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Battery Health : How to keep your phone or tablet battery healthy

You know by now that your smartphone is smarter than you and same goes for the PC / laptop on your desk or the tablet in your backpack(even if your backpack is of different brand than your laptop) and even a simple gadget like a normal watch on your wrist. Since all of them are important irrespective of what each gadget is capable to do. But every smart gadget dies when its battery dies . So it is very important to increase your gadget battery life . So here we will focus on the ways to improve your gadget’s Battery Health .

There are batteries in almost all of our latest gadgets which ranges from iPhones and laptops(for those who are or like to look rich) to Bluetooth headphones to tablets. Most of them are lithium batteries which are pretty advanced when compared to NiMH and other rechargeable batteries that came earlier. The Li metal ions can pack a good amount of power into a relatively smaller size and additionally they do not drain that energy either to leakage or when they are not not being used.

So let me first get some facts straight which many people might have misconceptions about. The overcharging is not a significant issue because opposite to what you generally think (or might have been told or have a myth) is that leaving either your phone or laptop plugged in all the time especially during night is not at all bad for its Battery Health. All is possible because your gadgets and the batteries in them including the chargers you use with them to are really smart about the way they operate. So the question arising in the smart minds would be how to take care of my beloved and important Battery Health .

So let’s see how to improve your Phone Battery life or your laptop / tablet Battery life.

So if you follow some basic rules I give you can easily avoid it and one advice i’d like to give is that avoid the exposure to heat whenever possible and even if you do expose your to sunlight you would still be fine. I know it is very natural to obsess over battery care and to let those charging myths metastasize into a lunacy.

Battery Health : How to keep your phone or tablet battery healthy

So below given are some steps to keep in mind if you want your Android / iPhone / Lithium ion Battery last longer .

1. Stay Calm

Most of gadgets which are smart along with their batteries are pre-designed to keep you geniuses from ruining them. So the modern lithium ion batteries now a days are smarter, reliable and more efficient than those nickel metal battery which was in use around centuries ago.

So when it comes to choosing best Battery for Phone / tablet choose Lithium ion battery on a comparison with Lithium ion battery Vs Nickel metal battery .

2. Charge in bits and pieces

Our lithium batteries do not like being fully charged up and then running completely down. The efficiency is maintained much better if you charge in little bits here and there. You are bound to charge your battery around 20% of the time though the percentages may vary from phone to phone the 20% is average which should be done. Make sure that the temperature of case should not be too hot to cause damage to your phone.

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3. Keep charging as long as you want

Never worry about overcharging batteries in your gadgets and do not worry ever about overcharging your laptop. The mechanism of batteries in phones is similar to the mechanism of batteries in laptops. Moreover many laptops are smart enough to just stop the battery of being charged entirely once it becomes full.

5. Batteries like medicines should be kept cool

Talking of temperature be sure not to leave your phone in a hot car all day or leave it on top of your gaming PC and never go with your battery in a sauna(really in sauna you are …). One important thing to note is that beware of dash/quick chargers and though your phone and charger are smart enough to minimize the damages from high voltage chargers but a lot of power on a super fast speed can generate sometimes an uncontrollable heat. Always store a gadget or its battery or both of them in a cool and dry place.It increases Battery Health and Battery life thus ensuring long life to battery.

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6. Go replaceable

Go with removable batteries whenever you can to avoid the tension you might face and also avoid the lunatic things you might do for charging. The least you can do to avoid these bad battery practices is at least starting with fresh battery whenever you think it is unanimous.

7. Use Good Quality Chargers

The simple idea behind using good chargers is that whatever product if you maintain it it is bound to last long. The good quality chargers are smarter than normal chargers since they are able to change their flow if they detect any change in voltage or current of your phone. A good charger will smartly avoid all the excessive amount of voltage which otherwise could cause destruction of your phone.

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8. Don’t let your battery rule your life.

Take it from me that your batteries irrespective of how much you care about them are going to die one day or maybe a night. So there is really no amount of delicate and obsessive care which would save you from having to deal with a less capable battery from now within a few years so it is just a matter of time.

Like it or not we are all destined for that annoying end of our favorite game that comes when a battery degrades or you are either tethered to all the above mentioned steps. All of have been there before once and we would be there again not immediately but definitely. Do not worry as long as you follow my guidelines. The best you can do is that you can maximize your distance from here to the end of your beloved battery.

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