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Pregnancy stage is one of the best stages in a woman’s life. She will be the happiest person in the family to have a baby in her womb. But the stretch marks after delivery would not be that nice. Stretch marks after your pregnancy can be very visible. There are ways to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy , yep Stretch Mark Removal after pregnancy is possible .

Every mother would have come across this stage of life. A lot many women are worried thinking about how to remove stretch marks after delivery. A majority of the women will have stretch marks after their pregnancy as their skin expands and then contracts.  The colour of the marks can vary depending on the skin type. Some women might not get the stretch marks, but at the other end many ladies will have dark coloured stretch marks.

Everyone would want to reduce the stretch marks after their delivery. They will definitely want their tummy to look beautiful again. So, what are you ladies waiting for? There are a number of natural remedies we can try at home to reduce the stretch marks after delivery. Pregnancy Stretch Mark Removal is not a herculean task , it can done with common home remedies.

But true that home remedies takes time for Stretch mark removal but if you don’t have that patience you can opt for stretch mark removal creams .

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Natural remedies’ for Stretch Mark Removal after Delivery

Slow and steady wins the race , so as natural remedies for stretch mark removal . But here the winning is no side effects stretch mark removal method it will be.

Aloe Vera to remove Early stage Stretch Marks

For an early stage stretch mark, you can use aloe vera gel to reduce the marks. If you have fresh aloe vera at home, then that is the right pick. Cut a fresh leaf and take the gel out of it. Apply it directly on the tummy till the gel absorbs into your skin. When you feel it is dry, use a damp cloth and wipe it off. Do this daily to see quick results.

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Essential Oils to Prevent Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Take your favourite essential oils and make a mix of it. Take equal amounts of olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil. You can surely use any essential oils of your choice, but I always prefer these three. 

If you start applying olive oil from your first trimester till your delivery, you might not even have any stretch marks.

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Shea Butter to Reduce Stretch Marks

Organic shea butter can be used to reduce the stretch marks after pregnancy. You can alternatively use organic cocoa butter. Both shea and cocoa butter will revitalize your skin and reduce the marks gradually on your tummy. Apply this shea butter twice a day for a few weeks and you can slowly notice the colour change of the stretch marks.

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Coffee Beans Scrub for Stretch Mark Removal

As you all know the coffee contains caffeine and yes that is why we suggest coffee bean scrub for removal of your stretch marks after delivery. Likewise, the coffee bean has antioxidants that help to protect your skin from any damages.

To make this scrub, ground the coffee beans with some olive oil and coconut oil. Apply this scrub onto your tummy and scrub softly for a few mins. Leave it to dry and wash it off with cold water.

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Lemon and Potato Juice for Stretch Mark Removal

Make a mixture of lemon and potato juice and apply it to on the stretch marks. Leave it to dry and wash it off with cool water. Do this daily to see the change. The vitamins in lemon and potato are anther best option for removing the stretch marks.

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Egg whites to tighten belly skin and Stretch Mark Removal

Egg whites can give a glow to your skin and it also brings back your skin colour. Try this remedy for stretch mark removal every day. Take an egg white and whisk it softly using a fork and apply it on your marks with a brush. You can wash it with cold water once it is dry.

Try these simple natural home remedies to remove your stretch marks after delivery. It will take while to get your original skin colour. You will see that the marks are fading day by day. It totally depends on each skin type. There are other ointments and oils available in the market. You can even consult a cosmologist to get advice. Natural remedies are always there for you and you can try it at your own home any day.

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