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There are so many best and secure online transaction available . Here we detail about Square cash and the pros of Square Online transactions which makes it better .

Square Online transactions Pros – Why Square Cash is Better

Square Online transactions was born out of necessity when one of its founders had problems while accepting payment via credit card for one of his art works. Square helps you to go online. You can create a website for free to sell your goods. They believe in giving everyone an opportunity to showcase their talents be it big or small. According to them economy is for everyone to make use of. The technology shouldn’t make someone greater and another smaller. Equal importance should to given to all.

The tools by Square help to empower and enrich the people. A good idea put to use at the right time can create wonders and get the business started. Square started their business with a card reader that can accept credit card payments on mobile through a plastic reader/dongle. The dongle need to be inserted into the phone port. Like all credit card companies they too take a transaction fee of 2.75% per swipe. Square cash another option is the easiest method when hanging out with friends and paying while splitting the bill.

They also introduced Square POS system for cafes and restaurants. They had a tie up with starbucks which later had fallout due some issues. The POS system works on the square registered app and helps in inventory management, gift cards, and employee log in etc.

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Square Connect

This is another wing of Square. Square connect is an e – commerce option that allows a person to make online purchases from a website without leaving the site. It is quite helpful to small businesses. Local businesses and small time owners have found satisfaction with the online transactions of square app. Sites like PayPal are their rival companies. There are also many online transaction companies that are really safe including latest Google Tez .

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Why is Square online transactions better than other online payments site?

The best POS (Point of Sale) mobile services Square product and services are what makes them stand apart. Unlike other services Square offers few additional services free of charge. Some of them include low stock alert, employee management, inventory counts, customer loyalty points etc. which is not available with PayPal or Venmo. One can even create a cash register and sue it on the mobile for sales. All of these are consolidated and easily viewable on the Square Dashboard.

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Square Online transactions Pros

Below is the point by point description of Square Online transactions pros that makes people to rely on this online money transfer system.

  • Fast and easy

The process of using square in small businesses is a fast and easy process. Square Cash helps to accept payment from any cards.

  • Seamless payments

The process of online payments happen seamlessly through Square online transactions.

  • Affordable – Square’s Fees

The transactions fees are light on the pocket. Unlike other credit cards companies where you need to shell out thousands of rupees per month as fee here the transactions fees are 2.75% per swipe or 3.5% fee + 15 cent extra when typed in manually. If you are looking for low transaction fee payment app that works like PayPal then Square is your option . Square fees is an attraction to choose square as the online transaction method.

  • Secure 

 Transactions through the app is very secure. The personal details are kept secure and hidden. They have a fraud detection system to catch discrepancies happening in the system or with the accounts of customers.

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  • Accepts offline payments

With Square one can accept payments anywhere anytime. Offline payments are accepted via card reader. The companies need to invest in a card reader that can be fixed to any mobile or iPad. The customers can then swipe their debit or credit cards easily and make instant payments offline.

  • Payment deposited in 1-2 business days

Almost all card companies process the payments in 5-7 business working days. Square processes it faster in 1-2 business days. This is a huge advantage to the company as well as the customers. While the company gets more customers for this offer people are also benefited with this early deposition.

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  • Assistance with problems faced 

 There is 24/7 customer support to clear all queries related to Square transactions. Customers can contact the support team via emails, social media or support forums. Immediate action is taken on all tasks. During swiping or cards too, the customers receive a receipt via SMS or email then and there as and when the card is swiped. There is no third party interference.

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  • Reliable 

 The source is very reliable i.e. including the app and the payment gateway. The online store similar to eBay provides merchants or anyone who wants to create an e commerce website a platform to showcase their goods

  • No monthly fees 

 For those interested in setting up an e commerce website this is good news. There is no start up fees or monthly fees to work the site. It is free and can be got made ready in a matter of 15 minutes.

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  • Not contract based 

 Finally there are no commitments or contracts that need to be signed for setting up a website. This simple and easy method is what attracts people to Square. While keeping it free and easily accessible to all the security is not compromised.

Square is economical in terms of transaction fees and it is easy to install and use. Local business owners find it a boon to their business and it has helped them and their business in this world of technology and marketing. The card reader functions are also useful to many individuals who find the need for sudden debit or credit card purchases and do not carry any hard cash.

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