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When it comes to a BBQ Party, men are always the stars in grilling the meat. Anyone can try grilling your preferred meat or poultry or veggies. But, there are definitely a few BBQ Techniques and styles that you should know to make a perfect Barbecue.

You might just think grilling is very easy. Yes, it is. But you should know the techniques of firing up a grill, how to avoid fire flares while grilling , how to check if the grill is hot enough to cook the meat etc. If you know these, then grilling will be one of the best things you can enjoy with your friends or family.

BBQ Techniques and styles – Barbecue Variants

So here we tell you the Techniques on How to Fire up a BBQ Grill.

One of the easiest and the best way to start a fire is using a chimney starter to make BBQ. You can use some newspapers to ignite the fire. The charcoal should be put on top and leave it to burn accurately.  Now grab a drink, chit chat with your family and friends for 15-20min till the charcoal is ready .

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When you light the fire on the BBQ grill, make sure to keep the lid open and you can preheat the charcoal whenever required. Another important thing you have to care about is the flare-ups. This can happen anytime when you BBQ grill a meat. The oil or fat in the meat can cause the flare-ups. When this happens, move your meat to a medium heat zone on the grill to avoid overcooking.

Another idea to burn your charcoal is to light them before use on a flat surface. Make sure that you choose a nonflammable surface like bricks or concrete. Once it is lit perfectly you can add this charcoal to the hot zone to start grilling. Never think you can grill your meat or light your charcoal within minutes. This is a time taking process and you should have the patience to cook the meat to perfection.

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Is the Grill Ready for BBQ ?

You can always use your palm to check the temperature of the grill. Place your palm 5 inches above the grill. If you feel like it is too hot and you need to move your hand within 2 seconds, then the fire is high. If you can hold your palm above the grill for 5 seconds, then the grill is heated up in a medium level. The grill is not hot enough if you can hold your palm for 10 seconds.

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How to avoid sticking of meat on the grill ?

There are chances of meat getting stuck on the grill, even if you use a clean grill. To avoid this situation, brush your grill with oil and make sure to not use oil spray which is not safe.
After grilling your meat, you should clean your grill immediately. It is very easy to brush off the debris of meat when the grill is hot. Use a wooden handled wire brush used to clean grills to clean your BBQ Grill. Once you are done with grilling, always check the temperature of the meat with an instant-read thermometer. Make sure to keep the grilled meat to rest to get juicy and evenly cooked BBQ.

Now let us see the Regional variations of BBQ. We can use three styles of BBQ like Carolina Barbecue, Memphis, Tennessee and Kansas City Barbecue. What are the differences between these styles? Is it the meat or the style of grilling?

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Techniques of BBQ 

There are basically 3 main techniques of BBQ ( barbecue ) . They are –

  • Smoking
  • Roasting
  • Braising

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Different Variations of BBQ

In Carolina Barbecue , pork is the highlight and it will be cooked in a barbecue pit with low heat and smoke. The best wood to use for this is the “Hickory Wood” to get the perfect flavour of smoke. Whereas, Memphis, Tennesse barbecue is made using the ribs. The ribs will be perfectly coated with a Barbecue Rub that softens the meat and makes it delicious.

Can you think about a Barbecue without a delightful sauce? So here is it, The Kansas City style is famous for it sauce. The meat should be coated with a dry rub and then it should be dipped in mouthwatering BBQ sauce. Put the meat on the grill and enjoy the smell of the BBQ.

These Regional variations of barbecue are famous everywhere in the world and you can easily try these techniques and style.

So what are you waiting for, you have learned your BBQ Techniques and styles. Enjoy your weekend with your dear friends grilling some delicious and juicy BBQ.

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