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Damn sure that there is no such innovation like Pokemon Go !!!

Pokemon Go have hit a change in the market trend and social trend all together.Pokemon Go , an augmented reality game . This is a recent trendsetter of this century. Niantic has released this Pokemon Go very recently on July 2016 . Surprisingly within the short period the game became viral enough. Hard to believe , but its true even Pokemon Go has reached a high number of users than Twitter or Facebook also.

Pokemon Go is now officially available in some countries and consistently available in other countries. You can download Pokemon Go on any android mobile and iPhone .

This game can be played as both Single user and Multiple user.

All Possible ways to Make Money by Playing Pokemon Go

When the craze of Pokemon Go is high among people now its scope in economic way is equally increasing. Some people are getting benefited with Pokemon Go commercially. Pokemon Go is a game that have attracted every section of the society. This made everyone to run around the streets to hunt the monsters. It’s all crazy but it also opened up a new business market for many .Now Pokemon Go make money easily .

Here we tell you How does Pokemon Go make money  –

Pokemon Go is not all about fun !!!  It is a mixed platform where you get fun, you earn playing Pokemon Go , you buy services to play Pokemon Go and you sell services related to Pokemon Go .

  1. Boost your local Business / a new start up with Pokemon Go

 If you are a new local start up or a local business person looking to attract more customers. Now you can do it with Pokemon Go to increase your revenue. It’s a best way to make money with Pokemon Go .

 pokeman go for business

Many restaurants, bars, family now make money with Pokemon Go by attracting people by placing a lure near any PokeStop . People now want to get a refreshment center where there is entertainment. So using Pokemon Go to attract is one way to earn money using Pokemon Go.

  1. Start a Recharging Station in PokeStop Parks

People on their craze to hunt monsters come to parks to find the monsters and their phone battery will drop out with their great time of playing .Here it is a chance to make your business . Go to such PokeStops and place a table and start renting Portable chargers to Pokemon Go players.

  1. Start a Refreshment centre in PokeStop Parks


Recharge the Pokemon Go players with your refreshment centre. Offer water bottles, soft drink cans, snacks. For sure this will not give you over stock if you place it on a good PokeStop and to avoid further complications check the terms of license at your place to set up your refreshment centre. This is a way to earn money using Pokemon Go .

  1. Sell your Pokemon Go account on High rates

You have a Pokemon Go account with crossing about 15 to 20 levels then you are sure you can win it again. But some crazy Pokemon Go lovers want to play the game without touching fingers till the main levels. So you can sell your top account for a good amount of money.This is a way to make money by playing Pokemon Go.

Note – According to Pokemon Go’s Terms and conditions selling your account is banned. So try to rent it. Why you kill a golden duck in one stab!!!

  1. Claim the best gigs

TaskRabbit & Mechanical Turk are now your place to earn some extra money with Pokemon Go .Here you have to find out the high paying gigs.

  1. Drive With a Pokemon Go Player and earn

pokeman go bus

The 24/7 Pokemon Go bus is now hitting the business in Newyork and in every part of the country we can find freelance drivers who take the Pokemon Go players around for drive to help them find the monsters around the streets .It is a brilliant way to earn more money with Pokemon Go.

  1. Become a pet/kid caretaker

Lovers of the game now look for a pet/kid caretaker as they need to make their time with their favorite game to hunt monsters. Irrespective of your educational background here a new world of opportunity is opened before you to earn more money with Pokemon Go.

  1. Be a Pokemon Go adviser to earn with Pokemon Go

Help Pokemon Go lovers by giving them guidance to install, tips on playing Pokemon Go  and to find the monsters. You can earn by this and also by giving advice to new start up to use your idea of boosting their business with Pokemon Go & tell them how does Pokemon Go make money.

Advertise your PokeStop and get players gather there which will eventually give a market for your business. One multinational trick used by an American mobile company was brilliant to give free data plan on Pokemon Go app to attract more customers. So it’s equally a working plan for the small, big to Multinational companies to earn money with Pokemon Go. 

  1. Sell rare Pokemon

Again we remind you selling is banned but still you can rent your Pokemon Go account . In  case you are not willing to play much but you have the rare Pokemon captured then your account is still worth. It doesn’t matters how many levels you crossed . All that matters is how many rare Pokemon you have captured in the game.

  1. Become an egg hatcher to earn Playing Pokemon Go

 Those who are lazy to walk and run but curious to play the game look for someone who can walk for them and find the rare Pokemon Go Egg and hatch it for them. For this service you can charge well. It’s an easy way to earn playing Pokemon Go .

These are the all possible ways to earn money with Pokemon Go .These are the  guidelines to reap money with your service , efficiency and how you can get benefit from a PokeStop . Near the PokeStop lucky you are to earn more.

Earn with Fun & Pay for Fun !!!

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