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Get Celebrities Notice Maximum on Twitter – Popular Tweeter Hacks

Have you ever imagined that you might get a tweet or a re-tweet or a reply from your favorite celebrity and woken up from your dream but what if I say it is not a dream anymore. Yes my dear friends there is a way and let me tell you celebs really love their fans a lot and many of them even reply to their fans occasionally even follow their fans while re-tweeting their fans every once in a while. Your friend here wants to help so that you can Get Celebrities Notice Maximum on Twitter .

I would like to mention a few things before I start my researched methods. The chance of you being noticed by a celebrity depends on many factors(especially number of their followers on twitter). So if your celeb has some millions of followers and fans and if they only tweet once in a week or so (for example Taylor Swift) then your chances are significantly less but not zero.

Recently many celebs are utilizing their twitter account to promote projects(Example #asksrk by @iamsrk). You can verify their timeline to see if they ever reply to fans or only tweet about their upcoming films, songs, events etc if the answer is latter one then sorry but you should not waste your time trying to get reply from such a celeb as the odds are really not in your favor.

At last please be aware about the fact that some celebs twitter accounts are actually run by their managers or publicists. So be extremely careful if you try to talk about personal stuff because when you think you are being funny you actually could get reported or blocked. So here are some tips that will ameliorate your chances significantly.

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Get Celebrities Notice Maximum on Twitter – Popular Tweeter Hacks

Follow the below steps to be noticed by Celebrities on Twitter and become a popular tweeter .

  • Tweet to celebs when they are online or tweeting

Majority of your celebs would not see a tweet buried deep in their timeline so check the time since some celebs are often online like while some celebs are online late at night after their busy day like Benedict Cumberbatch, Shahrukh khan etc. So get an approximate idea about the tweeting time of your favorite celeb’s schedule and tweet only when they are available. That is the right time to tweet Celebrity to get re-tweet/ reply is at the time they are online.

  •  Check their timeline for clues about what they reply to.

Some celebs have a habit of RT funny jokes while some reply to the compliments given to them by their fans while some respond to questions about their career and hobby. Note that some stars do not like to brag generally but they like to share some good news for instance if they are nominated for a global award or complete their graduation early like Dove Cameron, Nolan Gould. You have to congratulate them and they might reply to your tweet or RT you or might follow you as well. This is one of the way to Get Celebrities Notice Maximum on Twitter.

  • You can meet them at their tour or concert (this is tough, but if you live in Mumbai or New York your chances are pretty good)

Some celebs often say if you meet and greet them once then they without a doubt will follow you. So you can meet them and even post a photograph to remind them and after they follow you do not forget to thank them. At least you just might get a response from them.

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  •  You got to have patience

Say the celeb you like have over 10 million followers which are increasing day by day so due to this they just might not see your tweets but true fans do not give up even after a week, month or even a year.

  • You have to have a positive attitude

Sadly some celebs are the ones who might not reply to a complement but would surely reply to hate against them. Once there has been a really crazy fan war between Bella and Zendays. Though bella did reply to calm things down in which she succeeded to a great extent but you might probably get blocked and keep in mind that the other fans will attack you brutally and not spare you. So again that is simply and clearly not worth it! But still one of the way Celerities notice you on twitter and thus you Get Celebrities Notice Maximum on Twitter

  •  You have to be graceful

After following my methods when you do get noticed or followed or if you get an RT or tweet like “thank you” do not ever think that now you are their acquaintance and they are going to have a long conversation or they will reply every time you tweet them. You have to be grateful and gracious.

All I hope and pray for is that these tips work out for you and remember to comment or screen cap your reply or RT when you get one so that you can motivate other people to get them their favorite celeb RT or reply or follow. I will end this by informing all of you that I meet a lot of celebrities and a lot do reply to me. I will also let you know when and where the celebs are meeting their beloved fans so that all of you can take advantage of that. Till then Share this so that maximum people can get to their celebrities

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