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One of the popular sauce in the list of famous sauces across the globe is Hollandaise Sauce . It takes top of the chart in the best sauces in the world .

Hollandise Sauce is one of the famous emulsion sauces in the globe .

If you wonder what we have got to discuss here then let me give a rough idea . Here we will discuss about –

  • What is Hollandaise Sauce
  • How to prepare Hollandaise Sauce
  • Nutritional values and calorie details of Hollandaise Sauce
  • Hollandaise Sauce Ingredients
  • Hollandaise Sauce Recipe
  • Different Hollandaise Sauce
  • How to store Hollandaise Sauce

And so on , may be everything you would like to know about the Hollandaise Sauce will be available here with a scroll .

What is Hollandaise Sauce ?

Hollandaise Sauce is popular known as Dutch Sauce . It is a type of emulsified sauce . It is because Hollandaise Sauce basically is made up of emulsion of certain items like egg yolk , water , lemon , liquid butter . Hollandaise Sauce is a dutch origin sauce which a base for many other sauces as well. If you take top French Mother Sauces then Hollandaise Sauce comes under top 5 list . So you can understand its popularity in Sauce world .

Hollandaise Sauce Ingredients 

There is just 2 main ingredients that you can’t avoid while making a Classic Hollandaise Sauce .

  • Egg Yolk
  • Butter

These are unavoidable Classic Hollandaise Sauce Ingredients .

But you can prepare Hollandaise Sauce without egg yolk also . That we will discuss in the upcoming section for those vegan lovers . A Vegan Hollandaise Sauce without egg that will be a best part indeed .

Here is the Ingredients to Hollandaise Sauce ( Classic Hollandaise Sauce )

  • Egg Yolk
  • Melted butter cool down to room temperature
  • Cream
  • Salt
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Lemon juice / White wine vinegar

These are the ingredients to prepare the emulsified Hollandaise Sauce .

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Hollandaise Sauce Recipe – How to prepare Hollandaise Sauce 

If you are looking for an easy Hollandaise Sauce Recipe then here we are making it for you .

First we will look into Classic Hollandaise Sauce Recipe .

How to prepare Hollandaise Sauce – Recipe 

    1. First take a thick bowl .
    2. Now break the eggs and separate the egg yolk and take it on the thick bowl.
    3. Now on the gas top place a thick bottomed heavy pan and place medium amount of water.
    4. Keep the flame on simmer mode because we don’t want the water to get so hot and bubble . Now place the thick bowl with egg yolk above the thick bottomed pan with water .
    5. Make sure the water in the pan doesn’t touch the bowl and try to take the bowl in between when you fee the pan got heated much .
    6. Now add lemon juice or white wine vinegar into the egg yolk , a pinch of salt and water . Now start whisking it with wire whisker .
    7. Now from the bottom pan boiling water’s heat the yolk while whisking starts to thick and appears to be glassy and shiny .
    8. You have to whisk it continuously till it starts to thicken.
    9. Once it appears thickening add butter into it teaspoon by teaspoon and start whisking .
    10. During the process if you find the sauce is getting over thickened then consider adding little bit of water .
    11. Now add a pinch of Cayenne pepper.
    12. If you like to have it little more spicy then you can add a pinch of garlic powder , paprika , white pepper powder also .

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How to make Hollandaise Sauce with Mayonnaise ( Mock Hollandaise Sauce Easy Recipe )

Many people do look for ways to make easy Hollandaise Sauce at home with Mayonnaise then here is the simple recipe for it .

  1.  Take adequate Mayonnaise in a bowl .
  2. Now add a small teaspoon of lemon juice and add Dijon
  3. Now add either the melted butter or add butter naturally.
  4. Now add a pinch of salt and cayenne pepper .
  5. Now all you have to do is whisk it continuously till it thickens.

Here we have discussed the easy homemade Hollandaise Sauce recipe . As this is not having egg , its good vegan Hollandaise Sauce recipe to stick on .

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Hollandaise Sauce without Lemon juice

You can prepare Hollandaise Sauce without Lemon juice easily . To prepare this you are just changing one item in the recipe . Yes ! you have to replace the lemon juice with vinegar reduction.

Now the question is what vinegar you should use for Hollandaise Sauce preparation ? I prefer white wine vinegar and i strictly don’t prefer plain vinegar for Hollandaise Sauce .

Taste of Hollandaise Sauce with lemon and vinegar

Most of the people prefer Hollandaise Sauce with lemon .Because Hollandaise with vinegar is not a commonly preferred choice .

If you want to make make Hollandaise Sauce with Vinegar reduction prefer for white wine vinegar .

I don’t know exactly but heard some people prefer red wine vinegar also (Not my choice may be if yours , try it )

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Hollandaise Sauce Microwave recipe 

You can make easy Hollandaise Sauce in Microwave within 5 minutes hardly . So here is the Hollandaise Sauce Microwave recipe  –

  1. Take a microwave safe bowl and add eggs , lime juice and water into the bowl .
  2. Now whisk it and for 15 microwave it . So your Hollandaise Sauce gets 50% cooked .
  3. Now whisk again after taking from microwave .
  4. Now you have to do the same process three times more.
  5. Now on to the thick mixture you took from microwave add melted butter & whisk again.
  6. Now add salt and cayenne pepper .

That’s it you are done with Hollandaise Sauce Microwave recipe .

Prepare Hollandaise Sauce blender

If you ever worried about Hollandaise Sauce curdled or got separated then you can try this method . You can make Hollandaise Sauce without a blender or a whisker also . Here if you want to use blender to make Hollandaise Sauce then all you have to do is to follow these steps-

  1. In a blender take all the ingredients – egg yolk ,lime juice ,pinch of salt mainly . But if you like you can add cayenne pepper, little onion powder ,garlic powder ,Dijon mustard ,paprika pinch also.
  2. Lemon juice you can add more if you prefer .
  3. Now blend it and mean time heat the butter and pour hot melted butter into the blender and again blend it.

That’s it you are done with the sauce.

Hollandaise Sauce calories and Nutritional Facts – Must know 

Here is the calorie and nutritional fact of Hollandaise Sauce . So you can consider the data given to analyze this to understand whether Hollandaise Sauce is healthy or no .

How to store Hollandaise Sauce 

You can store Hollandaise Sauce in refrigerator for 1 or 2 days if you refrigerate it within 2 hours of cooking .

How to warm up Hollandaise Sauce

It is always advised to prepare Hollandaise Sauce just before an hour of serving it . Now when you want to re use the sauce that you prepared already then you can warm up Hollandaise Sauce by microwaving it for 15 seconds in a glass bowl and stir it . Do it till it get heated , try stirring it without it get over thickening .

One Common Myth of Hollandaise Sauce

Don’t get confused with Hollandaise Sauce and Bearnaise Sauce because both are different . For those who have the confusion whether Hollandaise Sauce and Bearnaise Sauce are same ? Then here is the simple answer No . To say precisely the latter is the derivative of the former . ( Read again if you didn’t got the point )

I guess we have discussed almost everything that you would desire to know about Hollandaise Sauce . Hope you guys like it .

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