included the most harmful foods which we love to eat .These are the poisonous foods for humans which is hidden in our kitchen.

  1. Apples ( Seed of Apple)

Do you believe that there is presence of Cyanide in Apple ?

apple seed poisonous

Even if it’s hard for you to believe that Apple can become poisonous food .Seeds of Apple contain a compound called amygdalin . When the apple seeds you have taken while eating apple reaches your stomach , under the digestive process this compound gets break down and forms a poison called Cyanide.

How many Apple seeds would be deadly ?

Note – Apple seeds are poisonous only if consumed in large quantity. To say when you are taking about seeds of 5 or more apple seeds can be deadly to some , while for some about a pound apple seeds would be deadly.

  1. Raw Cabbage

Cabbage salad is a popular items among most the salad lovers. But eating raw cabbage affects thyroid function. This leads to add weight and fatigue. Thus cabbage can be a poisonous food for some people.

Poisonous cabbages

Note- People with less iodine level and those who have thyroid problems should avoid eating raw cabbage as it is not safe for you.

  1. Potatoes

Poisonous POTATOES

Don’t take potatoes which have a greenish spots in it as such ones are Poisonous potatoes. Avoid the French fries or potato chips on which you find a green shade as it is a poisonous food existing on your kitchen. Sprouted potatoes are also poisonous food so avoid it.

  1. Kidney beans

Poisonous kidney beans

Don’t boil the kidney beans after a quick wash. You must soak it for about 4-5 hours or more and boil it for 30 mins. Else you are consuming Poisonous Kidney Beans.

  1. Tomatoestomato poisonous

Lover of a Green Tomato salad? Then here is a freighting news for you Green tomatoes are poisonous. Tomatoes, the tangy flavored vegetable which we could hardly avoid from our kitchen. Solanine & Tomatine is a toxin resent in the green tomatoes and its leaves & stems. This makes tomatoes poisonous food.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms poisonous

Some Mushrooms are poisonous so if you don’t know to pick the correct ones then don’t go for it. Buy from the grocery store to ensure your safety. Certain Mushroom varieties are poisonous food existing.It is one among the most harmful foods which are regarded as the most deadly plants to humans.


Safe and healthy when cooked . But if you consume large quantity of elder berry like the fruit, its leaves, steam mixed juice then your body will collapse. Elderberry has presence of cyanide in it . So avoid this raw consumption as it can be a poisonous food.

  1. Almonds

Poisonous almonds

Bitter almonds is a poisonous snack . So if you feel your nut is better then don’t enjoy it just spit it out .

9.Castor oil

Poisonous castor oil

One castor bean is large enough to poison you. It’s a serious poisoning food so don’t consume a castor bean as it is sure you will die immediately. So what about the castor oil? Buy only the highly refined made castor oil for consumption but still we recommend not consuming it. Castor is one among the Poisonous trees list as people who work with castor beans are mostly affected ..

These are some commonly food items we can find in our kitchen. But we don’t know how it can become a poisonous food. So make sure you take every food in its desired and correct manner.

Stay Healthy!!!

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