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Birthmarks can be found on any parts of your body. Not everyone has a birthmark. Some people might have birthmarks on their face, hands legs, scalp or anywhere. These marks on the face or any visible areas might be disturbing you. You might even lose your confidence if you have a large birth mark on noticeable areas like face, neck, hands etc. So those who consider Birthmark Removal can find this useful tips .

Some people do not even bother about their birth marks if it is a covered area. But some will be uncomfortable and embarrassed.  There can be various other pigmentation on your skin that can occur due to hormonal changes in your body. Check your mark and identify it first and then start your treatment for birthmark removal .  For those who would like to remove the birthmark , then follow any of the following ideas that help in birthmark removal.

Easy Methods for Birthmark Removal at home

It is always a better idea to use some natural and healthy remedies to get rid of the birthmarks. Natural ways or birthmark removal might take some time when compared to laser treatments. But natural ways are always good for your skin.

1)      Lemon Juice to remove birthmark

Rub lemon juice over the birthmark and leave it to dry for 20 mins. Wash it off with warm water. You can alternatively use cotton ball to dip in lemon juice and place over the mark. Please note, if your skin is very sensitive, dilute the lemon juice with a few drops of water. Do this twice in a day for about 2 weeks and start noticing that the colour of your birthmark fading . You can continue doing this process until the mark fades.

For small birth mark without any bumps and is as smooth as your skin, then you your some lemon scrub. Mix lemon juice with sugar granules and scrub on your mark softly every day.

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2)      Apricot and Papaya for birthmark removal 

The vitamins in papaya and apricot can help reduce any kind of pigmentation on your body. Mix the juice of two fruits and apply on your birthmark daily. Leave it to dry for 20 mins and rinse off with lukewarm water. This natural remedy is also good to exfoliate your skin and make your skin look shiny and clear.

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3)      Tomato juice to reduce birthmark pigmentation

Another idea to reduce the colour of your birthmark is to us tomato juice which is rich in vitamins and minerals. This antioxidant is good for your skin and health. Take the juice of a tomato and apply it on the birthmark. Tomato juice has a natural bleaching agent in it and this will help to reduce the mark gradually. Repeat this process daily to see a quick change.

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4)      Olive Oil for birthmark removal 

To have a smooth and soft skin, olive oil perfect.  These days olive oil is easily available in supermarkets. The use of olive oil can lighten your skin colour by rehydrating you cells. To lighten the colour of your birth mark apply olive oil daily and bath. You can even dash a few drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and place it over the mark.  Wash it off with warm water if need or just leave it. Your skin will absorb all the oil.  Do not use any kind of harsh soap to wash the oil off. Use this natural moisturizer daily and see the difference.

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5)      Vitamin E for birthmark pigmentation treatment

Vitamin E is one of the best products to exfoliate your skin and to lighten the pigmentation of your birth mark. There are vitamin E capsules and oils available in the market these days. Get any of it and apply this oil on your birth mark. You will slowly start to see the colour of the birthmark being faded. Apply this oil three times for birth mark removal.

Try out these easy methods to reduce the pigmentation of your birth mark at home. Apply any of these methods continuously without fail to see the change. If you find your mark is not fading then you can consult a cosmetologist. Various medications, plastic surgery, laser treatment etc are being used these days to remove large scars.

If you really need to remove your scar fully, you can undergo any of the treatment that your doctor suggests. Do not lose your hope while trying the natural remedies. To get your real skin colour, it will take time. So have patience and apply any of the methods soon if you want your birthmark removed.

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