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Facebook advertising is now the biggest trend so if you are planning for doing a Facebook advertisement then you must read this . Because here we are going to discuss about some of the Best Facebook Ad management tool

Best Facebook Ad management tool

Facebook Advertising is a new era of promoting the business. There has been a big difference in sales, may it be a new business, or expanding an existing one. Ever since Facebook Advertising started, companies have been investing a huge amount in creating ads. There are lot of time-saving Facebook ad tools as well as Free Facebook Ad Management Tools that would help you take the business to new heights.

In this article, we will look into Facebook Ad management tool in detail.

Facebook Ad Management Tool

Are you a true fan of Facebook Advertising? Are you in search of the perfect technique to control the promotions on your website?

Here we present the Facebook Ad management tool , which would surely bring in a lot of differences, as it helps in saving time and money. There are some time-saving Facebook Ad tools which can also increase your Return On Investments (ROI).

Let us look at some tools for Facebook Advertisement.

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Best Facebook Ad Manager App 

Ads Manager has been in use since 2014, mainly for mobile and similar devices. Recently, an independent iOS Ad Manager app was launched comprising some really important features for advertisers. With the Facebook Ad management tool , we can record the ad performance, modify existing ads, improve Ad budgets and schedules, get push notifications and make Facebook advertisements using the app.

It is quite exciting as you control Facebook advertisement with the initial repetition of Ads manager on mobile; however, this independent app is more convenient and robust. This Facebook Ad management tool is created for small to medium-sized advertisers letting you create Facebook Advertisement from existing page posts or from certain images and pictures present on your device.

Facebook Ads Exclusion Targeting

There are better-defined targeting options to be included on Facebook Advertising platform, thus enabling to trade with lumpy groups, directly to particular individuals. However, it is ideal to exclude some sections so as to present it before eyes of your audience.


In the Facebook Ad management Tool , enter Facebook’s exclusion targeting, which is a tool to avoid targeting a person twice. For instance, a set of existing customers can be excluded from a promotion related to lead generation, or you could target those who regularly visit your website (as the custom audience) however excluding those who already converted.

Facebook assures that target exclusion enables to reduce the cost per action or Pay Per Click (PPC), reduce the cost incurred on wasted clicks and to reach the people who would buy or convert. This works with the usual Facebook Advertising as well as the newer roundabout ad format on both mobile and desktop.

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Best Facebook Ad management tool – Facebook Advertising

Here is the Best Facebook Ad management tool – Facebook Advertising.


Tests on Facebook Advertisement can be performed separately as you like. However, if your attempt is to extract certain intuitions, you would need a tool to process it automatically.

Qwaya is a paid mechanism comprising a lot of features including scheduling the ad, setting rules based on the performance, automatic rotation of the Facebook Advertisement and an organizer for campaigns. However, the best feature that Qwaya has is that it can automate split testing – A/B testing of both creatives and audiences.

If the Power Editor is already enabled, you would definitely be aware of the lack of Split testing ability in the image shown. Qwaya enables to evaluate which combination of images, test and targeting result to the best performance of Facebook Advertisement along with the split-testing feature.

AdEspresso’s Facebook Advertisement Compass Report

This resembles a report card for the Facebook Advertisement account. If you are an agent, do not worry, because it allows you to choose the account and the campaigns you would like to analyze so that you don’t get messed up with information from all the accounts at once.

If this ad management tool is already in use to analyze the performance of the Facebook advertisement, the Compass report would seem irrelevant. However, this report could be quite useful for a small business and there has been a huge amount of Facebook Advertising maximization based on the analysis done manually.

This ad management tool of Facebook has evaluated over $300 million on Facebook advertisements expenses to create organization standards on which the promotions are compared in the Compass report of Facebook Ad management tool.

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Hootsuite Ads

This is yet another ad management tool which had announced its partnership with Facebook to provide a new way of automatically Facebook advertisements, on the basis of existing basic posts on the Page.

This management tool for Facebook Advertisement checks Facebook Page so as to find the best ads for the campaign, applying automated targeting and proposing a set of rules to introduce them as the Facebook advertisement.

Best Facebook Ad Management Software

Facebook has not only been the largest social media website on the planet, but also one of the most preferred ways chosen by the marketers to promote their Ads to different types of people.

As we already know that Facebook provides some of the best Ads management tools to maximize the promotion, there are also some Ad Management software catalogs that let you utilize the Facebook Advertisements.



This Ad management tool can be of great help if there are so many promotions being run, as it enables you to have a control over whom is it directed to. Other features of this Facebook Ad management tool are:

  • It lets you have different and more meaningful record tracking system than those provided by Facebook.
  • Maximize those reports letting you discontinue the unsuccessful Ad promotions
  • Create reports enabling you to give feedback to the clients

Facebook Ad Management Tool-Wishpond

This free ad Management tool by Wishpond is an ideal method of personalizing Facebook Advertisement catalog. This Facebook Ad management tool comprises the following options:

  • Aim at the Facebook contact list to get through a particular population or audience.
  • Easy Ad making tools, allowing the beginners to make a captivating Ad
  • Offers immediate reporting of Ad traffic


This Facebook Ad management tool has both free and paid version. The free version lets you maximize the returns in the best way possible. The provision to advertise on most social media websites like Facebook and Twitter makes this Ad tool very effective.


