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Fix “Voice search has been turned off” error for google now

I have got an error of “Voice search has been turned off” error from google now which was weird at first and I did not understand how on the earth was that possible.

The options on official website of Google was good but it did not help me much so finally my brain came to my rescue and I decided to research on it. The research part is quite boring but the results are equally exciting and fruitful so I decided to sit down with my pen and paper and decided to solve this issue with a better approach. My research yielded well and today I will share both the solution and also the approach to solve such various types of problem.

So after gathering as much information as I could about the issue I started by debugging and I am here sharing my method with you so that you can also solve Voice search has been turned off error .

What Is Google Now ?

It is basically an intelligent and a smart personal assistant (or just an artificially intelligent AI software piece) which was developed by google to give better quality service to their customers.

Google Now has been launched integrated in the Google app for both the Android and also the iOS. This particular service had became available specially for iOS since the 29th of April in 2013 with an exclusion from most of the features available today.

Google Now Vs Google Assistant ?

Basically there is a comparison between both that is Google Now Vs Google Assistant .

Google Now is basically a voice responsive personal assistant. But unlike Siri and Cortana like AI’s Google Now is not a platform specific since this app works on both Android and iOS devices. This amazing app lets you quickly and efficiently search the web and perform a variety of tasks(logically you do not have to type and perform operations) such as scheduling events and alarms or adjusting your volume and even posting to social media all this using your own commands in person (or voice commands). You can do Voice search on Google Now .

Whereas Google Assistant is technically a next generation of Google Now meaning it does most of the things similar to Now but including a friendlier and more conversational interface which is better. It basically performs all the same tasks as Google Now which are events and alarms or adjusting your volume and even posting to social media using your own commands directly in person (or voice commands).

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What To Check When Google Now Voice Search Is Not Working ?

When you find that Google Now Voice search Is not working then check out certain things .

There are various methods to check and What I did was basically hook up a microphone and tested it using my favorite operating system windows(do not ask me which version of windows did I use). After a long time I was nearly ready to start yelling out loud like a mad man “OK Google” just so that I could bring up the Google Now screen to perform voice searches but to my surprise it did not work and after that I was pretty sure that the microphone had no issues what so ever and it was something else i was looking for so instead of directly bringing up the search screen I did it manually and the chrome browser threw a message saying that said “Voice search has been turned off”.

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At this point of time I was really confused not realizing that the solution was right in front of me. So my view got stuck to details tab and I selected the “Details” link which was not at all useful not really that much, and I was again not able to find the solution of the issue. After banging my head with the floor for quite some time fortunately and finally I was able to fix this problem of Voice search has been turned off with just a few steps and I realized how easy it was to solve this issue.

After my research I was not only able to find a single solution but I developed two solutions after that I was at the top of the world and really happy. So now my friend I will state not one but two methods on how to solve this issue.

Easiest Method to ” Fix Google Now Voice search error” is to utilize Address Bar for enabling

When you are on the same google page where you received this annoying message of “Voice search has been turned off” you can observe a bit closely to check that if you see an icon there that has appeared previously in your address bar just next to the bookmark star. All you have to do is put your mouse over it and if and only if it says “This page has been blocked from accessing your microphone“, then you are in no trouble since from there you have to perform these simple steps:

  • All you have to do is select the icon in your address bar and then you have to choose or tick on “Always allow www.google.com to access your microphone.” and that’s it. This basically gives the access to your microphone which was not given before.
  • After you have to select the microphone you were using from the drop-down menu you see.
  • Finally the most difficult step is here so take note, you have to select ‘Done’ and just remember me for solving your problem.

The second Method by Chrome Settings are useful for enabling Google Now Voice search

Here you have to open google chrome and select the Menu button which will be located at the upper-right corner and if you do not find it probably it is time for you to wear glasses.

  • You have to select select Settings.
  • Then you have to open the “Advanced” tab which will be at the bottom and if you do not see it just leave it and screenshot your error in comment section.
  • Then you have to go in the “Privacy and security” section and when you are in it you have to select “Content settings” option to move further and if you do not see this then probably commenting a screenshot in the comment section would be a better choice.
  • Then after you have completed the above mentioned steps successfully you have to select the “Ask when a site requires access to your microphone (recommended)” option(If it is selected then deselect it and then again select it) or you can simply skip this step and directly select the “Allow” option. Then you have to add “https://www.google.com” to this list and then set it so that it allows audio.

After you have successfully implemented one of the above mentioned methods then you should now be able to use Google Voice commands with Google Chrome without a problem. If there is any error then repeat the above mentioned method once again and refresh your page. At last you have to share this article so that maximum people can read it and comment any suggestions you would like me to include.

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