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Decades ago, smartphones were used exactly for what they were supposed to do – for calling. But now the scenario has changed. World has improved a lot with the smartphones that are now like pocket PCs. Apart from the options for calls, smartphones now have options for high quality cameras and videos integrated with editing, compasses and GPS to know the location, Health and fitness apps, applications to monitor the daily activities, latest NFC technology and much more. We can use smartphones for calling, sending messages, for online payment of bills, reading and sending mails and messages. Furthermore, there are several Smartphone applications that help to monitor our health status. The GPS facility in our smartphones have made a revolutionary change by helping us to reach places without any prior knowledge of the path and also has helped in the positioning of  various objects and persons too. The way you can Improve The World With  Smartphone is amazing that, people cannot imagine a life without them.


The way smartphones has changed the world around us is totally unbelievable and now they have become an integral part of our life.

10 ways to improve the world with smartphone

From education to entertainment, all fields of life have been benefited with smartphone applications. Years ago, if you needed to pay the phone bill or make a bank transaction, you have to go to the respective office and do the necessary. But, now with the smartphone applications you can quickly do all these within minutes anywhere at any time. The world and culture has evolved in a proud way with the use of smartphones.Here we are listing the top 10 way to Improve The World With  Smartphone.

Web everywhere

Browsing in web was earlier restricted to our Personal computers and later on to our laptops. But now as smartphone has come into the world, we can have access to the internet all the time irrespective of where we are and the time.browse-with-smartphoneSmartphone applications are now making the world around us smart by providing web access to every place. We can configure all the devices around us to our smartphones now that internet of things has come into role.So everything is at your finger tips now with smartphone . It is a great way on how to Improve The World With  Smartphone.


Earlier if we need to send an urgent email, then it would take a lot of time as we need to switch on our PCs, connect the internet to it, log into the account etc…But now, we can use the smartphone to quickly read and send emails without any time delay.If you ask me i start my day by checking my emails as the first job i do . So its a great improvement to life.

Updates news

There are many smartphone applications that help to know the relevant news and that too, of the topic of our choice. The current affairs are all available at our fingertips.

If you use android or iOS smartphones then my personal suggestion of smart phone news application is Flipboard ,CNN App,Google News & Weather .

Reading books and dictionary

We can read books in our smartphone by just downloading it or in online. And as per our need we can use the dictionary applications to check the words thereby improving the vocabulary and reading habit.Need not to go to library and check racks nor you don’t have to worry about the space that is occupied by your book collection.


We can use the Translator applications available in our smartphones to help us with  the meaning and explanation of languages which are quite foreign to us.It gives us the joy in understanding so many language . Sometimes the way translator can  help you will be to propose your crush on her native language . So its just awesome feature of smartphone in improving our world.

Stop Watch/ Voice Recorder

Instead of peering at our watch for the time limit we can just set our stop watch and carry on with other tasks. Also, the voice recorder helps us to record any important details so that we need not write it all. It saves our time.

Remote Control

While we make a presentation or if our television remote is not working, we can just use the smartphone application to control the whole thing. It helps us a lot in our daily activities.

Sensors and health apps

There are hundreds of sensors built into our smartphones and they are used by the smartphones to know our health and fitness.

health-appsThe calories that we have burnt or the amount of water that is to be consumed a day etc.. can all be monitored by the  smartphone applications. To know your heart rate you need not go to a doctor, instead you can use the smartphone application and know it in a minute.It is a best way to witness how to Improve The World With  Smartphone.

Information apps

There are several information apps for charity works that has a group of people as members. If a patient is in urgent need of any medical help, such applications can be used to pass the information. This way, smartphone applications for emergency medical situation too.

Communication media

The smartphone applications like whatsapp etc..can be used by millions of people to stay in touch with each other. Such smartphone applications have conquered the time and distance between people.

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 Real life applications

There are many real life smartphone applications that help you to make your life better. You can check the reason for the engine leakage in your car, prevents drunken driving, helps you to improve your speaking skill as well as basketball skills and much more .The use of smartphones can definitely improve the world around us. Whether it be for education or entertainment smartphone applications can help us in a way that it totally unbelievable.

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Smartphone applications save our time and effort and provides accurate and adequate amount of information and help Smartphones are like our friend whom we can carry around in our pocket. We never becomes lonely and rather smartphone applications would keep us updated always, reminds us if we have missed something and about important dates, keeps track of our medical conditions and a lot more. It has completely become an inevitable part of our life.Thus there is a great chase for the best smartphones in the world. 

So just see how you Improve The World With  Smartphone , it is just the positive side of technology in our life .







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