This is another alternative to Facebook’s conventional Ad podium. This Ad tool has the following merits:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action) tender enables to implement the payment for specific pre-determined actions
  • Split Tests allow you to correlate multiple target groups to maximize Ad promotion.


Facebook Ad Creator Software

Have you been ‘pulling your hair out’ thinking of ways to create innovative and unique Facebook Advertisements ? Well, here is the solution to free you from the stress. We shall provide a step-by-step guide to create free Facebook Ad designs in a snap.


Using Canva free software you can easily create your own Facebook Ad graphic .

Step 1: Open the Canva site and create an account

If you are planning to create more Ad designs and pictures, you need to create an account with Canva. Canva allows saving the images on its site so that the work will not be lost, or to make changes to existing picture.

Once the account is created you will enter the Home Page where all the design patterns are found on Canva.

Step 2: Select the Facebook Ad Template

Here, you choose the desired Ad template by scrolling down to the end of horizontal scrollbar and clicking on Facebook Ad.

Before starting with the actual process it is important to know that the images in your Ad should not have more than 20% text as declared in Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines. However, there will not be a problem because there is a lot of space for the text in the Header, body and description fields in the final stages of designing the Facebook advertisement.

Step 3: Deciding on the layout of Facebook Ad Design

You begin with the Layouts section of the left tab and these layouts primarily used in greeting cards and invitations. However, if you wish to have more than one image in a wide choice of layouts along with multiple frames, you can scroll across the first column to reach the empty layout pattern.

As you finish choosing the layout, click and move an image into the chosen layout frames from your files or the ones saved for Canva. An important point to be aware of is that the image you choose cannot be cut out, that means you cannot have a transparent background. It has to be a full image to be fit in the whole frame.

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Are you feeling lost without any images in your collection? That will not be a problem because this Ad creator tool has a great collection of images which are absolutely FREE of cost. If you are not contented with these images, there are another set of high-quality images you can have by paying a fee of $1. You could get a variety of images by checking the search tab, starting from Business executives in offices to brutal murdering clowns.

Step 4: Creating Ads Headline/Slogan

A heading, subtitle, and body can be added to the text tab or you could choose from a large set of text templates. You need to remember that only 20% of the text can be included in the Ad and hence the text should be of medium size with a slogan or the name of the product or business in the heading. The image should be captivating and bright; with no irrelevant and clumsy text to spoil the effectiveness.

Yet, if you are using a cut-out image, then you can have a convenient background tab if a simple white background does not attract your eyes. For this, there are another free background templates used with patterns and essences. You can also find high-quality background images for a $1 fee.

Step 5: Uploading Own Images

By clicking on Uploads tab you can add your own pictures for use in the Ad. You need not worry about losing them even if you close the site for a while. You can see it later. All you need to do is click Upload your own images bar or pull them from the desktop and drop it into the site.

Step 6: Finalizing Free Facebook Ad Design

If you are happy with the final design of the Ad, go to the top right on the page and click on Link and Publish.

If you want an image for the web, click Image for the web and once it is done it is automatically downloaded from the browser to the desktop. Now you are ready with the new design for the Facebook Advertisement, all using Canva software absolutely FREE.

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Facebook Ad Management Services 

Facebook Advertising lets the advertisers have the capability to show the most targeted advertisements to over a billion active users of Facebook worldwide. Facebook is the second most accessed social media website and the most widely used application with an average of over 125 million distinct users in the U.S. A sample of pursuing options accessible via Facebook Advertising comprises the following

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Education Level
  • Nationality
  • Income
  • Net worth
  • Homeownership
  • Life Events
  • Parental Status
  • Political Leaning
  • User interests
  • Purchase behavior
  • Device usage
  • Employer

Facebook can provide advertisers with distinct targeting alternatives via the First-party data disclosed by Facebook users accompanied by Facebook activities, and Third-party data purchased by Facebook.

Another feature of Facebook Advertising is the Custom Audiences. This feature enables the advertisers in creating custom groups of Facebook users for marketing via:

  • Customer lists: Matching emails, contact numbers, user IDs on Facebook or the mobile advertiser IDs for people on Facebook
  • Website traffic (Remarketing): Creating a list of people visiting the website or certain web pages
  • App activity: Creating a list of people who took certain actions in the app or game

The Custom Audience feature of Facebook Advertising is a robust technique to reach the people who have already shown interest in your products or services. This is a cost-effective way of Facebook Advertising.

Let’s now look at one of the Ad management services of Facebook- Marketing Mojo:

What makes Marketing Mojo Stand Unique in Facebook Advertising Technique 

Marketing Mojo believed that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) over Custom Audiences has been quite competitive when compared to normal targeting in Facebook, hence leading to lower cost in conversion and higher Return On Investment (ROI).

