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If we talk about best media player. Kodi is on the first number. Kodi is created by XMBC foundation which is a nonprofit foundation. It is a free open source software created for entertainment purpose. It can stream audio and video from the internet. Everything you need is available on Kodi you can also replace the cable with it. Kodi is compatible with many devices. It is the best media player. But there are many alternatives for Kodi available in the market some of them are Plex, Emby, Popcorn time and more. In this article, I am going to talk about best Kodi alternatives (2017) for every streaming device such as Firestick, Windows, Android, iPhone.

Best Kodi Alternatives for Every Streaming Device

Here is the Best Kodi Alternatives for the Top Streaming Devices that you would fall in love with.

  1. PLEX

    Plex is the first best Kodi alternative for firestick, windows, android, iPhone etc. It is compatible with many devices. It is not at all complicated to use you can use it easily. Plex offers many features which give beautiful experience to users. It supports all types of files and also 4k, you can also watch live tv without paying anything extra, there is DVR option available.

    On Plex, everything is encrypted so there are no security issues. Its library organization can easily organize all your data beautifully. If you think that some content is not good for children so for this plex offers parental controls. Plex can easily stream media to all your devices regardless of time and place. You can easily share your content with your friends. It is free of cost but if you want to access additional features, you have to pay $4.99 per month. So, overall Plex is perfect if you use it for iOS or windows it offers many features for both of them you can sync your mobile and you can also sync your mobile data to plex.

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  2. EMBY

    Emby is the second best Kodi alternative for Windows, iPhone, Android, and Firestick. It is mainly created to manage content and sharing it without any security issue.It is free but if you want to access some additional features you have to pay $4.99 per month.

    Emby even has a Kodi addon that gives Kodi library management features of Emby. You can stream data on any device.You can access it from anywhere.It also organizes media so perfectly and beautifully and it also syncs content to cloud for easy backup.It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, TV. It offers live TV option, DVR option to record videos and child lock. It’s apps also available for Android,iPhone,iPad windows, Amazon fire TV, Roku, chromecast, Android box, home theater computer.

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  3. SPMC

    Semper Media Center is one of the best Kodi alternatives for Android and firestick. Semper Media Center is like a Kodi fork that means add-ons that work on Kodi will definitely work on Semper media center.

  4. Media portal

    Media portal is Kodi alternative for Windows. It is very easy to set up and use and you have to pay nothing as it is free of cost. DVR option is also available you can also record live TV. You can also access Media Portal through couch potato app for your iPhone/iPod which allows you to control your media portal through WiFi.

  5. Terrarium TV

    Terrarium Tv is Android app and the best Kodi alternative for Android and Firestick. It offers HD streaming, you can stream and download anything at no cost, there are latest movies also available.You just need a good internet connection to use it. It is not easily available for iOS but you can try some tricks like you have to install Vshare first to use it on iOS.

  6. Popcorn Time

    Popcorn time it is free, open source multiplayer platform It is one of the Kodi alternatives which is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. It is not illegal completely but it depends upon the way you use the content, as the content available on this is copyrighted and if you use it without owner’s permission that will be illegal. Popcorn time was created in 2014 and closed very soon but as it becomes popular two independent developers created two forks of it first is popcorn time.io and other is time4popcorn. After sometimes popcorn time.io also shut down all these things gave birth to butter project which is legal. Butter project is an app that offers media streaming.

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  7. JRiver Media Center

    JRiver Media Center is an inclusive software that supports all kind of data. It is Kodi alternative for Windows and Mac OS X.
    You can also watch live tv and DVR option is also available so you can also record programs. Its audio and media player is best of all. Streaming services like the most popular Netflix, Hulu and YouTube are also available on JRiver Media Center.

  8. Google Home

    Google Home is an extension for watching and sharing content. It is one of the Kodi alternatives. It can easily control your media player through your Chrome web browser. It offers voice control it means you can ask questions and it will provide answers. It can easily recognize many voices. It supports a limited number of third-party apps.It works great with mobile devices than desktop.

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  9. Serviio

    Serviio is the free media server. It is also a best Kodi alternative for both Android and iOS also for both windows and Mac . It allows you to stream media files that is music, videos or images to your tv and mobiles. It easily streams online content and also supports subtitles.

There are some Kodi like apps also available for Android. So, here is a list of all the best apps you can choose from.

Apps like Kodi for android

Here are the few apps like kodi for android users which you might surely like .

  • AllCast
  • Bubble Up np
  • Google Home
  • Local Cast
  • Emby for android
  • Plex
  • VLC for android
  • Zappo Tv Apps
  • Remote Media Center

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We are already come to know about best Kodi alternatives for streaming devices. Plex is the most popular and perfect Kodi alternative for Android, iPhone, firestick, PlayStation, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV and other smart TVs. Plex apps also available for different platforms for free. Plex also offers Plex app,so If you want to access to the latest content, Plex Pass is the best option for you. Its monthly subscription plans start from $4.99. Plex offers a huge number of channels that easily provide access to a variety of freely available streaming digital content. Its Library sharing feature is one of the best things in it. If your device is low powered then don’t worry, as Plex can work on that also. Plex’s streaming is its most attractive feature. It is even better than Kodi’s limited streaming.So, overall Plex is the best alternative but you can choose accord to your need.

Hope all these information will help you to choose between the Best Kodi Alternatives for Every Streaming Device.

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