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Stress relievers and methods to relieve stress is always a top hunt on web . Now one of the popular stress relieving toy is trending in web world . I know you would have been left very clear about about the toy from the title . Yea , Fidget spinner is that trending stress reliever toy of web world.

Fidget Spinner 

Fidget spinner is a small toy that one can hold in his or her hand and spin it with the help of their finger.  One can hold the fidget spinner from the central bearing with the help of your index finger and thumb and simply spin the three or two rotational blades once you give it a flick with the help of your fingers.

Fidget spinner are available in various colours, patterns, designs, shape and size. You would definitely find people around you spinning something in their hands. Well, that something is the fidget spinner toy that can be spin on one’s finger for a couple of minutes at a time which helps in experience pleasing and calming effect. You would find fidget spinner pro spinning not only in their hands but also on nose, forehead etc.

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These fidget spinners have created so much of buzz in the market that it is being searched the most by the people. Fidget spinner are so much in trend in the market that you would find a small kid around 7 years old to an adult age spinning it almost all the time. People are getting addicted to this fidget so much especially the children that most of the schools have banned bring the fidget spinner to school. Fidget spinner are lightweight and easy to carry with yourself small enough to carry in your pocket.

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Fidget spinner is one of the best office toys for stress relief .

Where to get Fidget Spinner 

The good thing is that the Fidget spinners are very reasonably priced so you can easily find one for yourself and buy from Amazon for under $10. You may also find fidget spinners in stores that are higher in quality and are ranged in between $10 and $20. You may not only find it in online retailers like eBay selling fidget spinner almost at half the price but also find reasonably priced fidget spinner at big-box stores like Walmart, Target, and Toys-R-Us.

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Benefits of Fidget Spinner – Medical Benefits of Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinner is not just as trendy toy but also a reason that it relives stress and increase focus . Even it is good for people suffering from ADHD ( which is known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ), Autism and Anxiety. A lot of people you must have noticed have a habit of biting their nails or moving their leg rigorously, peeling of their skin or pinch their skin while they are nervous or stressed up. So to regulate these false habits fidget spinner is best recommended to get relieve from stress by just flicking up the fidget spinner blades and make it spinning.

  1.  Helpful for autism sufferers
  2. Stress reliever
  3. For dealing with hindrances of communication problems
  4. Calming down highly sensitive nerves
  5. Fights against anxiety
  6. For control over senses

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Is it Fidget Spinner Harmful ?

A new research is found that there is certain amount of lead found in mainly two kind of fidget spinner which is found harmful for kids. It is found extremely high level of lead in two of the fidget spinner toy which is:

  • The Fidget Wild Spinner Premium Brass that contains 33,000 parts per million of lead in its centre circle of the fidget spinner and 22,000 ppm found in its blades.
  • The Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal is another fidget spinner in which amount of lead was also found high that is 1,300 ppm of lead in the centre circle, and 520 ppm in its blades.

It is important not to buy fidget spinner which has high amount of lead in it specially the mentioned above two. Also it is important to check if you are buying fidget spinner toy you buy it is made all according to US CPSC Safety guidelines.

Parents should buy Fidget spinner that are safe to use alone.

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How to make a fidget spinner – DIY Fidget Spinner

The high amount of lead in fidget spinner is the main reason why spinner making at home is looked upon. Not to worry because we have got you the easy and best way to make your own fidget spinner at home with the below given easy method:

All you would require to make your own spinner at home are as follows:

  • Small Cardboard Sheet
  • 1 toothpick
  • 4 Coins – 1 big and 3 small

DIY Fidget spinner –  Method to make Fidget Spinner 

  • In order to make a fidgets spinner at home by yourself all you have to do is to take cardboard piece ( small in size ) & also one Large Coin
  • Now take a pencil and draw the shape of Tri fidget on it and then join circles with the circle in the center .
  • Make same shape’s 2 cuts like that
  • On the first cardboard’s end stick the 3 small coins on the three ends
  • Now cut that out and stick it on the 2nd cut
  • Get the sides of the fidget body covered by sticking the cardboard paper strip with glue.
  • With the toothpick now make a hole in the centre portion
  • On cardboard make 2 circle cut and fix it on the two sides of fidget body
  • Using glue stick that small coin shaped cut out cardboard to the toothpick
  • Cut down the extra length of toothpick

That is it

So here is the DIY for Fidget spinners for additional knowledge on how to make fidget spinner at home watch the video tutorial On How to make fidget spinner at home.

Hope this will help you all …

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