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Some have the habit of drinking coffee and some tea in the morning to start off the day. It is not only refreshing but also has health benefits when consumed in a limited quantity. If you have that question in mind – Tea or Coffee? then here is an article to help you compare Tea Vs Coffee .

The two most common beverages consumed all over the world are tea and coffee. There have been wars raged in the past for access to these products. Tea is obtained from leaf of a plant whereas coffee is from the bean.

Tea Vs Coffee – Caffeine

Both coffee and tea are believed to be addictive as they contain a natural chemical that provides stimulation, the caffeine. Hence both are hazardous to health if consumed in large quantities. Caffeine tolerance varies among individuals, with some being more sensitive than the others.

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When we speak about the caffeine in Tea Vs Coffee , It is a myth that the caffeine content in tea is more than that of coffee. This is true while measuring coffee or tea in dry forms, but false when measuring brewed coffee and tea. Also the quantity of tea required to prepare a cup is much lesser as compared to coffee for the same quantity of water. Therefore, coffee is the most widely used psychoactive substance followed by tea.

The amount of caffeine in both Tea Vs Coffee , that is on these two beverages depends on various factors. Some of these are the method and length of brewing or steeping. Also the positions of leaves on the plants affect the concentration of caffeine. The highest leaves on the plant being the youngest contain the greatest concentration of caffeine and antioxidants.

Tea– Has approximately 55 mg of caffeine per cup. The caffeine content varies among the different types of tea. Green tea has the least content of caffeine. The caffeine present in the tea is said to increase the concentration, and also increase the sense of taste and smell. The caffeine in tea takes a long time to enter our blood system and thus effects of tea are observed late in our body. Tea also has tannin, catechin, vitamin E, Vitamin C, natural fluorine, and polysaccharides.

Tea is used as a drink to reduce stress . But rather than depending on tea to reduce headache / stress there are ways to effectively reduce stress . Also some of the best aromatic oils relieves stress quickly than a caffeinated tea or coffee.

Coffee – Has approximately 125-185 mg of caffeine per cup. The caffeine in coffee is associated with a lift followed by a letdown. As compared to tea, the caffeine effects in coffee are immediate. Coffee is known to arouse feelings of anxiety known as coffee jitters. Coffee has caffeine, trigonelline, chlorogenic acid, phenolic acid, amino acid, carbohydrates, minerals, organic acids and aldehydes, ketones, esters, amines, and mercaptans.

There are studies studying that Tea Vs Coffee in moderation have no harmful effects. About 2 cups of coffee a day and 4 or 5 cups of tea are said to be harmless to our system.

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Benefits of tea and coffee

Both these beverages have benefit. But it is difficult to pinpoint what those are due to the large amount of contradictory studies. Researchers have focused on benefits of coffee.

It is shown that coffee can reduce the incidence of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or even type 2 diabetes. Caffeine in coffee can also relax the lung airways and thus help people with bronchial asthma. Caffeine in coffee can narrow the blood vessels and thus reduce migraines and is also good in reducing hangover.

Tea has loads of antioxidants, tannin, and catechin which can fight against cancer and also prevents heart disease.

Why not coffee or tea?

Caffeine is bad when consumed in large quantities. So tea or coffee in large quantities results in increased tachycardia, anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, restlessness, and nausea. High amounts of coffee are known to increase the LDL, the bad cholesterol because of the presence of a fat-like chemical, called cafestol. Coffee is more acidic than tea. Due to this it is known to cause heart burn, GERD, and acid reflux.

Tea contains fluoride, which is good for teeth, but too much of it can increase risk of brittle bones and osteofluorosis. Tea reduces the absorption of iron and certain medications.

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Which one is better Tea Vs Coffee ?

There have been plenty of surveys done on the topic – tea Vs. Coffee.

Tea Vs Coffee has been an interesting topic for debate for years for the researchers. Based on these research studies it is proved that tea tops the list among these two beverages. Drinking tea has lots of benefits.

  1. Tea replenishes the fluid intake and thus hydrates the body. Tea is generally pure with just water and the awesome tea flavour. On a sunny hot day, tea can replace fluids lost by sweating and can keep our body hydrated quicker.
  2. Several studies show that tea reduces the risk of developing certain cancers and tumours. This has been noted by emperors in China almost five thousand years ago.
  3. Tea with less amounts of caffeine can keep you going longer as compared to coffee which will give a bigger rush of caffeine nd has depressing effect compared to tea.
  4. In modern world, it is much easier to prepare tea as compared to coffee.
  5. Tea is loaded with antioxidants compared to coffee. Antioxidants rejuvenate the body and are of various other benefits to the body. Tea has plenty of them.
  6. Tea helps in losing those extra pounds as it is a calorie free drink.
  7. Tea is a good drink for teeth as compared to coffee. Tea has fluoride required for healthy teeth.
  8. Tea consuming people are found to be having strong bones and were having less chance of developing osteoporosis. Tea also helps in promoting healthy bone formation.
  9. Tea reduce stress and strengthens the immune system.

Coffee versus tea

Coffee versus tea is a lot like politics. By all means it is good to drink tea or coffee. The important thing is how we use them. Moderate daily consumption is safe and also provides health benefits.

The effects of coffee are felt instantly, as caffeine is absorbed quickly. So it can be used for a quick rush of energy, thus making it very popular first thing in the morning. Tea, on the other hand, gives “slow burn” sustained energy boost. Tea requires time for preparation and time to sip. Thus it is considered as a beverage of soothing.

So thus now the choice is yours to sip Coffee or tea .

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