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Roku Pros & Cons -Reasons to Choose Roku Streaming Stick

Today Streaming sticks are really a craze but before you buy a streaming stick you must have a fair idea about the reviews ,pros and cons of streaming sticks at the market.Here is the Roku Pros & Cons this will help you to take a decision whether to choose roku streaming stick or not to choose roku

Roku Pros:

These are the top reason to choose roku where it showcases all the Pros of Roku Streaming stick .

  1. Cost: Being priced below $100, one can enjoy online content on their television. Even when the paid channel subscription ends, one can retrieve the costs if the cable TV  or satellite television service is being cancelled.
  2. Simplicity:  Before the introduction of Roku, there was a necessity to run some sort of video cable from the computer to the television. Later, a keyboard and a mouse were used to browse programming. The television and the computer could not be used at the same time. However, in case of Roku, it is easier and more simple to install this device and its use has no impact over the computer.
  3. Flexibility:  Every Roku models is supporting wired as wireless both kind of Internet connection, & most tv connection cable. Hence, it shows that, compatibility is not an issue.
  4. Remote Control: Roku has many advantages over the usage of computer, including the remote control.     The remote control makes it easy to control the programming without even moving out of the couch.
  5. Future proof: Roku promises to be updated with its software, hence supporting new channels and features.

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These are the advantages/pros of Roku to choose roku streaming stick.

Roku cons:

These are the top reason to not choose roku where it showcases all the Cons of Roku Streaming stick 

  1. No program storage: Certain people enjoy the ease of recording television shows and movies using a     Tivo, a DVR-enhanced cable or satellite box, a media server, or a home media center and network. The     Roku devices have a coupon instant replay feature, however, users are not provided with the library of their favorite programs or shows
  2. No inter-connectivity: Most people own more than one television. Modern media networks enable in starting and stopping programs from different locations, but Roku has not yet added this feature.
  3. Absence of High-definition Internet: Roku supports high-definition at 1080p, but few Internet sites actually support high-definition Internet. Even when a signal is sent at 1080p, certain users have Internet connection handling such a signal. There a few Internet service providers who limit the customers’ monthly usage, hoping to reduce the loss of cable television subscriptions caused by the use of digital video players.
  4. Another Box:  There may already be a DVD player as well as a cable box or satellite tuner. This could be another device placed near television and one more remote control on the coffee table.

Thus now you can take a decision whether to buy or not to buy roku streaming stick based on Roku Pros & Cons.

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