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If you look for a media player, the first name comes to you is Kodi. It is an open source software and available for almost every platform like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android. To use a media player you just need a compatible streaming box. Kodi is the best but its competitors like Plex, Emby and Popcorn time etc are also present in the market. There are so many best alternatives to Kodi streaming service . So this article is mainly about Kodi Vs Plex Vs Emby Vs Popcorn Time.

Before understanding their differences, here must know what is Kodi, Plex, Emby and Popcorn Time.

  1. Kodi

    Kodi was known as XBMC or Xbox Media Center, it is a free, open-source media player and is available on many platforms and offers 65 languages.It was created by XBMC foundation which is a non-profit foundation.This Foundation also accepts donations in bitcoins .

    Kodi allows you to watch live TV, you can also stream latest movies and local media the best streaming device for Kodi is Amazon fire TV. More details about Kodi is provided in the downward section that is Kodi Vs Plex Vs Emby Vs Popcorn Time.

  2. Plex

    Plex is the best alternative for Kodi. Plex allows you to stream media to anywhere. It supports all kind of media files like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, MP3, M4A, JPG, PNG, TBN, RAW and more. It supports Windows, Nvidia Shield, Linux, OS X and more.

    Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast are compatible streaming devices for Plex. To use Plex you just need a high-speed internet connection. More details about Plex is provided in the downward section that is Kodi Vs Plex Vs Emby Vs Popcorn Time.

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  3. Emby

    Emby was also known as Media browser but soon it updates with more advanced features and its name also change to Emby. Emby stores and organizes your media beautifully and you can also access it from many devices.


    It offers Live TV, DVR and child lock options are also available. Like Kodi and Plex, Emby is also free. It can easily manage your content and you can also share it without any security issue. It’s apps also available for iPhone, iPad, Android, windows, Amazon fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android box and more. More details about Emby is provided in the downward section that is Kodi Vs Plex Vs Emby Vs Popcorn Time.

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  4. Popcorn Time

    Popcorn media player was created in 2004, but it closed very soon. You can instantly watch latest movies and TV shows, you just need an internet connection. It also offers subtitles and Hd quality. All the content that is present on Popcorn time is copyrighted if you use it without permission it will be illegal.

    After that, independent developers made two forks of it first is Popcorn time.io and other one is time4popcorn. Then after some time one of the forks that is popcorn time.io closed because of all these things butter project created which is 100% legal. More details about Popcorn Time is provided in the downward section that is Kodi Vs Plex Vs Emby Vs Popcorn Time.

Let’s see the comparison between Kodi and Plex, Plex and Emby, Emby and Popcorn Time.

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Kodi Vs Plex Vs Emby Vs Popcorn Time

Here is the comparison between Kodi and its top alternatives .

        Kodi Vs Plex

  • Kodi is free and as it is open-source it is highly customizable and offers many add-ons , whereas Plex is not much customizable and offers comparatively low live TV support than Kodi.
  • Kodi is user-friendly but less than Plex. Kodi is suitable for watching media on a single device, whereas Plex is a service that is user-friendly that means media of one device can be accessed from multiple devices on your network.
  • Kodi offers add-ons that allow the user to access huge content. Some add-ons are illegal so for security you must check out the list of the best Kodi add-ons on Google. On the other hand, Plex also offers apps called channels, and they work same as Kodi’s add-ons. The main difference between channels and add-ons is that channels offer high-quality and legal content to watch, whereas Kodi’s add-ons offer more content through Internet pirates. Kodi’s live TV support legal or illegal is better than Plex. 
  • On Kodi you don’t have to make an account, you can get started using it directly after installing, whereas to use Plex you have to create a free account.
  • Kodi is compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromebox, Windows, Mac OS X 10.7 and later, Linux , iOS, Android (Mobile); Amazon Fire TV, Boxee Box, Cubox-i, Compulab Utilite, Intel NUC, Nvidia Shield Android TV, ODroid, Razer Forge TV, WeTek Play, Google Nexus Player, OUYA, Raspberry Pi and more, whereas Plex is compatible with Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Windows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and later, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone,PlayStation and more.
  • Kodi is free of cost but if add-on that offers you to watch paid content, you have to pay to the owner of the content, whereas Plex is also free but if you want to access some more advanced features then you have to pay.Read Also : Streaming Services – Netflix Vs Prime Vs Hulu Vs Sling Vs Directv Now etc

    Plex Vs Emby

  • Plex is very simple to use, whereas if you want to access some more technical advances than you can go with Emby.
  • Plex offers users to make changes to their library which is very simple. The Emby offers few more features than Plex for example, to manage your media on Emby there is the built-in Metadata Manager which allows users to see a list of their media.
  • Plex has more experience than Emby and is compatible with a huge number of devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, XBox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, Smart TVs and more, whereas Emby is new so it has not much experience and is compatible with fewer devices tan Plex. 
  • Plex is very easy to set up and also offers a step by step guide, whereas Emby is also easy to set up but is quite complicated than plex and also it does not offer any guidance.
  • Plex is more refined, experienced and stable and than Emby, but doesn’t offer some advanced features like Emby.
  • Both are free of cost and if you want to access some more advanced features then you have to take the subscription Plex offers monthly subscription at $5, annual subscription at $40 and lifetime subscription at $150, whereas Emby offers monthly subscription at $5, annual subscription at $36 and lifetime subscription at $70.Read Also : Hard and Soft Reset Roku Manual – Fix Frozen Roku Streaming Stick

    Emby Vs Popcorn Time

  • The major difference between Emby and Popcorn time is that, in Popcorn time there is a risk as the content might be copyrighted and if you use it without owner’s permission it will be illegal and other thing is that every media on Popcorn time is not from the verified owner so there is always a risk, whereas Emby is safe so,  you can go with Emby as it is safe and it also supports Kodi TV means kodi’s add-ons work on it.


Each media player is unique in its own way. The best media player for you is completely depends upon your need. For better understanding of their pros and cons and their differences from each other are already explained in the Kodi Vs Plex Vs Emby Vs Popcorn Time section. Hope this article will help you.

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