As other Social Media advertising groups focus the most on engagements such as the Likes received by an Ad or a Page, Marketing mojo focuses on the results influencing company’s end result. Being a part of Facebook Ad management approach, Marketing Mojo develops –

  • Strategic Alignment & Goal Development

Marketing Mojo discusses with the clients to make sure that the marketing strategies are understood by them and how Facebook Advertising plays a vital role in achieving these goals.

  • Reaching Your Target Audience

Developing a buyer role to allow overcoming careless and targetless expenses on Facebook, thus allowing more targeted advertising to the right audience.

  • Conversion Focused

The concept of Marketing Mojo focuses more on direct-response rather than engagement focused. This involves optimizing volume conversion or the ROI by simultaneously reducing the cost of conversion.

  • Daily Optimization

Facebook Ad management is not a form of advertising that you create today and forget the next moment. It requires a regular check and controlling the promotion so as to make improvements as and when required.

  • Test, Test & Test

Developing and testing the changes in landing page and Ad innovations to influence the creative components delivering the best results

  • Reporting

-Monthly reports set in detail, exhibiting the developments occurred till date on the Ad promotion standards as well as the present tasks implemented to enhance the performance.

-Logical judgment to make sure the traffic and the ROI are correct

  • Innovative Thought Leadership in Pay-Per-Click

Marketing Mojo performs more than being up-to-date on the latest changes as well as the available possibilities on Facebook Advertising. Marketing Mojo is in the limelight in developing totally new and unique techniques which could completely remodel the marketing performance of the clients.


This is another management service related to Facebook Advertising, whose Social Media Marketing based in Phoenix use Pay-Per-Click promotions for advertising so as to take the small business internet marketing to higher levels. Management services by CyberMark include the following:

  • Creating Landing Page
  • Call Tracking
  • Audience targeting
  • Facebook Advertising copy and pictures
  • Installing multiple advertising campaigns
  • Weekly scanning and support for the best ROI
  • Performance reports create on monthly basis

Free Marketing Tools

Ad promotions on Facebook and other Social media websites have turned smart in selling products and services and get more audiences quickly and through short steps. It’s more convenient with MailChimp, as it gives clarity on what Ads would get your money sack full and pull more customers to your website.

The great advantage with MailChimp is that they do not charge you extra for posting Ads. In fact, it would be the same as you directly perform Facebook Advertising.

Ad creation is Easier now

With processes of Facebook Advertisement, the platform is the same to create the Ad. You can easily and quickly make Single image or roundabout Ads with certain photo-editing kit included within the app along with robust targeting preferences.

Smart Targeting Supported by Your Contacts

As you have email lists, subscription activity, customer purchase data, you could make them more useful. Focus on familiar details and make new customers. Make full use of Facebook’s existing users and audiences get more customers, people who have liked your products or services but haven’t subscribed to your email.

Look what you get for the money

Besides the standards such as reach, impact, clicks, and commitments, the returns on the Ads can be tracked so as to get guidance in spending. Users related to e-commerce can have an easily understandable report, showing the details about the items sold and the customers achieved.

HootSuite Ads

New advertising mechanism from Hootsuite enables businesses to easily and quickly benefit high performing contents on Facebook.

In May 2015, Hootsuite, which is the most immensely used social relationship podium, launched Hootsuite Ads.

Hootsuite Ads offers an easy method of broadening social influence. Social media consultants and content marketers realize that social media is a robust approach, however, making Ads and the process of managing is quite tough as well as time-consuming. Here, the real importance of Hootsuite Ads is revealed. HootSuite is the first tool ever to have provided mechanization to ease the advertising process.

Let’s look at how HootSuite Ads prove to be helpful to its users.

  • Grow the business
  • Create high performing Ads
  • Find right audience
  • Simplify Ad management
  • Control Ad Spend

Users of HootSuite can easily access HootSuite Ads for Free via a console to create Facebook campaign posts.

Qwaya vs Adespresso

In this section, we compare these Facebook ad management tools. As most people wanted we are here comparing between Qwaya Vs AdEspresso

  • Qwaya is the solution to create Ads in a short span of time.


AdEspresso is used for performing detailed analysis and maximization on the basis of days and weeks.

  • In case of Qwaya, more focus is on the program along with the prospect to create a certain amount.


AdEspresso focuses more on amateurs and bonuses.

  • When it comes to price plans, Qwaya has two plan packages. There is a Premium deal costing $149 for the user. If you choose a Business plan, $249 offers five distinct licenses. If you need to have a personalized package custom requests are also accepted.


AdEspresso comes with three packages – Base, Premium, and Elite. With $49, $149, and $299 the required package depends on your budget. For instance, a budget between $10,000 and $50,000 need the Elite package. However, if you spend more than the present budget, there is a fourth plan called ‘Enterprise’. This package has no limits or restrictions and the cost is not above $500.

This article has covered topics like Facebook Advertisement management tool, Facebook Ads manager apps, Free Marketing tool, Facebook Ad management services, the comparison between Qwaya and AdEspresso.

Hope the article was informative and interesting. Have a great time advertising.

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