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We all know that technology is developing every minute and augmented reality apps are one of the results of its development.In this article, I am going to talk about Best Augmented Reality Apps.

What is an Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality app is a software application that combines visual content into the user’s real environment. It is a technology that integrates images generated by computers on user’s view of the real world. Augmented Reality uses the real world environment and adds more information on it this makes it different from virtual reality, which creates an artificial environment. Augmented apps bring elements of the virtual world, into the real world. It gives the experience of both the real and virtual world.

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality ( AR Vs VR )

Augmented Reality differs from Virtual Reality so here we will see AR Vs VR ie, Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality

  • In simple words, the major difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is that virtual reality offers a complete virtual or artificial environment, whereas augmented reality offer to add something more to the existing reality.
  • Augmented reality offer users to experience real world with adding virtual components to it such images, graphics and more, whereas virtual reality offers users its own created reality that is created by using computers.
  • Augmented reality combines the real world and virtual world, whereas virtual reality completely sidelines the real world.
  • Augmented Reality can be used on smartphones and tablets. they use your mobile’s camera to give you the view of the real world and then put layers of the virtual world, whereas virtual reality offers a complete artificial view.
  • Most famous example of augmented reality app is Pokemon Go and Most famous example of virtual reality app is Google Earth.

Uses of Augmented reality apps and how they are useful

Although augmented reality app got more famous when Android and iOS smartphones came with GPS features, camera, and other capabilities. It makes the reality around users into a digital interface by adding virtual elements in it. Augmented Reality uses the reality and adds new information on it.

It is a technology that combines virtual reality with the real world in the form of video or imagery that is digitally enhanced with computer-generated graphics. You can experience it through headsets and through displays of mobile phones.

When augmented apps started accessed smartphones it led to the development of huge varieties of augmented reality apps.

Augmented apps doing very well in every field such as games, education, lifestyle, busineess and more.Let’s have a look at the list of best-augmented apps in different fields.

Best Augmented Reality Apps

Here is the list of some of the Best augmented Reality Apps which are used in different fields .

  1. Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go is the Best augmented reality game.This is the most popular game it allows users to catch virtual Pokemon that are hidden throughout the map of the real environment. It uses the real geographical locations of the users The game allows the players to find and catch many species of Pokemon around them. The app works on both Android and iOS platforms.

    Hopefully Pokemon Go is one of the most popular known Best augmented Reality Apps .

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  2. Ingress

    Ingress is one of the best-augmented reality apps for game. This App allows users to experience a completely different world.This App from Google turns reality surrounding into capturable objectives in-game portals. Landmarks and points of interest are captured on your mobiles. It just uses GPS technology to access your location and gives you a view of augmented reality.

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  3. Aurasma

    Aurasma is one of the best-augmented apps for education. It is Free and available for both Android and iPhone platforms. This app is very useful to complete project works. If you find the logo of an augmented app on newspapers, magazines, books and on any product there is a chance for you to discover Aura. It is the only app that allows users to create and share their own augmented reality. Users can also create their own Auras and can also share them with friends and other Aurasma users. It
    allows users to send a video message on the greetings card.

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  4. AR Flashcards App

    AR Flashcards Appone of the Best augmented Reality Apps in education sector it introduced a new way to learn.You can use this app even your ward is not going to school, they can start learning through this app. And as it is learning through technology your ward will definitely show extra interest.Learning through this app is fun. There are also 3D images available with the voice this attracts children more. The best app to help children learn.

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  5. Amikasa app

    Amikasa app is available for iOS platform. It is an augmented reality app for lifestyle. If you want to buy new furniture for your home this app will surely help you to decide what to buy. This app offers help to users to style their home and find out the perfect layout before users buy furniture. Users by using their iPhone or iPad’s camera can easily walk around their home and can place 3D models of furniture to see how they look. Through this app, you can also take suggestions from your family and friends. It is thus a popular iOS Augmented reality app .

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  6. QR Scanner

    Users can download QR Scanner from GOOGLE PLAY. Barcode and QR scanners are the first AR apps.It works by using user’s camera to read various barcodes. It can handle barcodes and QR codes. This app also saves user’s scans that they have already made so they can recall them later. It is one of the most important AR apps available for android users.

  7. Wikitude app

    Wikitude app is one of the best augmented app for business. It offers user’s to use their mobile camera in a particular area, this app gives users all the geographical info that might be of use for your traveling, routes to the landmarks and also the directions to the nearest shops, ATMs, hotels and more. Wikitude offers spots on the map for the local businesses to promote in a form of augmented business.

  8. Google Translate

    Google Translate available for both Android and iOS platforms. This helps users to translate texts and audio, and it becomes more useful with its augmented reality real-time visual translation features. Users just need to hold up their smartphone camera and focus on the document or text they want to translate, and this app will provide the users real-time translations of words and phrases from a variety of languages. Users can also download language packs, allowing for select offline translations.

  9. Strava’s Fitness

    Strava’s Fitness is a Best augmented Reality Apps for fitness and easy lifestyle. It allows users to visualize their running and biking routes in 3D. Users can make an account on Strava’s fitness and can upload their routes and can even explore new routes this app will display a 3D map and also allow users to explore the map from different angles.

  10. World Brush

    Word Brush app is one of the Best augmented Reality Apps available for free for iOS users. It is an iOS augmented reality app that allows users to use virtual brushes to draw and paint over real-world. Once users complete their virtual painting it is saved according to its GPS location, and the app also allows other users to view virtual paintings of word brush users. And there are options available for like, dislike, and report.


Through above discussion, we come to know about Best augmented Reality Apps in different fields such as education, games, and lifestyle. You can install these apps according to your need and as they all are augmented app they will give you different experience which you will definitely enjoy.

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