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We literally say Love is like air,food,water etc etc.

Hope you guys know that these days a breakup is very common and can’t even guess one would have crossed how many boyfriend or girlfriend in life. Relationship are getting worse for many matters and sometime a next relationship is like a nightmare to many people .

Things to Know in Love before breakup

The killing thought that prevents you from loving someone by giving them a second chance in life comes with a great question.

“Am i his rebound girlfriend ???…..”

“Am i her rebound boyfriend ???…..”

Trust me people this is the worst question to deal in a relationship for anyone. The other person even if they try hard again and again they will get fed up of proving themselves .

Now the second most root cause for breakup comes in the form of next set of questions . Huh, i should say this is more worse than the other .That devilish thing is a miscommunication .

“You see it’s not working between us , we need to break up .”

But why – “You don’t love me and i am fed up of loving you by putting great effort .”

Hope many of the readers have come across this lines in different ways but all together the sum up meaning will be same.

We will be fed up as you don’t understand what exactly the other person mean by the love and what kind of love they are looking for . Sometimes you will even go mad without a clue what more you have to make them understand you love them.

Are you going to google on tips to impress . Go ahead i don’t say that it is not worth reading , it will give you many ideas on how to love your partner in different ways . But our topic is focused on why we breakup for these two major things .

We need a change in our thoughts of love before we breakup and what is that is all we going to say.

So from the first line with which which i began i would like to change your thoughts of love before breakup .I was thinking that all these elements – food , water ,air are something which is necessary for survival or whatever we call it as ‘existence’.

Act of Purification and forget the form at first instance

Can we think about using these three elements when its impure . Suppose say you need a glass of water you would choose for clean .So as if love is one such element then why not make it “PURE”. Instead of that what we are expecting is it should be pure when we get it . Here some controversy may come like love is always pure and the person we love is not necessarily pure always . If there is no person there is no love like if there is no body where the soul can reside to make you alive.

Now here comes the confusion what the hell i mean by pure .Even i just want to specify that or else its gonna be misunderstood.

Do you get everything in this first instance as pure ? Obviously NO.

Take example you buy food items like veggies or fish or meat whatever you make sure you clean it . The process of purification – Why don’t we apply it on our love ? We are all not saints or holy men we may need to be purified even instead of kicking out in first instance as oh its with patches and dust may be even rusted .So take it to purification to love it as yours and forget its pre-form.

This will solve your problem of whether it is a rebound relationship . You make sure you do your part and convey the other person that you are absolutely normal if the life that you going is live will be just yours. You can frankly say that what they were is all you want to ignore and make sure they don’t remind you about the past by comparisons .

Serve the right kind of Love not the kind of love you like to feed yourself 

Now secondly we all can’t love every kind of food or water or even when we change place the air can also be different . This creates dissatisfaction or even suffocation .Same happens in love. The kind of love you look for may be different and what you get may be different .This i would like to call as the problem of serving.

Serve me with what i want not what you like to feed me . Ask me for what you want because i am not having the magic ball and wand to predict whats’s going on in that beautiful mind.

Suppose you need time of the person but the person is interested in sending you tickets for your favorite shows . It won’t satisfy neither of you. Because he would think you didn’t appreciated his efforts while you would be disappointed that all he can do is to make me engaged on something so i don’t demand his time.

So please try to rethink about love before you end a relationship . Because its worth to hold a relationship when it is all a matter of our thoughts to be changed.

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  1. Bonobology

    The problem with our generation is we spend a lot of effort in demands, expectations, fleeting pleasures rather than seeking something vital and ‘preserving’ it. Hence, break-up.

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